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Chronos0305 chapter 12 . 9/12
Nevermind I found a translator, but it is a bit of a pain to type things out word for word
Chronos0305 chapter 11 . 9/12
I really want to know how to translate Eldritch speech
Enigma42 chapter 28 . 8/3
anyone know where to find the comic covers in a larger size?
Carre chapter 28 . 8/3
1. Thanks for answers (and "varsegod" for the medic-kit...)
2. a) Huh, so that WAS a impostor, huh?
...Consider the antics you two sometimes make, can you blame me for be confused for a moment?
(For not mention, how many times have Crimson changed his "name" and ...well, body?
At least once, what I know...)
b) Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: 1889, did the one(s) I was thinking about die...
(...Should have mentioned I was thinking (in a bad-joke way) about "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen", the comic by Alan Moore, wich the movie by the same name is based upon.)
So, jepp.
Kinda dumb question from me.
3. Take the time you need.
We all need breaks or/and do something else, now and then.
4. Keep Up with the Good Work (washed Thumbs Up!) and take the Time you need.
Black cross0 chapter 28 . 8/3
Oh man this was a great chapter and I had a lot of reading it as well as listening to the music and I can’t wait for what happens next.

And yeah Nora you are waiting for ren…. But he is NOT going to be the same man you knew, this goes double for their friends. And I can’t wait!

And I am really like Hassan so far and it’s interesting why he’s in Paris and it being because of personally reason which is interesting, and I wonder what it is?

And I’m glad to see Nora having fun and being able to cut loose after so long.

And lastly if your going to taking a break for a while til October I recommend you do a recap just in case so we the audience don’t forget what happened in the last chapter when this comes back. Just some advice.

Anyway I see you later man! Goodbye.
Carre chapter 27 . 7/13
1. Thanks for answers... Crimson (...?)
...Did he (Crimson Weresloth) change his gender or did I miss something...?
2. Good start (Nora beating the bully... starting using a whellchair!), Thumbs up.
3. Well, the Killer cant be Mr Hyde (and Dr Jekyll).
...Or is he/they still alive by this point?
4. The Moroccan boy: ...Uh, Suns relative...
5. Keep Up with the Good Work (Washed Thumbs Up!).
(...Throws in medic- kit in the hole, before leaving...)
Crimson Weresloth chapter 27 . 7/13
Gods damnit, I should have kept an eye on her.

But in all seriousness god chapter.
Black cross0 chapter 27 . 7/13
Well it seems France has been very good to our lady of the mad hammer! Lol!

And that directive and dead…. But something doesn’t feel right, hmm. Interesting.

And damn it looks like Nora has now moved on from ren since has far as she’s aware there is no one other then herself on earth but can can still keep his memory with that drawing of him, and she’s another new family in the form of the rich and powerful something I’m pretty sure she’s wanting then what she used to have, anyone would honestly.

And this new character, I’m gonna honestly it wasn’t a minute and I already love this guy I mean Nora has now found her own Sun Wukong! Plus it’s interesting that Nora comments that the scene felt familiar since she was the same way trying to get food anyway she could. And that slow motion scene was good alongside the music was just perfect!

And the chase was hilarious! And I applaud this thief for getting to accidentally feel Nora’s boobs without getting his legs broken! And getting leg wrapped by those thunder thighs STILL with getting his legs broken! This is a man that is doing something right and we must all become him, this is a sign damnit!

And can’t wait for the next chapter, mystery time bitch!
Carre chapter 26 . 6/22
1. Thanks for answers.
2. The Marsh Family (after realising/remembering who they are...): ...Will we see more of them, in the future?
Or any other Family (for better word)( I dont remember the Storys name or the Familys, beside it was conected to the dutch (or Netherlands) and ...apes/gorillas(?) if I understood/remember it right..., for as a example.)?
3. I repeat something, if slighty changed, I commented before:
You are really good with Trailers, Intros and Outros (personal opinion though). In other words: Intressted for the next one, in the City of Love...
...or should we call it City of Horror...
4. Keep Up with the Good Work (Washed Thumbs Up!).
Crimson Weresloth chapter 26 . 6/22
Welp, done with my future state. Now on to the country that can only run with a Valkyrie holding it up.
Black cross0 chapter 26 . 6/22
The gods are still dicks! And marsh was half deep one!? Interesting. Well at least Weiss is safe, for now anyway. But she saw something things she’s going to not be able to ignore especially since one of those visions showed remnant done from the universe. At least she an heiress again automatically since she’s now the last living member of her family lol! …yeah yikes.

And now that her arc is done with we have three more now and we can continue with the queen of the castle herself Nora! Wonder how she’s going to look after she’s gotten use to Paris France… and Paris France has gotten use to her lol! Hope she has a good lie about her origin like being from Scandinavia or something since she is based on Thor and all, who knows. Anyway can’t wait to see what crap she has to deal with, bring it on!
Black cross0 chapter 25 . 6/1
Something tells me if Weiss gets caught by the dead lights something different is going to happen to her unlike the others, though it will definitely be something bad it will still be different.

Carre chapter 25 . 6/1
1. Thanks for answers.
2. a) The... Story in the logbook (for better word), kinda reminds me of "Resident Evil 7" (never played the game, only watched others) and "The Dunwich Horror".
For some reason...
b) Gram memory loss: ...Jepp, they are doomed...
c) Weird question: For some time ago (you proboly have forgotten about it and I dont blame you if you have) I asked if Nora would had liked blood-pancakes (palt).
...Now I wondering if she would had liked raggmunk (basicly potato-pancakes)(and fläsk/pork)?
(I dont know why this questions pop up, okej?!)
3. Take youre time (no problems) and Keep Up with the Good Work (washed Thumbs Up!).
Crimson Weresloth chapter 25 . 6/1
I am really hoping that Ms. Marsh isn't going to try to kill Weiss... Also I'm going to make a wild guess and say the target for the last arc was member of this inbreed family?
Carre chapter 24 . 5/19
1. Thanks for answers.
2. a) (Partly already answered in this chapter): Hoping for Weiss insulting in other langueges as well.
(...and there a few...)
b) ...A medallion, eh?
c) The Undescrible Light did it (causing Ms Rude her memory loss)...
d) ...(The Undescrible Light showing up) They are dead...
e) Fausta and Gram discusion about swearwords and uses in the future: ...Wonder how many this kind of discusions (all kind of topics) had happened (and still happens) through history...
3. Keep Up with the Good Work (Washed Thumbs Up!).
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