Reviews for The Potions Master
thewandcrafter chapter 47 . 10/3
This entire series was flawless in its plotting, its characterization, its pacing... Wonderful story, wonderfully told. I'm in admiration of the multiple layers of your plot, and I thank you for a wonderful read that has kept me company before, through, and in recovery from a recent hospital stay and surgery. Thank you so much!
clairef52 chapter 47 . 9/17
I loved the whole series, if only it could be ongoing
I read it all chapter 47 . 9/13
This was an amazing story and I loved the relationship between severus and harry so much! I enjoyed this story so much I devoured the trilogy in 2 days.
appleblossum24 chapter 1 . 8/30
Sorry to be a stickler about this, but if Hermione and Ron are dating/kissing/together in this fic you really should disclose it as a relationship in the summary or tags, even if it isn't the main pairing.
kyri17 chapter 47 . 8/1
Wow I really loved this series. Please forgive my lack of reviews on the previous chapter and stories. It was just too goo to put down. don't worry though, Ill be re reading soon. Ill make sure to stop to show some love then :)
knttr chapter 47 . 8/1
Thank you for this amazing trilogy! I've been quarantined with COVID for the last couple of weeks, and all three stories have kept me thoroughly entertained, touched my emotions (even to the point of tears a few times) and had me so absorbed in the story that even though I noticed a few typos and a couple of incorrect word substitutions, they did not pull me out of the tale as they are normally prone to do. I really can't pick one of the trio of stories over the others as my favorite one. They would on each other and I loved how things that happened in TPA were important in both TPJ and TPM. I enjoyed the characterizations of your original characters and how they added much to the story without overshadowing the Canon characters. I truly love Alex and his refusal to stop being friends with Severus. If I had to pick just one thing in the entire arc that I liked best it was Hedwig helping Harry with his potion creation process and even pointing him to what ingredients he should use. Every single time that came up it made me smile. Finally, I want to congratulate you for your believable heroes and villains. In many fics the death eaters and Voldemort are pretty much cardboard cut outs for the heroes to flick over. There were points in your tales where I truly wasn't sure Severus, Harry and Draco would successfully escape the fates the villains had planned for them. And I am likewise glad that the battles and fights had in-ficverse realistic consequences for both sides of the fights. No one got away totally unscathed. It was a great counterpoint to the amazing creations that Harry comes up with. I will be recommending these stories to my friends who love non-romance Severus and Harry relationship stories, and will come back to re-read them often. You are an outstanding storyteller, and now I am going to go see which of your other stories I'm going to read first.
Faelwyn chapter 47 . 7/24
This series was absolutely fantastic and I'm sad to see the end of it. Thank you so much for sharing it with us!
emmett95 chapter 47 . 6/23
I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Its funny but serious and also a straight up good plot. I really snjoy your writing style. Please keep writing.
Jake Crepeau chapter 9 . 6/17
In her own way, I think Ginny is every bit as possessive as Ron; she's certainly every bit as controlling as her mother. I think that's the biggest reason I've never been fond of the Harry/Ginny pairing.
Jake Crepeau chapter 5 . 6/16
She's certainly an upbeat kind of person. Anyone who tends more toward depression would find her annoying at best, and utterly repulsive at worst. (I have a friend who has struggled with mild depression most of her life and absolutely despises Strauss waltzes precisely because they're so cheerful and upbeat!) So yeah, with Snape's background, he certainly wouldn't want anything to do with her. In fact, she probably reminds him entirely too much of Lily.
Jake Crepeau chapter 4 . 6/16
"Pruning" her feathers? Is she so hot she's trying to clip her feathers off? ;D Seriously, though, the word you want there is "preening."

She may be a magical owl, but she is still a snowy owl, after all, which are rarely seen below about 49 deg. N latitude, and then usually only in the winter. So yeah, an unusual heat wave like that would affect her worse than other owls. I'm glad you included that; most writers overlook it altogether. And kudos on knowing what to do for an overheated bird! ;D
Jake Crepeau chapter 3 . 6/16
You have to know that ancient text is going to be copy-protected, so no copying spell is going to work. An organization with a name like "Order of Anathema" is sure to bind its members by oath, and probably even magical ones. Bill might be able to get them in to see the document, but he won't help them smuggle it out.

A couple of corrections: The plural of "Mr." is "Messrs.," as on the Marauders' Map. And while "faith" doesn't "befall" one, "fate" most certainly does. ;D
mysinger chapter 43 . 5/31
Brilliant! I hope this is the cure.
mysinger chapter 39 . 5/31
I wonder if Harry's muggle magic potion would help the muggles fight off the Wizarding illnesses. Nice interlude with Luna. I can understand why brewers keep quitting with those hours.
mysinger chapter 37 . 5/31
I suppose it would be too soon for Harry to attain his Mastery. Severus himself was 21 after all and that was considered young. Good chapter! It was a surprise that the leader was Luna's uncle.
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