Reviews for Changed Fates
PhoebeHDA chapter 22 . 11/13
I love this fic, i dont speak english but im try to learn with fics
Vanessa chapter 22 . 11/11
Hi! I really Love this fanfic, continue soon pleasee
Grand Warlock Naarghul chapter 22 . 11/7
something to note: the Sharingan glows in the dark. If they're shadowed, the Sharingan sticks out like a sore thumb.
LadyHokageSama chapter 22 . 11/6
Why is it that I love overprotective big brother Boruto so much? Lol
daniele583 chapter 22 . 11/6
Why Sarada have so much problem with the sharingan? She still not used to use the third tomoe? Or it is evolved in a new level that she still not capable to keep? Anyway, I'm really happy you're back. I hope the next one won't required 4 months again. Eheheh. See you soon
Guest chapter 21 . 11/3
Momo is still alive in this era and is early version of Kama and I wonder if the woman was a former member of Kama or knows Momo and it is possible that Momo knows that Boruto is a time traveler and wants Boruto because he has Karma since what is inside of Momo.
Habu2010 chapter 22 . 11/2
Please update when you can
Dom2040 chapter 22 . 11/2
Awesome chapter as always! I hope the time travelling trio would realize the effects soon.
unnamed guy chapter 22 . 11/2
Hi! this is the first time I've commented on this story, been following it for quite a while!
I like how you're getting them personalities pretty well too!
This chapter was also pretty exciting, with the battles, keep it up! I'm hyped to see how the battles end wtih boruto's and sarada's interference.
Just as an aditional note, i highly recommend you to watch the latest episodes of the Boruto anime, it got pretty epic recently with Kara, and Team 7's growth, so yep, just that, Cya!
naruto1491 chapter 22 . 11/2
Man where have you been we missed you dattebayo but anyway it's nice to have you back. Eagerly waiting for your updates and I hope the next episode be a banger as well. Untill then Janne
LadyHokageSama chapter 21 . 10/19
You hurt Hima-chan... Nkw you will pay...
Oh goodness, Neji better prepare himself for Boruto to completely beat him up over letting Himawari get hurt, 'cause I have no doubt he's gonna go crazy when he's told what happened.

I understand the depression and the writing issues. I haven't written a fic in years because of personal health problems. I'm trying to write something right now, but it's hard. Especially since I have to completely rewrite the first chapter now that I've gotten a new idea that changes pretty much everything. Just write what you can, and I'll be here to read when you're ready to update :)
LadyHokageSama chapter 20 . 10/18
Once again, another wonderful scene between Sarada and Itachi 3

Oh goodness, Kisame should run right now if he wants even a chance at living. When Himawari goes into Byakugan mode and says that "locked on" phrase? Oh my goodness, she is absolutely terrifying...
LadyHokageSama chapter 18 . 10/18
Aww, that was way too cute how Himawari fell asleep on Naruto's shoulder like that 3
Wait, what do you mean something's gonna happen to Himawari during the mission!? Don't you dare hurt my precious little Hima-chan!
LadyHokageSama chapter 16 . 10/18
Oh goodness, Himawari and Boruto definitely both had to have been pretty shaken up from meeting young Naruto with no warning at all... Things are about to get interesting!
LadyHokageSama chapter 15 . 10/17
Ha! Boruto was bound to be yeeted by Tsunade at some point for always calling her granny! XD
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