Reviews for Emerald Island (Indefinite Hiatus)
tiguylerobot chapter 10 . 11/14/2019
Izuku need to see a therapist, he need one ASAP. can hound dog want to speak to him after his force choke on bakugo?
L1ghtsTheWay chapter 10 . 11/14/2019
Idk why but part of my head(most likely because I just rewatched it) has me thinking that Midoriya doesn’t have a quirk but is an esper like in Mob Pyscho 100. Since a way their powers can manifest is during times of stress, and Midoriya is pretty much at a breaking point at the beginning of my hero academia. He was told to jump off the roof and pray for a quirk in the next life by Bakugo, and All Might told him he couldn’t be a hero. seeing that he doesn’t seem to like All Might and the first chap shows him using his powers for what looks like the first time it kinda matches up at least for me. Plus as we saw in the latest chap Midoriya’s emotions seem to amp up his powers, and if non of this is even close to what actually is going on it at least is a good idea for a fic
Markacin chapter 10 . 11/14/2019
Setsuna's Dad: *has green hair*
Midoriya: *has green hair*
Todoroki: Are you Tokage's secret love child?

Here, a fan theory from me, hopefully will earn a laugh ;D
Bucio chapter 10 . 11/13/2019
Well, I would have sworn that I did review the first of the chapter of the tournament fights until I check it and realized that I didn't, and then postponed reading Sunday's chapter due to one of my guilty pleasures (Fat Stay Night stories, both original fics and crossovers, just after reading a story of Fate and HS DxD (how about a idea for a story with Izuku instead of Issei becoming the pawn and interest of Rias, Asia and the other girls wanting for them the Cinnamon roll , while the pervert, Issei is the one entering U.A. and with Mineta being his best friend there along with Kaminari and Tsuyu), with Shirou and Akeno as the main characters and another Fate crossover with Mass Effect, which has the potential to be Shirou and FemShepard but is in slow process) and just finishing reading that and Sunday's chapter, I saw the notification of today's new chapter.

As for the tournament fights, I almost got it right in several of them, as well as seeing that Class B and Shinsou stood out even more than Class A, except for Bakugo and Todoroki, who must be in shock to have been defeated so easily by someone that him didn't consider important, leaving everyone surprised.

It was also good to see that several of Izuku's classmates did well, especially Reiko defeating Momo, being a more or less balanced fight for both girls, while much of the rest were eliminated by Shinshou, except Izuku, who first defeated Iida and then in his fight against Bakugo was provoked by him, so that in a fit of rage, Izuku go Sith in his a**, using a force choke, momentarily dominating the fight, until he reacts, realizing that he was hurting another human being (even if it's Bakugo) and left, even if he lost the fight, amazing everyone, especially Fubuki and her agency; and to Shigaraki and All for One who seems pleased with Izuku's progress, while Setsuna, realizing that something was not right, went immediately to look for him to console him.

Of the end of the tournament, it was not so relevant, with Shinsou and Bakugo in the first places and Izuku and Itsuka in the third, and as in the last chapter, with Yagi noticing the way Izuku sees him and not liking him at all; besides, Kan's opinion of Bakugo was good, regarding what Eraser said, even if Aizawa did not like what he said, because his comment that while Bakugo make results, there would be no need to correct him, and more being his teacher, was wrong.

Another important detail was to see Izuku, after remembering his mother's words, accept the "no-date" with Setsuna for the girl's joy, advancing their relationship (good not yet is, but you understand me)

And from today's chapter, we see the "no-date" between them, a relaxing chapter and much shorter than the previous one, with our protagonists getting to know each other a little more (although at the beginning, the questions between them were somewhat repetitive, exactly the same as in past chapters and as if not contributing much), the most relevant thing was that Izuku realized the extensive knowledge of his classmate (it is still a long way from him to consider her his friend) about dinosaurs, and being his first visit to a museum, enjoying it to his surprise and with Izuku accepting when Setsuna proposes to repeat the experience, perhaps in the company of his classmates (it would be fun to see them enter a haunted house in pairs, but with Izuku entering with Reiko, while Itsuka does it with Setsuna, who cannot avoid feeling a little jealous, which the orange hair girl takes advantage of to tease her friend, and Tetsutetsu enters with Awase).

The situation of Setsuna at home, lets us see more about her, and that her sister studies psychology, may be something important later when Setsuna wants to help his friend, and that apparent loneliness, with another new theorie, as you say, maybe if something happens to her father, for the ideas I mentioned before, and seeing that she would have to be alone in her house, being one of the few times when Izuku takes the initiative, with Inko's help, and proposes to Setsuna to stay with them for a while, which the girl accepts and with Nanao and Nemuri visiting her at the Midoriya's house, bringing the families together.

Another theorie would be to see that at some point Shigaraki and his boss managed to control Izuku (who will be the target in the camp) and that while the Green haired boy gives a beating to the heroes and students, that it was Setsuna who made him react, freeing him from the mental control.

It would also be good to see Izuku help his classmates when they have to decide where to do their internships, with different results like Itsuka going with Daniel Rand, the current Iron Fist (in the comics), Setsuna accompanying Izuku in the same agency or area, Reiko being sought by Tatsumaki and with Mina and Momo being who go with Uwabami.

Good luck and keep it up.
TheGreatBubbaJ chapter 10 . 11/13/2019
The question is is it a remake of Twilight with quirks, or it is normal Twilight and they think they have quirks.
Guest chapter 10 . 11/13/2019
Poor Setsuna, she’s lonely. Hopefully Izuku will be able to help her out.

I do like how he tutors people at the orphanage. Maybe he has some buddies there from his time away from home? Based on your other fic I’m guessing that the people who live there don’t have quirks. It would make sense for this version of him.

Poor Inko. I wouldn’t doubt that she gets worried if he’s out too long. Especially since it’s very apparent that he was away from home for an extended period of time. I can’t wait to see her and Setsuna interact. Though I could definitely see the girl being a bit too over the top for her at first.
Lurker chapter 10 . 11/13/2019
I like this update. And now we understand Setsuna a bit more. Her mom isn’t in the picture, her dad apparently works so much that he’s never home, her sister is away at school and Midnight probably isn’t around a whole lot since on top of being a teacher she’s still an active hero. And for all we know “Tetsu x 4” is the only person that she hangs out with outside of class regularly. Bottom line, she’s lonely.

Now her outgoing personality makes since.

I an curious about what kind of job her dad has. He works in a lab, so maybe he’s some type of scientist? Maybe a doctor? Obviously her family has some type of regeneration quirk in her lineage. So maybe that has something to do with it?

Just tossing a few ideas out there.
Guest chapter 10 . 11/13/2019
Its sad that Tokage lives in such an empty house but she at least understands why her Dad is gone and her Sister has school. I'm assuming her Mother either left their family via divorce or she is dead. I know Izuku will understand as he to does not have a Father figure and it is sad that he does not get that from All Might like in canon but I'm sure Vlad King will fill that role. I'm also sure that Inko will serve as a Mother figure for Tokage once they meet. So Izuku is a tutor at the orphanage, I'm sure Tokage will ask to accompany him next time he goes and we will see if it is true. If it is I'm sure its an orphanage for quirk less children and all the kids love Izuku for teaching them but also showing them his quirk. I enjoyed their "not date". Izuku was able to learn a lot about Tokage but he is still in his shell. I'm sure once Tokage learns something more about Izuku she will based their next "not date" on it. I can't wait for Izuku to meet Tokage's family, he will get hit on by both Midnight and Nanao. We don't know much about their Father or his personality but I'm sure they could bond over his job and he will be glad Izuku is her classmate and "not boyfriend". It was a short chapter but I know you really want to move forward with the internships and there will be more "not dates" in the future. Keep up great work and looking forward to next update.
Guest chapter 9 . 11/13/2019
Great chapter. I liked how Endeavor sees the potential in Izuku but Izuku is not all that impressed by him and believes he is another one of "them". It seems this Izuku also has a problem with those who are arrogant because they were born with strong quirks.
Izuku reaction and speed have increased that he was able to dodge Iida. 1-A has taken an interest in Izuku and Monoma will be bragging how he is the pride of 1-B from now on. I like how Kirishima believes that Izuku is the one with the problem with Bakugou as if he is such as nice person. So the class is aware of Bakugou's behavior, referring to his outburst as "temper tantrums" and now they know he attacked another student. All of the signs are there and they are being presented to them so they really have no excuse for his behavior especially if they aren't doing anything to stop or control him.
I'm glad Shinsou was able to make it so far in the sports festival however, he is smug now but he still has a lot of catching up to do physically. So far he is way behind and once they figure out his quirk he will have to come up with different strategies. His introduction for sure will be earlier then in canon.
I did like the Match between Izuku and Bakugou. Bakugou was able to think and figure out Izuku's quirk but he knew he had to get under his skin. I was not expecting you to use the force choke idea but it is a useful technique and shows the potential of Izuku's quirk once he empties his mind and his control becomes more precise. But, this scene shows the huge difference between the two. Bakugou enjoys hurting others and would have choked Izuku until they forced him to stop. While Izuku hates to hurt others and only does so to save others and only when it is necessary. He was disgusted at himself for losing control and i'm sure he thought he was acting like Bakugou. I'm just not looking forward to the media portraying Izuku as a villain who was attempting to kill Bakugou while he is portrayed as U.A.'s golden boy.
Its good that Bakugou will be more fearful of Izuku because he is no longer the "spinless wimp" he still believes that he is in his head. Seriously, Bakugou still thinks he is in his old middle school where he can do what he wanted without repercussions and that people will follow him because he is the "best". But, I can see why he thinks this because his class are actually putting up with his behavior instead of complaining or reporting it and Aizawa is doing absolutely nothing to correct his behavior and has a poor excuse of not doing it. I really wanted Izuku to win, he really needs it but he will have future moments to shine. I think regardless if Izuku won or not Bakugou would still react the same because he would say that Izuku got Lucky.
I know the audience did not hear Bakugou but hopefully Midnight did and brings it up to Aizawa because Bakugou is really mentally unstable right now. But, wow Aizawa is not even making an effort to adjust Bakugou's behavior and only sees his results. I'm glad Vald King called him out and so happy that he fought to have him in his class. Aside from Uraraka and Iida, no one would have protected Izuku and even then they would too afraid of Bakugou to really do anything. I really feel bad for 1-A as Aizawa is not even thinking or trying to adjust Bakugou's behavior and he is going to really hurt someone because he does not have Izuku to take his frustrations out on. Hopefully Nezu does punish Aizawa once this happens and Vald King tells him what he said because he was aware of Bakugou's problem yet chose to ignore it. He's acting like the teachers in his middle school.
So I thought Izuku's quirk was based off of focus but it appears that it is based on sight. On Izuku's helmet will it have a feature where it gives Izuku a 360 diameter field of vision like the Byakugan from Naruto to make up for this weakness. I can also imagine it will have a visor or goggles that zoom out like Mei's quirk to allow him a longer range. Will Izuku also have weapons like Zenyetta from Overwatch?
I love Tokage in this fic, she is forward but knows when to stop and not push. I'm glad 1-B knows Izuku so well despite still being in his shell and noticed that he was acting different and knew that Bakugou said something.
My theory on Izuku is that he is unaware that he is a sleeper agent. He ran away due to Bakugo's treatment and his run in with All Might. He made it into one of All for One's warehouses while homeless and was given his quirk by All for One himself who then erased his memories and teleported him out into the alley where Tokage found him. Or he is an active sleeper agent and he isn't really helping out at an Orphanage but is meeting with All for One.
Knight of Loyalty chapter 10 . 11/13/2019
A sweet short chapter, I liked it.

Also Izuku helping out at an orphanage is sweet, I could see Tokage going with him one time once the two are officially together together.

And I hope Bakugo doesn't try anything stupid at the summer camp.
Armadillo 300 chapter 10 . 11/13/2019
He goes to an orphanage for quirkless kids, doesn't he?
HeckTek chapter 9 . 11/13/2019
I've read alot of fics that gives Izuku telekinesis powers and I think this is the first one where he actually force chokes somebody. I love it, and I love this story and I'm excited to see where this goes!
genaralraam chapter 9 . 11/12/2019
Loved Bakugou getting vader'ed lol and liking forward to the date chapter.
Anonymous Asshat chapter 9 . 11/12/2019
I could see how Shinsou making it as far as he did would rub someone the wrong way. But when you think about it it does makes sense. WE all know how his quirk works, but by this point in the story the characters don’t. And the way he uses it would make it hard for someone to figure out. It makes sense that it’d be hard to deduce his skills after a single time but now that they’ve seen it in action over a few matches the jig is up for him. If he does make it into the hero course he won’t have an easy time. And his attitude right now makes me want to see him get his shit kicked in.

On the flip side I could totally see Bakugou looking up telekinetic quirks on his phone after seeing Midoriya’s first two fights. His quirk is obvious as hell. And I doubt those kinds of quirk are exactly rare. He may be powerful from what we’ve seen but I’m sure some general rules apply. It would be nice if Yanagi had a similar weakness to her poltergeist.

I’m assuming that AfO gave Midoriya a quirk based on that moment. Why he did it is up for debate. Someone in the reviews said that he could be either a pawn for AfO or some half-Nomu project. I wouldn’t be surprised if after an encounter between the two. Midoriya became AfO’s backup plan if Tomura fucked up. It would explain his dislike for the guy.

Sorry for rambling. Can’t wait to see what else’s happens!
MultiversalCosms chapter 9 . 11/12/2019
I liked that Vlad called out Aizawa. Didn't like how he dropped it. I'm hoping that's a foreshadowing, and Bakugou does something REALLY BAD in the future and has to be stopped.

Didn't like Bakugou winning, but his winning by Midoriya just walking off and forfeiting is a good way to do it.

Shinsou continues to be a dick. I agree with something someone else said - his sob story doesn't really fit when he mind controls people simply to get team mates. He didn't /have/ to do that, he chose to control people. If he'd joined a team normally and worked with them and yes, used his power against others that'd be something else.

Love the OPM references, though I hope there's no Caped Baldy. :) (I like Saitama, but I don't think his uber-power would fit in the MHA universe, he'd be wayyyy over All Might and All for One).
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