Reviews for A Storm of Swords
55555gosha chapter 1 . 5/17
Sakura betrays Shiro? Naaaah wtf
Pissed chapter 32 . 5/10
To WalexdraK, this IS a stupid ass excuse. He now posts on Scribble hub but has abandoned all of his story’s to write a sack a shit. If he truly forgot his password, just continue writing on Scribble hub. It seems to me that he just doesn’t want to write any of this anymore.
DasFalle chapter 32 . 4/28
you still alive? valid question considering the pandemic and the war.
WaleXdraK chapter 32 . 4/12
For the stupid ass talking about the author lying about forgetting his password for his account: you do realise that you just need to clean your browser just once for some reason and all your passwords saved are deleted right? Unless you directly use an add on to keep your password, furthermore the password retrieval function of this website have stopped working for years now, the mods/owner pretty much abandoned this website and doesn’t give a shit so if you lose your password there is nothing one can do to acces his account again, even if he really wanted to stop writing that not your fucking problem, if he say it directly entitled little shit like you go bitch about it.
Narutaard chapter 27 . 4/1
Wow you really decided to kill the pairing huh? Also making Natsumi and Nono gay... What's next, Vongola Primo was also gay and was a submissive fucker that let all his guardians gang bang him?
Narutaard chapter 18 . 4/1
Is Shirou the same age as Taiga? Or is he just a 2nd year? I see people calling him sempai, so he should be around the same age as Ryohei or Taiga. Taiga x Shirou pairing? I'm down
Narutaard chapter 7 . 3/31
Saber seems more of a Sky Flame than Sun honestly. She had her own round table, basically her own guardian's. Not to mention she was a king mirroring a boss of a Familia
king of traps chapter 32 . 3/24
Does anyone know if he is still alive?
fulito chapter 32 . 3/22
fantasy story
Private Lancelot chapter 32 . 3/19
when will you update your stories?
xmasboss chapter 32 . 3/16
no but it’s said that Gaia purposely weakens magecraft
SaintOfReach chapter 32 . 3/12
Kite04 chapter 32 . 3/11
'Forgot ffn account password' in this day and age where your browser saves that for you? They're saved even if you change your device. Just say that you lost interest in the story would've been a better excuse.

Oh well, good story all around, just disappointed that you decided to drop it right when we finally got somewhere with all the build up.
tru chapter 32 . 2/18
tru i think i misread it
it seems like how mountain more high harderto breathe
maybee they meant the density is like age of gods etc
about the mana chapter 31 . 2/18
also i do just assume you adapt to it like how circualtion of air works breathe in and out air cleanses it? also lungs are op? some person took 32 krag rifle shots wiki/Hassan_uprising
mana circulation is normal kinda like those manhua manhwa purer the mana pi,is kinda like pi purer the air?
and scarce so leylines? and others
breathe mana in and out feel it and theres also a stage stop aging iiirc from manhwa's' murim
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