Reviews for GrimmFall: The Scooby-Doo Project
nightmaster000 chapter 1 . 10/31/2019
Another amazing piece work and story, this was a really great Halloween treat. :) I really just loved seeing how things played out, and how you steadily built things up it was very well done.

The file we're very interesting and informative showing that some events from Mystery Incorporated as well as stuff from other Mystery Inc shows did happen. Only with some changes like Shaggy and Velma sticking together, and Fred's looking for answers about his parents lead to a different outcome.

I'm quite curious if Brad and Judy really are dead, and if so if they really died at the hands of human radicals.

Anyway the revelations at the end really made this story for me, I just loved the reveal that Fred Sr and his Eminence were behind it, and Mystery Inc unknowingly fell right into their trap.

We already seen the results of their plan with Mystery Inc breaking apart, Shaggy apparently becoming a shell of himself, Velma "death", and of course Fred becoming controlled by his hatred and anger, with it seems Daphne and perhaps Scooby Doo coming out in the best condition despite having their own emotional scars in the fallout of Mystery Inc's fall.

Last but not least we get the shocking revelation of VELMA'S ALIVE! It seems that Scrappy and a certain Fallen took full advantage of Satyra's little plan and manipulations. I just really love this twist and can't wait to see what drama results from this later on.

So Velma has had her memories wiped and is now likely a loyal servant to Sammael and member of the Invisible Hand. I wonder what kinda of new identity Sammael might have given her after taking away her memories.

The reveal Scrappy's betrayal was a great twist, as it's clear that history is repeating a bit with the second incarnation of Mystery Inc. Where he might not have been the main animal/mascot like Scooby he was still a member of the group at one point, and is the animal/mobian/anunnaki descendant to betray the group, following the same path that Professor Pericles took in canon and might still taken in the GrimmFall verse, not to mention animal members of previous mystery solving groups have likely taken.

Because it begins with the animal always the animal. Anyway i'm quite curious at what kinda of deal Scrappy's made with Sammael, and just what it is Velma will be helping him with later on.

All together a chilling and very enjoyable Halloween Special. Though did spot one small error at the start, where Velma said this documentary was about investigating the mysterious door in the woods of Megaville, which I don't think you meant to put there.

Anyway awesome story and Happy Halloween! :)
EndeavorT chapter 1 . 10/31/2019
Nice story for Halloween, we now know what happened to Mystery Inc., Velma is alive and is now a brainwashed servant to Sammael, and Scrappy is working for said Fallen that is not good. Is this Fear creature an original monster you came up with or is it from another series?
GREAT CELESTIAL-DRAGON chapter 1 . 10/31/2019
So Vella is alive?! And I knew something was up that Fred's fake dad was behind it all! The gang will surely come back together when Fred is freed from the sekblancwe and they find out velba is alive and controlled by that no good scrappy!

Hearing Casper woods, you'd think there would've been something like Casper or his uncles come about.

And I would've thought this has to be the work of... Red Herring!

*phone rings* hello?

(This is Red Herring you might have heard of me.)

Haha! So you've come to confess!

(No! Came to tell you I wasn't in this story but was out of the country at the time. So don't blame me like Fred does. Oh and happy Halloween!) *the phone shot cream in his face and hearing him laugh at the end of the phone before hanging up.

Now I know why Fred hates that guy. Uh, yeah, happy Halloween! Wonder what you got for Christmas?
merendinoemiliano chapter 1 . 10/31/2019
The only flaws of the story Is that the guys are a little too... Bratty for being Hunters(even if amateurs), especially Daphne, and Fred's story being a little too messy. For the rest Amazing job, the anxiety Is slowly built until the climax, with some classic Scooby Doo moment and the reveal of Scrappy's betrayal was a touch of art. Still not as scary, trough, as Shaggy revealing he likes that abomination of fruit and cheese. Best of luck with your nexts story, enjoy Halloween.
D.N.Works chapter 1 . 10/30/2019
...Wow. Okay, maybe not to scary-scary, but that definitely felt unnerving in some ways. So this is how Mystery Inc shattered. All caused by those jerks Satyra, who used this 'Fear' creature-whatever it is-to break their bonds. Shaggy and Scooby with Robin, Daphne and Fred separated with the latter now converted to that horrible group, and Velma, considering we haven't seen her in other stories as far as I'm aware, Sammael clearly has plans for her. And I'm definitely curious by Scarppy's 'deal', and what it was.

As for Mystery Inc, maybe if they discover she's alive, they'll put aside their shattered bonds and join for one final adventure to save her from whatever Sammael has plans for her. Or I hope anyway. The Scooby Gang didn't feel like they ever had closure. Hopefully they're tale will be told again another day.