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dionpie chapter 24 . 1/14
I'm almost done translating Act 24 but I can't wait to put my review when I saw a review from Sugar that has a quite similar theory to mine for the ending when it reaches the Demon "Godwhatever its name is, it's forever a mystery lol) part. It might be Anna who gets summoned to "It" instead of Emma this time around. This is because the fact that Anna is a reincarnator has piqued Its interest. And since "It" is a "God", I would assume that "It" can somehow take a peek at people's memories when It's "toying around" with them. "It" is interested in Anna because even though "It" can control time and space, which means "It" can literally do ALMOST everything, "It" is still unable to cross over to another universe (like the one Anna lived in her previous life). And "It" craves for knowledge that seems impossible to reach. So Anna's past life memories is a special gift to "It". Another interesting (at least, it is to me) theory from me: It knows that this is a fiction world, or at least, somehow knows. I think you can be more creative when it comes to the Demon God since "It" is such a mysterious existence that even Its name is hidden from us. As for Ray's solution, I think it's a very logical one. If Demons have religions, so they must have a God that they believe in and give their prayers to. God might give prophecies, so It needs a medium, so there comes the "seer" like Anna. And I absolutely mean no offence by any words related to the religions or God. Well, do inform me if any of you gets offended by my words so I can reflect on them
Sugar chapter 24 . 1/12
Ray's solution was quite simple but I suppose that if you are going to lie better say something close to reality to avoid problems and end up locked in your own lie.
Interesting fact that Anna does not know the end of the story ... does not know that they made it and does not remember that Emma sacrificed her own memories ... remembered the little demon "god"? Maybe ... now she can change that ... the mini demon could ask her for her memories of her past life, then it would only be "Anna" but she would no longer be able to remember what was so useful to everyone.
Laala14 chapter 23 . 12/30/2021
What a great story! I absolutely like it! U know when I read the summary where it says RayxOc, I thought it was going to be the cliche mary-sue (no offense because most of the someone x OC is so cliche) but when I continued reading it I was glad that it was realistic and u didn't go into details of her childhood and quickly went into the plot, anyways good job continue this spectacular story ;)!
Butter-bluetack chapter 1 . 12/30/2021
Your fic is amazing! I'm gonna read it once it's complete! I just finnished season 2 of TPN, and I want some more TPN! The anime felt toooooo short!
dionpie chapter 23 . 12/30/2021
Done translating Act 23! I always enjoy the couple moments. They are so PRECIOUS. The fact that Ray grabbed Anna’s hand throughout the entire running is so adorable that it makes me feel fluffy XDDDDDD AND the scene before Ray went off to act as decoy, Ray was like a husband heading off to the battle field, and Anna was like a worrywart wifey: “Please stay safe. Don’t you dare die.” Sonju be like: weird kiddo. Can’t wait to see what’s this plan of Ray’s! :) Thank you soooooo much for another great chapter again. It really made my day, regardless of the day when I read it or translated it. And belated Merry Christmas and advanced Happy New Year!
Sugar chapter 23 . 12/25/2021
Merry Christmas anyway! and happy holidays! I wonder what is going on but I am afraid to be a meddler since I can't really do anything to help except pray for your family.
Good episode! Everything went as in the cannon, Ray is right, it is the safest thing sometimes to just go to what already worked. Regarding how to make Mujika and Sonju not suspicious ...
- Maybe Ray chooses to say something like ... "We discovered that demons have a humanoid shape if they eat human flesh otherwise they degenerate. If they wanted to eat us they would have already tried so logically they must be good."
- Or something like ... "we read about a religion where they are not allowed to eat human flesh" or "we found an old legend about a girl with cursed blood that actually for humans is more like a savior because with her blood no one should eat humans ".
- Or even ... lie a little more ... "We read a legend about some religious demons who do not eat humans and who had planned that no one should eat them anymore."
After all, they are children ... even if it sounds naive to trust just because they read it, Sonju and Mujika might believe that they are just inexperienced children outside the farm.
wolfcrys chapter 23 . 12/24/2021
It’s been a long time since I’ve reviewed your story. Sorry about that. I like to let the chapters build up and then reread the whole thing again. I love that the romance is already peking it’s head. I was afraid that it would take a while to get too, but there is so much fluff. And I love the fact that it didn’t take Anna forever to find out that Ray had a crush on her and she excepted it instead of going into Denial. I’ve read a lot of reincarnation fanfics and many bring up the age issue, and Spend a lot of time on this. Which it is important, if I was suddenly reborn and some 12 year old liked me I would definitely feel uncomfortable dating them. But this is a fanfic sometimes I just want a little fluff without that drama. I can’t wait to see what you do in this ark. It is definitely my favorite. Is Anna going to be part of the hunt or will she stay with ray and help find Emma? Will she remember those kids that got killed and tell Emma the info she need to save them? Or even tell Emma about that one kid who keeps repeating Norman’s number? Im so excited to see where you take the ark. Thank you for posting and merry Christmas or happy holidays.
dionpie chapter 22 . 11/21/2021
Done rereading and translating! The RayAnna moments are so precious omgggg. He really likes to hug her and pat her head! I guess all these are his gestures of affection, not everyone gets to have them. I discovered 4 things here:

First, like I mentioned in my previous review for this chapter, Don is smart enough to point out that there's actually 2 letters that Norman asked him to pass to her and made her read another letter out huhuhuhuhu.

Second, when they first discovered the glowing flowers underground, Ray was like “it did look pretty, but looks can be deceiving”, and he went on to mention Anna is the same or something like that. Was he implying that Anna is pretty? Does he think Anna is pretty? I’m not sure though, it could be that he simply meant never judge a book by its cover or something else, but if it is a yes, I’m gonna be like ARRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHFDYDGSHGSJK Sorry I’m a sucker for this RayAnna. Oh my goodness this is definitely killing me.

Third, thinking of how protective of him towards Anna, like he didn’t allow Anna to be the first one to jump into that hole, maybe there will be one time when Anna jumps into danger and gets hurt (whether it’s just a slight injury or severe injury, I can’t decide cuz I dun want Anna gets hurt QQ, but it will be a good RayAnna moment though) and Ray’s gonna be a super worrywart.

Forth, since she has been giving some tips to the kids on how to survive in the outside world, I was thinking about the possibility where she told other kids something, but she can’t remember it afterwards (not immediately, but after a while) when they mentioned it to her again for some urgent matters. And this is due to Norman’s theory for the reason why she can’t seem to remember the significance of the ‘Fire’ word. And this may have caused some kids to get hurt, and she ends up having a panic attack. Ray will comfort her, making her forget to think about it by doing something else (mind your dirty mind XD, I mean it to be like kissing her forehead. Yeah another RayAnna moment, I KNOW). Well, the kissing forehead part was inspired by one of the RayAnna pictures that I found on Pinterest, I can show it to you if you like.

Well, I hope what I said gives you some ideas on writing the story, even if it’s just all about RayAnna momentsI will support you forever! Thanks for the great chapter again. Love from dionpie :D
sierra.stanley.52 chapter 2 . 11/18/2021
I see you have made changes to the chapter! Somethings about it are confusing.

But then again, everyone thought I couldn't read yet, being a three-year-old. Maybe I could use this to spend time with Ray, and worm my way into his heart, so to speak.

But in the next couple of lines Ray says that he catches her reading the encyclopedia! So if they think she dosent know how to read, how does Ray know?

Also that Norman insert part when Anna is learning her first word came out of nowhere! Sorry to say! I think you should add him when Emma is coming back to rejoin Anna and Ray!
dionpie chapter 22 . 11/16/2021
First of all, do let me express my joy upon your dad's successful cancer treatment. Hooray! Cancer-free! I am truly glad to hear this good news, for real. I hope he can get well soon. And I also hope you and your other family members do well. Life might not be easy, but everything's gonna be okay! AlltheRayannamomentsaresofreakingprecious. All those hugs and blushes (OMG Anna why are you so adorable?!), and I can smell Ray's jealousy too. And his protectiveness over Anna is just too much for my heart to handle. Tbh, Ray's got a quite valid question there, like if she knows them from a story, are they real for her? I would have asked it too if I were him. This also shows that Ray is such a perceptive person. And I love Anna's honesty towards him, and this makes me (and even Ray too) love her more. I wonder if Don would point out that there's actually 2 letters that Norman asked him to pass to her and made her read another letter out lmao. I mean, the letter written specifically for Anna that told her about Ray's crush on her (since she said no more secrets, you know, she might end up telling them. I'm smirking conspiratorially now huhuhuhuhu). I can definitely imagine their reactions, especially Ray's ;) I am upset that we never get to see many scenes and characters get animated cause they just ended the anime with Season 2 and skipped so many parts of manga. Well, at least, Emma didn't have to go through that situation in the anime ending :). Thanks for another great chapter, onigiriri-san! Good job, it took you less time than I expected based on your previous updates XDD. When I received the update notification when I was about to sleep, I literally squealed like a fangirl and almost unable to fall asleep. I really appreciate your update, and I plan to reread this chapter again tonight after finishing my intern work for the day. And TIME TO TRANSLATE!
Sugar chapter 22 . 11/16/2021
Ray loves to hug Anna hahaha it's really cute. I think that listening to Anna being honest and saying that she saw them as characters at the beginning would make Ray love her more, would it be simply unreal to say that she never looked at them that way, and that she approached them because they were main characters? I think he would have done the same to survive. Ray is the kind of person who would appreciate such calculating but intelligent thinking.
In a dangerous world it would be foolish to just look for friends instead of people to survive, in a way I think Ray chose Emma and Norman in a similar way, he loved them but he knew they were smart and talented enough to follow him and assimilate the truth.
I wonder if Ray was ever curious about his character's relationship with the original Anna.
Machala chapter 21 . 11/7/2021
my favourite The Promised Neverland fan fic. I'd love to see Ray and Anna rebuild their friendship and maybe admit they care for each other. please continue. and take care. best wishes.
dionpie chapter 16 . 10/13/2021
Supposed to be review for chap 15 but I've reached my limit of review so that's why:
Oh Anna, that hair is meant for you. It also means Ray is willing to live by using fake corpse instead of burning himself alive but he doesn't want to use your hair cuz he likes your long hair (me. That's why he's been collecting hair here and there so you won't have to cut your hair when the time comes. How sweet

chap 16:
Anna is starting to fall for Ray
dionpie chapter 15 . 10/10/2021
Ray being jelly
dionpie chapter 14 . 10/10/2021
Anna is everyone's comforting blanket (ω)
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