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mysinger chapter 6 . 5/28
Bellatrix and Greyback. What a horrifying combination. I definitely see suspense to come. I enjoyed the scene between Severus and Harry.
ValkSkadi chapter 47 . 5/19
A lovely ending. As difficult as accepting change is, it's good to see the professor roster as Hogwarts update a bit. It's nice to think that Harry, Snape, and Bell will be able to stay close to each other too.

One thing I don't remember resolving (maybe I missed it?) is why Snapes things kept getting rearranged in his office. Was it Harry all along just messing with him? Early stage dementia?

As for which of the three I liked best: it's tough to say. 1 and 2 seemed fairly similarHarry is in danger, there are nefarious plots, he nearly gets killed, and angry protective dad Snape rages. Quite enjoyable. This one was a lot less action focused, I feel. It started off as "Harry vs Snape" on being allowed to brew the option, moved towards "Harry vs Potions Guild" on being accepted as a master, and ended with "Harry vs disease 1 and disease 2". I do like a good epidemic story, despite how the real world has been in the past year. But the struggles were definitely more on the interpersonal and mental side in 3. The action bits were much less of a central focus. So I almost find it too different to 1 and 2 to compare and rank themI quite liked both styles and I think it was an appropriate time in 3 for something different to the more action focused 1 and 2. Between 1 and 2? hmm I love seeing the nascent relationship between Harry and Snape, and especially those early days spending extra time in the potions lab. I also liked the friendship development and fierce protective Dad Snape in 2. I think overall I preferred 2 because I like seeing the aftermath of the "big bad defeat" that stories usually end withvoldemorts death in this case. But the preference is scant at best because I still keep going back and forth. Tl;Dr they were all good and I can't really pick a favorite. Lazy answer lol.

Thank you for sharing.
ValkSkadi chapter 43 . 5/19
Oh this cliffie is evil! Im very hopeful though, please work, please work, please work
ValkSkadi chapter 42 . 5/19
I'm finding it frustrating that noones used the magic muggle potion yet. I'm sure it'll come soon but it seems so obvious.
ValkSkadi chapter 36 . 5/18
Alex at Hogwarts was great, though I dread to know what kind of literature the teenage fan club is writing about him and Snape XD. The best of luck to Hermione for becoming the minister of magic
ValkSkadi chapter 27 . 5/18
Eyyyy happy with that. Poor Harry though!
ValkSkadi chapter 25 . 5/18
Ngl I can't remember Mayas backstory rn beyond having gone to school in America but what if she is Emma's sister?
ValkSkadi chapter 22 . 5/18
Harry: just tryna live
Harry's mind: but what if fantasy landscape paintings a la Dalí met Dante's inferno?

Up there with Harry/Snape mentor fics, Luna/Snape friendship fics are a great favorite of mine. Similar to relating to Harry's childhood, theres a link to Snapes life experience with her from beung bullied in school. I've also always enjoyed her interactions with Harry. Especially in the movie-verse, her steadiness and light nature have always seemed like a good balance to Harry's quiet nature and struggles. They seem like a really good fit, whether that be as really solid friends, mutually supportive aquaintances, romantic partners, or otherwise. It's lovely to see her have a powerful adjacent role in this fic. And I would love to see her mindscape lol.

Also intelligent Hedwig is a hoot (I'll see myself out), and I do really enjoy her potion making prowess.

I quite like your approach to occulumancy- I always like when things that were meant to be difficult in canon actually take a while and loads of effort to develop, rather than just all coming naturally to Harry. I do have to say I miss the mind link from the subterfuge but admittedly that was a rather specific scenario and doesn't necessarily make sense everywhere (on that notesomewhere in this fic you said you don't like hocruxes. Even without knowing that I really liked how they were portrayed in the subterfuge. It seems your dislike of them was quite useful for spinning them into something really cool in that fic when combined with your approach to occulumancy).
ValkSkadi chapter 12 . 5/18
Oh my gosh the authors note at the end of this chapter XD amazing
ValkSkadi chapter 9 . 5/18
Hmm I hope this means the relationship might not last too much longer. I'm actually surprised that you've managed to make me like Ron and Hermione as a potential couple in this. I'm still not 100% about them either but I think something about the quiet way their relationship has developed in the background feels better and more steady than at least in canon. This Harry and Ginny, though...well, I was glad for the disclaimer a few chapters ago :D

Also the physical side effects of the potion sound a bit like period cramps lol. Poor Harry.

I continue to love this story, thank you for sharing it.
bondgirltrb chapter 47 . 5/8
read the entire series over the course of 4 days and loved every second of it!
paulieandgilbert chapter 15 . 4/9
Okay, I absolutely loved the part with Harry having the (not so) one sided conversation with Hedwig! I swear I have had similar conversations with my cat. The heart felt reunion that followed in the infirmary was maybe a little mushy but, I'll be honest, I wouldn't be happy without well done!
Guest chapter 47 . 3/26
Loved it! Thank you! Can’t wait for your other WIPs.
thatemomathkid chapter 47 . 3/21
I binge read this series this week and WOW! I loved it ! Thank you for writing and sharing !
MinaAintHere chapter 47 . 2/25
So I kinda binge read this entire story and now that I’m at the end I just wanna say thank you for writing this work of art. This was such an incredible read. Your Harry is one of the best renditions I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. His struggles and triumphs felt so real. It’s always a joy to read stories like this. Thank you.
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