Reviews for A Rabbit among Wolves
VFR6 chapter 66 . 8/2
Ah... next week. So I was excited for nothing the whole day. Whelp. See you then.
bmack96 chapter 66 . 8/1
honestly I'm kind of exited to see what happens when juanes mother meets him, and the rest of his family.
Sarcasm Sage 626 chapter 66 . 7/31
Well things are definitely winding down for this story.
RWBY’s idea is pretty solid, all things considered. It’ll take a while to implement properly, but once it gathers steam can be a real game changer. Like the amount of thought they’ve put into it. And the fact that it pleasantly surprised Sienna of all people.

Jaunes talk with Ghira was interesting, and a nice debate over the pros and cons of resorting to violence.
Guest chapter 66 . 7/28
At least they ain’t like BLM that only buy large mansions and murder people.
Remember the summer of BLM riots murdered over 25 people.
almostNEET chapter 66 . 7/30
That last bit about the necessary violence. Yup, that just hits.
epantoja521 chapter 66 . 7/30
You have a point, this story could easily drag but despite the possibile scenarios, it's good to just end it at it's peak
Guest chapter 66 . 7/27
Let’s hope things go well
Guest chapter 66 . 7/26
The plan to restart Mountain Glenn feels like it could backfire catastrophically. The main thing convincing me that it won't just create a new faunus ghetto is the fact that the fic's in its final stages, so adding new complications would be pointless. Ruby and co are taking her election as a foregone conclusion, but as stated, new complications would be counterproductive with the fic winding down.

Ghira tried asking nicely and was ignored, then Sienna used violence and became feared and hated. It's only after that that the peaceful approach could work - people are a lot more likely to listen when they know the alternative.

It's like Arcanum - you could have a whole ass Menagerie arc, but decide to call it a day not long after leaving Vale.
Guest chapter 66 . 7/26
That was an extremely dry chapter, and frankly I'm not sure that the plans they've laid out would actually work. There's no way they have the power to do that.
Gabrix chapter 1 . 7/26
You could put Jaune and Sienna as a "character section" in this story. Just like you did in "Knight of Salem", where you paired Salem and Jaune?
Subaru is Flugel chapter 66 . 7/26
I wonder how this version of Jaune would fight Salem! Unfortunately, it might not happen. Or could you create another story by continuing it as Professor Arc and Headmaster Arc!?
Jazz Ears chapter 66 . 7/26
I still want to see the thoughts and reactions from Jaune’s family. Like imagine if your close family member joined Isis, reformed it, and then got involved in a battle for the survival of a country.
WaqStaquer chapter 66 . 7/26
I would actually kill to see that fictional Biopic about Jaune as a secondary epilogue. It would be both hilarious & tragic.
Guest chapter 66 . 7/26
Yep this feels like the ending of the story. Sort of like the ending of Gravity Falls. Yeah there are things to do still but that will be up to the readers imaginations. Anyways I am happy that I got to read this story!
Guest chapter 66 . 7/26
Drag it out. DRAG IT OOOUUUUTTTTT. Give us a SEQUEL!
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