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MeraHunt chapter 45 . 10/25
This is such a great take on Pokemon, I love it! Can't wait to see how the story unfolds!
VampireApple chapter 45 . 10/24
So, uh, this is not quite was I was thinking when you said you were trying for something different. Ash being totally oblivious to Brock and Pikachu's reaction to him being mad about Butterfree charging off into danger was great. Butterfree handled fighting on his own pretty well, too. The teleapthaic connection with the shiny one is coop, too. Very glad he's staying with Ash.

Not going to lie, the moment that magikarp got fed up and tackled the tentacruel, I wanted the magikarp on Ash's team, because it seems like it'd well with the team. And then it kept fight! "and, for some reason, a magikarp flopping around on the floor." That line killed me.

Primate was doing awesome in battle, did some smart moves and then teAMED UP WITH MAGIKARP! I loved that battle! And the end! That was so funny! Probably my favorite battle so far in this fic! I hope he stays with the team!

Nice bonding between Ash and Brock.

Over all I love this chapter. Very awesome!
VampireApple chapter 44 . 10/24
I love this chapter, and I loved how Butterfree interacted with the shiny one, and how he impressed her. So awesome.

Poor Sabrina. I'm really enjoying reading the parts with her. I should go back and reread the part with Mewtwo agin, too.
VampireApple chapter 43 . 10/24
Bye Bye Butterfree was one of the worst episodes in my opinion, because I was so upset that he let Butterfree go. I will admit that I can be super selfish and don't want to things or people that I love go, even as a nine year old first watching that episode, do it struck a nerve. You said you're doing something different, so I really hope Butterfree doesn't leave. Either he let's another raise the egg, or the egg comes along with the team.

Go Sabrina! She might hate it, but she's a pretty good detective. I kinda feel like she's not talking the bait.
VampireApple chapter 42 . 10/23
Oh, ouch, Sabrina hits hard. I think the better, more rational side of me thinks she probly shouldn't have done that, the small, vindictive side me of is glad she did.

It was really cool seeing her interact with Giovanni. I love the way you wrote his character!

I'd forgotten that Ash caught a primate. It stole his hat in the anime, right?

Misty has some perceptive sisters! Good catch on Daisy's part! It just brings me back to the question of when Misty and Brock will find our his secret.
VampireApple chapter 41 . 10/22
Ophf, that primate came out of nowhere! Good chapter though. I love the casual references Brock and Misty do about famous trainers/gym leaders/eletite four members.

And yeah, they are competitive little shits, its great.
VampireApple chapter 40 . 10/21
Oh, my goodness, the bickering with Ash and Misty. Just like I. the show, I cant make up my mind on whether I'm amused by it, or if I'm annoyed by it. I dont mean that as a criticism of your writing, I mean it as a compliment because I think you've written that part very well.

What an interesting look into pidgeotto's past! I never would've thought about wild pokemon's upbringing, and I was honestly caught off guard that her parents were two different species, even though it totally makes sense.

Oh, my goodness, I love that pikachu hates flying so much. Hilarious!
VampireApple chapter 39 . 10/21
! I remember this episode! It was so great! The ponyta evolved into a rapidash, and there was that one guy who tried to race by running on an electrode... great episode.

Good chapter too, lovely read. I loved the way you wrote Lara's accdent. I could hear it in my head as I wrote it.

Brock brought up some good points too, about Misty and her reaction to Lara's fangirling (for lack of a better word).

And again, the beautiful world building you have in this fic that I so dearly love. There was a little bit .ore history of Kanto and Johto, the Kantoese language... is there a reason Ash could understand it? Was it similar to the pokemon language? And the callback to the mareep that saved Ash's life! All around amazing chapter.
VampireApple chapter 38 . 10/20
What an amazing chapter. There was so much in here and I enjoyed it so much.

I love the conversation Erika had with Ash. I really like her character. The fact that Brock got caught in his own trap was pretty funny.

I enjoyed reading the gym battle, and I liked how Erika went over the battle with him after.

Ooh, things are getting more and more interesting with Sabrina! And hopefully I'll see what Jessie and James have been up to- I've been wondering about them.

So, if Ash knows how to guard against a psychic prob, will he be able to protect himself from Sabrina? I imagine she could break his defences if she wanted to, but I cant imagine that she would, but I can see it catching her attention. Guess I'll just have to fund out!
VampireApple chapter 37 . 10/20
I love Blaine and his pins. Very funny.

Hm, Sabrina's investigation is getting interesting. I wonder where it will lead her.

I liked the conversation between Arianna and the other rocket member at the end. She had some good insights to the League and the Rockets.
VampireApple chapter 36 . 10/19
"Once they were done, everyone huddled around Ash."

Do you remember that one episode where Ash is trapped in a snow cave and he wants his pokemon to stay in their balls to keep warm, but they dont and gather around him to help keep him warm? That's what popped into my head when I read this. I wasn't get choked up when I see that seen in the Pikachu's Jukebox video of Friends Forever, even 20 years later.

If it's not too personal to ask, did you watch the original anime as it aired?

I loved this chapter. Absolutely loved Serge, so awesome, what a personality! I'm assuming he's also not a rocket member.

Was the trainer Dwayne a reference to Dwayne The Rock' Johnson?

Hm, if Brock is watching Ash more then maybe he suspects something's up? I'm assuming Misty is still worried about his mental health if she's watching him after nightmares.
Higgens chapter 45 . 10/17
Talk to text doesn't work well what I was saying before is that in your old story misty and Brock Went and protected as I like how they mother hen him But This story is different I mean it's still there but not too strong of a degree and I kind of like how sassy pokemons were In your old story compared to your new 1. I like to point a views that you have going on for different organizations and people that would eventually mesh with ash and his friends but I liked the old story as I said before it was much more mysterious and you will waite With bated breath To see what the plot line was leading to. But the story that you have now is so a completely new story but it's not bad as I said but I still prefer the old 1 but keep up the good work and I'm interested to see where the story is gonna goI.
Higgens chapter 16 . 10/16
I'm honestly surprised that you're still alive in the figurative since cause this hasn't been updated and years. I'm looking at the story from 1-45 and it's way different than what you did before I kind of like it but I kind of down I'd like the fact that those 2 were bathing the main character and everything was going like that with team rocket trying to recruit them and going in a little team rockets background well the trio so I just think that this is new and interesting but I like the old 1 better.
Ranger Station Charlie chapter 45 . 10/15
Probably of my favorite pokemon in fanfiction, I had completely forgotten about the suicidal magikarp lol. Oh God I can't wait to see how he gets along with the crew in this version.

The realization most protagonists don't acknowledge because their afraid to that they can't help but stumble into. At least Ash is more of an active protagonist that even if he stumbles into something it is usually his own initiative that leads to the arc.

I can help but laugh a little when you use # for telepathic talk because he time i can't help but think Butterfree is a advid Twitter user who can help but use # this, #that lol.
n0mster chapter 45 . 10/15
Haha, the power of plot and destiny compels you, Ash! That and possibly Mewtwo.
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