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Subtra chapter 62 . 11/18
Dont worry about it, i know the shiny stuff can be distracting, every new idea right in the middle of something you do and it wont let you go till you write it down somewhere XD
Subtra chapter 42 . 11/18
I feel your pain, i just started reading your fanfiction a few hours ago and should already sleep but i am still awake and its almost midnight :P
MiniHerc chapter 56 . 11/18
Nah, I'm not reading any more of this shit. Fuck slaughterhouse sections. The only good slaughterhouse section is one that kills them off backstage.
MiniHerc chapter 2 . 11/18
wow, Taylor went completely stupid
Difdi chapter 47 . 11/7
Getting Bew Wave to sign NDAs is pretty much pointless. The ‘penalty’ for refusing to sign one presented to you by the government is the government asks again, possibly says pretty please. An NDA is a waiver of rights that government officials can be imprisoned for ten years for violating, therefore coercion to sign one, or use of governmental authority for not signing one is subject to arrest, prosecution and that same ten year prison sentence.

The only legal consequence for refusing to sign an NDA is that the government won’t tell you things covered by the NDA until you do sign. But since New Wave already knows everything the NDA covers, there’s just no point.

Also, NDAs explicitly cannot be used to prevent someone from reporting a crime to the proper authorities, or to prevent a lawsuit. Judges are considered by US law to be exempt from NDAs, and to have the highest possible security clearance regarding any classified national secrets pertaining to any case they are presiding over. You can lawfully tell state secrets to a judge that even the Vice-President isn’t cleared for!
Difdi chapter 42 . 11/7
By law, Abyssal didn’t kidnap Calvert, he arrested him. All US citizens have police authority unless specifically stripped of it, by statute. In our world, that has only been done in two states (North Carolina and Georgia). On Earth Bet, that authority has been expanded, by federal statute, to give capes the power to arrest villains. Under US laws, an arrest has occurred when someone is made aware, by someone who has the authority to make an arrest, that they are not free to leave - having someone’s hand around your neck is pretty damn clear as far as being made aware goes, and since Abyssal is Eunoia, and Eunoia is a member of an officially-recognized hero team, Calvert is unequivocally under arrest, not kidnapped.
Difdi chapter 41 . 11/7
How is Sundancer flying? Her only power is producing a super-hot, super-bright plasma ball. I suppose Coil might have given her a jetpack, but where did she get it from on her way out of the building through a melted hole?
Difdi chapter 35 . 11/7
Trickster killed a Ward? Well, HE’S off to the Birdcage.
Difdi chapter 23 . 11/5
It would have been funnier if ABYSSAL had taken Assault up on that offer on the spot. Possibly even stuck a card with a phone number and a couple hearts on it in Assault’s pocket, just to cause trouble.
Difdi chapter 16 . 11/5
There’s a hilarious retort you can make when some pretentious numpty asks you if you know who they are - take the question literally and pretend they don’t know, and are honestly asking you. Offer to call them an ambulance, contact a psychiatric hospital for them, etc. Just completely misconstrue everything they say as a plea for help in dealing with their apparent case of retrograde amnesia.

It completely derails them on the spot.
Difdi chapter 11 . 11/5
Three things came to mind reading this chapter.

First, there is a way for Taylor to fight crime as a healer, that would produce fewer grudges than is standard for a crime-fighter: don’t fight crime or criminals, focus on protection only. Imagine someone getting mugged, only for a swarm of armor bots to encase them. Suddenly nothing the mugger can do will inflict any harm, and the police are coming - mugger runs away without getting punched even once.

Second, Taylor is missing an obvious trick with regard to her workshop: unlike canon Skitter, this Taylor’s Dad knows she’s a parahuman. And he’s head of hiring for the Dockworkers Association. Dockworkers are a very tightly-knit, closed-mouth lot in canon Worm. And they actually do hold territory in Brockton Bay. That territory would be ideal for a Tinker workshop, as well as a useful raw materials source. The Dockworkers have security guards, they could provide muscle for both defense and moving heavy equipment, and they’re not criminals do New Wave won’t object.

Third, even though New Wave opposes secret identities, they at least have to respect the Unwritten Rules, lest they get buried in the consequences for violating them. While Taylor can’t associate with the Undersiders while a member of New Wave, for all intents and purposes, Lisa isn’t an Undersider due to secret identities. And Taylor can work with that.
Difdi chapter 10 . 11/5
In order for a warrant of arrest to be lawfully issued, the law enforcement officer applying it must present probable cause level evidence to a judge. But Armsmaster had no probable cause to believe the Heberts had committed any crimes. So to get that warrant, he either had to lie under penalty of perjury to a federal judge (because the Protectorate are federal law enforcement) or that judge had to issue a warrant without probable cause. Or both. Either of those is a federal felony for whoever did it.

Exercise of 4th amendment rights does not - and cannot - create probable cause where there is none, nor can it be part of the ‘totality of the circumstances’ used to build evidence up to probable cause level. Any government official who uses their official authority to retaliate against exercise of rights has committed a federal crime. If they do it while in possession of a firearm - or on Earth Bet, Tinkertech - that crime is a felony with a mandatory minimum 5 year prison sentence.

Combining the retaliation against rights with the perjury, Armsmaster could be facing 10-20 years in prison for his arrest of the victim of an aggravated assault with a parahuman power rather than the perpetrator.
Difdi chapter 8 . 11/5
While chloroform is really easy to make at home, Sophia is in for a surprise if she expects it to be an instant off-switch like in the movies. Even the frailest human won’t lose consciousness from breathing chloroform fumes instantly, it takes a minimum of five minutes of exposure - people with high drug resistance can take three times longer.

In fact, you can actually use that instant off-switch expectation to ambush people who try to chloroform you - struggle, tense, then go limp as you inhale a few breaths of it. Anyone going on Hollywood expectations will assume you’re unconscious, letting you surprise them.
SixFtWookie chapter 32 . 9/24
Tan skin on a famous agoraphobe? Not sure if that's a mistake for Dragon or the author, but it stands out to me.
Efail1 chapter 10 . 9/11
It feels like the author has a hard on for Lisa and the undersiders deciding to character-assassinate their own version of Tayler at every opportunity in order to force more interactions with them. Someone accused you of potentially working with the undersiders, what do you do? Obviously, start going into secret public meetings with one of their members. You know after your father already knows what your power is and so does new wave and they have your phone number... If they at least had a reason or something it would be better but as is for future people considering the story, it's not worth it. You'll just keep getting frustrated at stupid MC syndrome.
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