Reviews for Questions and Answers
Tlingel chapter 1 . 5/13/2003
I was amused right off the bat by Keldor being called by an 'unearthly voice'. Well, of course it was unearthly, he was on Eternia, wasn't he? No worries though, a lot of fans use terran refrences like that without realising it at the time. I've seen countless 'earthquakes' or someone saying 'what on earth is going on' etc. It's not consciously thought about until someone notices. :)

Next, I'm trying to figure out who the Sorceress' child in the 'other world' is. I assume this is based on the new series and even so, Adam and Adora are unquestionably Randor and Marlena's children. Glimmer is Angella and Micah's daughter (unless you are reworking that since they aren't doing the She-ra series as yet) and you've made mention of Bow's father so I figure it can't be him since the Sorceress' husband is dead. Perhaps this will be clarified in later chapters but all these pittances aside, the story is intriguing. I assume Adora was caught in some sort of magical beam that caused her to momentarily transform into She-ra and it will be kind of interesting to see how she deals with this.

Please don't feel I don't like the story just because I have these questions. I am looking forward to the next chapters to see how they will work out.