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Sugar chapter 5 . 12/8/2019
It's so realistic that another child replaces Conny here ... poor Anna she just wanted to help her. And I was right ! Ray assumes that Anna is like him, she will have to think well about her answers, especially she cannot imply everything she knows if she assumes that her information only comes from conclusions and lack of amnesia. I suppose it would seem like Ray seem similar to having memories of monsters and having noticed suspicious things alone.
He could be twisted if Isabella decides to make a double deal: Ray helps her and she keeps her friends alive until age 12 in a happy life. Anna tells him that if he helps her control everyone and Ray will make her and Emma become moms and maybe she can do something to save Ray. Try to put them both against .
.. I wonder if Anna's mind will still always be that of an adult or if over time she is more a girl with a girl's mind and heavy adult memories ... if Ray falls in love with her it would be weird if Anna sees him as a boy nothing more, it is less if she really feels like a girl.
Tiglath chapter 5 . 12/8/2019
Oh no...

I already knew Isabella was going to catch on sooner or later, she is Ray’s mother after all. It runs in her blood! But Isabella knows already, Isabella has gathered all the proof already, and she KNOWS! Anna just thinks she’s playing mom, but I think it’s the other way around. Oh ho ho...

And wow, wasn’t Dominic the one with big ol’ nose? I’d hate to see him go, but honestly, I Prefer conny’s cuteness a whole lot more then big nose. Sorry for the bias Dominic...

So Ray found out, huh, which I was expecting actually. I think he noticed it when they were younger too (which he did) and I also think that during that time he was giving himself excuses and so many reasons as to why Anna was always so weird, but after what happened this chapter, I think it’s clear now that Ray knows something. And I also think that Isabella had known for a long time, but just couldn’t let Anna continue any longer.

I know for a fact that Isabella knows because she wouldn’t give that deal to someone who didn’t know.

And if Ray noticed the ways they were playing tag... then... I’m sure as soon as Isabella heard it was Anna’s ideas it would confirm her suspicions even more.

That is bad...

Like... really bad.

Anna and the rest of the resistance actually need to escape NOW. Isabella is not stupid, and that’s why she got Norman killed in canon... if something doesn’t change NOW Anna is dead. Anna’s the number one kid everyone (especially those pesky demons) wants right now. They took Norman because he was the smartest kid in Gracefield and they just couldn’t wait any longer for their meal, so I’m 100 percent sure that this time around it’s going to be Anna getting taken away instead. Why do I think that? Because she’s standing out WAY to much! She’s making stories, getting top scores, teaching the other kids how to pass tests, trying to become a doctor, and most of all... she KNOWS!

There’s no way Isabella isn’t taking her away unless Anna acts NOW and escapes NOW. Anna knows the future, so she needs to go go gooooo!

Also... because Dominic is going to leave this time, does this mean Sister Krone is never going to come to Gracefield, because she only came here because Isabella had to tell the demons someone knew about the secret?

I hope they get their promised pen... but it would still be really exciting to see how the story would play out if they didn’t have it too!

Honestly, I’d be happy with anything you decide to do. Reading this is like drugs. And I’ve never done drugs before or anything, but I’m sure THIS THIRST FOR MORE would be what drugs feels like.

I loved this chapter and I really can’t wait for Act 5!

Ps: Anna is burning out fast, she can’t do a million things at once, and it’ll only be A matter of time before she crashes... literally. She’s going to hit a tree and break an arm. Anna needs to calm down for a sec and just live a little. She isn't like Ray and can’t and shouldn't devote her being to this stuff because she has feelings! This isn’t something she would die for (yet), she needs to just chill and recharge for a sec. I’m worried for her health here Author-sensei!
yangri chapter 5 . 12/8/2019
Wow, I’m really liking this story so far. Good job! Anna has always been my best girl in Yakusoku no Neverland and I’m looking forward to the changes she’ll bring to canon.
yummychii chapter 5 . 12/8/2019
I really liked the new chapter! Thanks for writing it! But a little bit of advice (that you can totally ignore, mind you), but using 1st person for a canonical character...

I know it's a writing choice, but it kills the moment in my opinion (pace, etc, and you can still ignore this. t's your choice and you can totally ignore this), especially since you have to keep saying that you've switched POV.

With 3rd POV for canonical characters when you use 1st POV for an oc, the reader is smart enough to know that you've switched, and you don't have to keep mentioning it.

Plus, last thing here, with 3rd POV for canon, you don't have to delve into their mindset 100%. With 1st you have to keep in mind the smallest of thoughts.

Thank you for writing this! I really liked everything about it, even the 1st POV for Ray despite what I've just said. Please ignore me if it's unneeded advice. It's just a pet peeve
Akemi chapter 4 . 11/28/2019
Sua fanfic é maravilhosa! I'm loving her! 3
Tiglath chapter 4 . 11/27/2019
Woah! I loved this chapter a whole lot! Emma is the best big sister ever!

Everything was just cute! And I like seeing Anna’s inner turmoil. She’s constantly telling herself “It’s so the story stays the same.” But I wonder if she’ll ever realize “I can use this knowledge make the story BETTER!” Like how Ray mentioned in that nightmare.

Even if Anna does get mad for 2 seconds. She’d never hate Anna. At the most, she’d say, “Don’t do that again.” Like how she did to Ray and boom, that would be the end of meanie Emma.

That nightmare was scary and I love how Emma and Don are making Anna face the guilt. What will Anna do? Will she continue with her plan and sacrifice Conny like how Ray would do it? Or will she be a bit more idealistic like Emma and try to save Conny AND make the story better instead of letting Norman die.

Please don’t let Norman die! Whatever facility he’s at is a terrible place. I finnaly put the pieces together and realized, “Thise guys at that facility made Adam (that buff guy from Goldy pond) into a stupid noob. Please done let Norman have a fate like that Anna.

I don’t care if your gonna ‘Change’ or whatever would happen if you did that. Just please don’t let Emma, Ray, and Norman make all these big plans just to seee them fall apart because there’s a cliff there.

If you do that Anna... I don’t think Emma would ever think of you the same way again.

Wow, Onigigiri! This was fire! Can you please teach me how to write like this! This was soooooo goood! Like, how!?

How do you make such phenomenal, tear jerking, emotional, cute, awesome, and jaw-dropping writing!

6 out 5 stars Onigirigiri-san!

Ps: The Anna and Emma scenes are my most favorites. They’re cuteness is growing on me like a limpet!
Sugar chapter 4 . 11/27/2019
I think the comment Ray gave Anna about the evidence confirms that he believes she is like him. Telling her if she is sure about what she does is obvious that she doesn't think she was just nervous about the tests. I wonder if at some point Ray will tell Anna or talk to her, it wouldn't be weird if he first wants to keep watching her before being sure about her after all it could be risky to make a mistake.
On the other hand if Ray confronts Anna if or if he would end up changing the story, Ray is not stupid, he would realize if she lies and if Anna lies she could lose her trust he could think that she wants to live or become a mother ... or that she discovered his own deal with Isabella. In that case I guess it would be best to trust Ray and tell him "the truth" she knows about the orphanage, avoid Conny's death would change things too much, sadly it is dangerous but approaching Ray does not quite do it both could rely on their penalties when children are "adopted" especially Conny.
yummychii chapter 4 . 11/27/2019
Anna's conflicted feelings are food for my eyes. You've written them so well! And her friendship with everyone else, and how Don approached her about Conny were soooo believable and in-character for the canon chara personalities. Keep it up!
Sugar chapter 3 . 11/22/2019
Aww Anna is already in Ray's plans ! hehehe how cute. Ray could believe that Anna is like him ... a child without childish amnesia but I imagine that Anna tried to divert him from those suspicions to keep as much "cannon" as possible, I wonder if she was worried if she stood out too much in the test since Anna is supposed not to be so bright.
Maybe Isabella would like to train Anna and Emma to be moms? Anna might want to help more than the "original" Anna make her a deal with mom could benefit everyone more than Ray even ... if Anna pretends to want to be trained to be a mom or sister when she turns twelve she would get more information than Ray who is a boy maybe, although if Anna does that and happens to be in the same "team" that Ray foresees dangerous levels of possibility that he ends up as in love with her as Norman is with Emma Dx and that would be a big problem ... yes .. .. forget it would be beautiful hahaha.
Tiglath chapter 3 . 11/22/2019
Yo! This is my third favorite chapter so far! Get it? Because they are all my favorites?

Terrible jokes aside, this is a really fun chapter! It’s kinda sad that porr Anna just wants to grow up :( All that stress of eventually having to escape is really catching up with her, but she sure is lucky to Chief Big Bro and Chief Big Sis looking out for her! Go Norman and Emma! And I see you Ray. He was pissed to find out that Anna is Isabella’s next pray.

And Ray even said ‘it’s all to protect those three.’ And he wasn’t including himself too! This kid is goated! And Anna is super smart too! Like EMMA she learns scary fast! So fast that Ray and Isabella are way suspicious!

Anna needs to chill out! Because Ray’s on her trail now.

And technically... wouldn’t Anna’s Brain be the most delicious for those cute demons (yes, I think their cute) she like... knows everything. So if a demon ate her would they get all her memories? And thus, be the most power demon of all time?

My favorite character of this chapter is gotta be Emma or Ray! Emma for cuteness and Ray because he’s waaaaaay to smart!

I wonder how he’ll grow as a person now that Anna is in the demons’ crosshairs. The only thing that really matters is her test scores though. Anna NEEDS to ace those things, if not, well... that’d be bad. Really bad.

Ps: Would Ray escape NOW if it meant saving Anna, Emma, or Norman? I think he would, personally. I really love this chapter Onigiriri!
wolfcrys chapter 3 . 11/22/2019
I’m so happy there a reincarnation story of the promised Neverland out. I’ve been looking for one of these for what feels like forever. And so far I’m in love with yours. I love your Anna and how she fits in with everyone. And Rays my favorite character so knowing in the future that they may be close (since they share the same knowledge) makes it hard to wait for the next update. Thanks for taking time to updated your story and I can’t wait to see what happens next.
Tiglath chapter 2 . 11/19/2019
Hey man/girl! This story is super good! When are you going to start updating daily? Actually can you update hourly!? Yes! Update hourly please!
Tiglath chapter 1 . 11/19/2019
Yooo! This is fire! FIIIRE! Keep up the good work Onigiri! And Emma is so cute!
May chapter 1 . 11/15/2019
I am so happy to see a self insert of this anime because is my favorite anime
I would like to offer you ideas if you do not mind
Anna could start learning medicine or even psychoanalysis that would be interesting
I hope you enjoy writing this fic and you will not abandon it
And sorry if my english is bad because im french
SugarQueen97 chapter 2 . 11/14/2019
I love how Anna has gotten into Ray's heart hahaha it is so nice to see her run after him ... if he is not careful he will end up falling in love hahahaha "and that's how Ray ended up in the same boat as Norman" xD. I see Anna wondering why Ray wants to take more children from the beginning instead of just Emma and Norman as she remembered.
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