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Guest chapter 8 . 11/11/2019
Will you give all of class 1-B different or additional support gear like you gave Kendou in M-K Ultra? I can imagine Yangi with items like Yondu’s arrows from Guardians of the Galaxy. Also I can’t wait to see how you develop 1-B’ quirks further like you did Tetsutetsu in M-K Ultra; especially Tokage. Will she be able to split her self to create a clone or clones?
MultiversalCosms chapter 8 . 11/11/2019
Great chapter. Is it wrong that I wish Baka-gou would lose to Shinsou?
RaptorXtreme1 chapter 8 . 11/11/2019
I see that One Punch Man reference in there, Fabulous!
Guest chapter 8 . 11/11/2019
Setsuna can intern with Hawks since she could better control her quirk and develop it much like how Hawks can control his feathers. Their quirks are similar in the sense that they can separate pieces of their body and control them as well as regenerate them if lost. They also have a similar personality we’re they are laid back but can be serious as well as show case their intelligence if need be. Tokage can learn a lot from Hawks and she will improve her stamina because she will have to keep up with Hawks while multitasking her quirk while on patrol.
Komodo23 chapter 8 . 11/11/2019
Hi Carter, here Komod!

This time a short comment, as I have to go soon...
First, congrats on the sport festival, so far it has been a blast! Really curious to see what the consequences of Todoroki not being helped by Izuku will be... I can't imagine it will be anything positive though. Or what will happen to Iida without Izuku saving his ass from Stain.

About Izu's hero name, the main reason i wanted to leave this comment... What about Anathem?

I'll explain... It's the title of a Science fiction mentioned in the wiki page for the "kinetic bombardment" basically a more or less theorical type of bombardment from low orbit where objects with huge mass are released and the impact/destruction they cause is because of their sheer kinetic power and not explosive chemical reactions. Anathem is a story where such a tecnique is used during the story.

Also, in italian (my language) "Anatema" is a old word that was used by the Church in ancient time meaning a total excommunication of hereticals and such. As a former quirkless boy, beaten down and hurt by society and the systems it put in place, he kind of is a sort of heretic... Especially considered that he seems to hold a grudge against All Might, basically the prophet/pillar of belief of this entire society.

I'll admit it's a really twisty name pretty hard to justify and or explain, but it has relevance for both Izuku's powers and character, so I decided to leave this here.

For Setsuna's internship... No clue there. Unless you introduce a Baggy the Clown insert character...

Wait, what about Hawks? Without Tokoyami in yhe tournament, he would be out a intern, and he can move and control his feathers indipendently. That's... Kind of similar to Setsuna? I feel like they would also have a really funny character dinamic going on.

Great job as always!
Guest chapter 8 . 11/11/2019
If All Might gave One for All to Bakugo, it would make him the biggest jerk in human history.
Hmm chapter 8 . 11/10/2019
Guest chapter 8 . 11/10/2019
I actually prefer long chapters so don’t worry about length. In my review of the same chapter I mentioned if Bakugou had One for all and noticed others are thinking the same. If All Might has given Bakugou his quirk then he has made a grave mistake. He if did then there truly won’t be a redemption arc for Bakugou because he will never change. He would believe he won’t have to and everyone who tells him otherwise is wrong because All Might himself found him worthy at his current state so why would he change. However, Bakugou will take one for all to the grave because he won’t believe anyone else is worthy and even if he did, he will continue to be part of the quirk as all the pervious users can speak to each other. I know they could posses the current user so Bakugou may just take over the next person because he would think he is the only one worthy and use this quirk as a form of makeshift immortality. Wow, I just made one for all sound horrific; this is what an evil user of one for all would do. Also he would have given the most unstable person the most powerful quirk with addition of his already powerful quirk plus the pervious users quirks. However, it would be hilarious if Izuku continues to be better than Bakugou and even with a time skip he is ranked higher than him it would be a Huge blow to Bakugou’s ego because even with All Might’s quirk plus his own along with the other users quirks he still can’t beat Izuku. Looking forward to the match between then in the sports festival.
HunterQwon chapter 8 . 11/10/2019
I like long chapters :p so feel free to make it as long as you feel the need. Anyway, what I'm thinking of is Setsuna finding out that Izuku cuts himself...not gonna be pretty.
Necrogod chapter 8 . 11/10/2019
Thanks for the chapter!
Markacin chapter 8 . 11/10/2019
Deidara wannabe got me, props for the reference ;D
Sb2282490 chapter 8 . 11/10/2019
1). This has been a great story so far, and I love the quick updates as well.

2). I REALLY hope that Katsuki doesn’t have One for All, but that Mirio received it.

Katsuki doesn’t have the traits to becoming a ‘Symbol of Peace’ while Mirio outclasses Katsuki in everything but his studies.

3). Hopefully Class 1A will see that it’s one thing to fight against some second- third rate thugs, and another to fight against opponents who have the same amount of training as themselves.

4). I’m hoping that Izuku eventually becomes friends with his classmates, along with Ochaco, Shinsou and Tsuyu.

I can see Izuku connecting with Shinsou and Monoma due to how the both of them were told that they’re Quirks weren’t ‘hero worthy.’

5). I bet that Aizawa is really wishing that Izuku was in his class right about now.

6). I’m really nervous about the Izuku vs Katsuki fight because Katsuki is used to attacking Izuku without repercussions.

7). I was thinking that Izuku would just ‘grab’ and flip over the whole arena with his Quirk.

Then, seeing that Katsuki is off balance, Izuku would just quickly shove Katsuki into the grass.

It would be funny if, after all that, Izuku sets the arena back in its proper place and doesn’t spare Katsuki another glance.
Guest chapter 8 . 11/10/2019
I really enjoyed this chapter, was not expecting the update so soon. It’s good that 1-B have so much confidence in Izuku and that they really care about him. I’m glad Uraraka had Izuku’s back and did not tell her classmates about his quirk. She still remembers that he saved her during the entrance exam and still feels guilty for calling him Deku. I hope that they meet up during internships and have to work together. This way they could start over on the right foot, this friendship could be the bridge that links Izuku with class 1-A. Izuku deserves all the friends. I did enjoy the matches in this chapter. Izuku really raises the bar and that Telekinesis is one hell of a quirk. Shoto thought he would end the match quickly while showing off his power but Izuku was just like nope. Izuku has gotten better with his quirk on himself as his speed has increased as well as his control. I think he is putting himself down to much because its good that he acknowledges and is happy for Yanagi’s quirk but he is focusing to much on what others can do instead of what he can do. Sure he does not have precise control but he makes up for it with his mobility and power. His control can only get better and it might never be like Yanagi but he can focus on what he can do while working on his own weaknesses. I’m really glad that Izuku won and did not feel compelled to save Shoto. It’s sad that Shoto did not get the help he needed but I’m sure he will realize he can’t only use his ice. I’m sure once Izuku learns of Shoto holding back it will make him mad but if anyone can talk some sense into Shoto it is Izuku. Unless Aizawa acts like a decent teacher for once and talks with Shoto on how him holding back is costing him and if the match was a real life situation himself or others would be dead. I did like that Nejie cameo, she could help Izuku improve his flying even more and they can get into analyzing as well as mumble matches. I can imagine Izuku learning meditation to increase control over his quirk and it would look like how Piccolo meditates in DBZ. Tokage would sneak up on him and take selfies with him when he is too focused or scare him. I like that this Izuku does not want to come off as rude and is more sociable towards his classmates. Poor Izuku still thinks that his classmates are only interested in his quirk them himself. Izuku needs to just open up more because so far they only know Izuku for his kind personality and quirk which they praise him for. But once he does open up he will see that they like him for everything about him other than his quirk. Poor Awase got taken out before he even realized it but he did make it far in the sports festival. It was good that Tetsutetsu put up a better fight then Kirishima and was able to land a hit on Bakugou. Shinsou vs Mina went as I expected as Mina does have a big mouth, I wonder what he said to her to make her respond. I like how Tokages quirk always throws people off every time she uses it on people who have never seen it. I was expecting her to just bombard him with her pieces but a good uppercut works to. I’m sure the swarm attack she did in M-K ultra against Uraraka will be one of her super moves; calling it scale storm. The match between yanagi and momo was good. It must have thrown momo off guard when her own weapons turned on her and her instinct reaction was to create something to replace it but that only made it worse. This will hurt her confidence as it ended quicker than in canon and it was her own quirk that lead to her defeat. She will lose her confidence in herself but I’m sure 1-B will fix that especially if she interns with Kendou like in canon or will she run intoi Izuku who will give her a pep talk and advise on where to go. Kendou’s match was hilarious as in the my last review I went in a rant o how it would be a battle of endurance but it could end with Kendou just picking up and throwing Kirishima out of bounds; taking a page of Izuku’s book. I liked how some of 1-B is just showing how much better they are against 1-a. Vlad king but be so proud of his class and I’m sure Hebisuga pot that he actually fought for Izuku to be in his class. I noticed that Aizawa has not made any announcements or said anything during the sports festival (to the crowd anyway). He must be pissed that his class is being beaten and that majority did not make it passed the second event. I wonder if he will expel one of the students to the G.E. department to make room for Shinsou. I’m sure he is mad that he was not able to have Izuku in his class but I’m glad he is in 1-b instead because he would have not improved himself to were he is now and his classmates or Aizawa would not defend him against Bakugou and only see it as a rivalry. Did All Might also get hit in the head if he seriously can’t remember Izuku if he saw him in his weaken state or left him in a roof. But I’m looking forward to Izuku’s origin and his meeting with all might. I’m really looking forward to the next matches. I want Tokage to win but I have a feeling Shinsou will say something that will make her respond. However, she is intelligent and may figure it out on her own or Izuku make figure it out or they may over hear Mina talking about her match. Will Izuku face Iida and if yes then it will be a quick match. Or will Iida leave due to his brother and will face Bakugou next. I know Bakugou is mad at Izuku for apparently making him look like a “fool” and he will be even more bad for wining a match due to forfeit as if the world revolves around him. Like seriously he has not seen Izuku in a year and he abused him prior to his disappearance and never cared for him yet he is really angry at Izuku even after all this time. That is the match I am really looking forward to. It will be amazing for Izuku if he took down the top two students who scored on both the recommend exam as well as the practical exam and wins the sports festival. I know Izuku will use the same strategy but Bakugou will use his explosion to get out of Izuku’s hold and reach him in the air. It’s going to be an a dog fight in the air. Hopefully Izuku can keep his cool because I know Bakugou is going to be really aggressive and run his mouth. Honestly Izuku may have to force choke Bakugou to win the match. That is a move I hope Izuku learns and he just pulls a darth Vader in Bakugou. Yes all might he is looking at you like that because you crushed his dreams. Not all villains are like all for one. I always thought it was hypocritical that he told Izuku no when he himself was quirkless yet someone believed in him. Hopefully he does end of remembering and I wonder who he passed his quirk on to. Was it miro or some OC. It would be kinda messed up if he gave his quirk to Bakugou after he told Izuku he can’t be a hero. I’ve only found one fic where baggy got one for all but in that one everyone was acting really out of chapter and I think Izuku was all nights quirkless son In that one also. I think Izuku’s hero name should be silent storm since his quirk is silent and it’s a nod to the psychic sisters. Or it could be storm rider, storm wind, cyclone cipher, storm front, whirlwind, wind rider. Izuku hero name could also be “sun shower” which is when rain falls when the sun is riaising. But keep up the great work and looking forward to the conclusion of the sports festival.
helpful Dragon chapter 8 . 11/10/2019
If you are wanting to 'play-off' the weather-related names of the 'psychic-sisters'; how about, 'Maelstrom' for Izuku.
Guest chapter 8 . 11/10/2019
nemo the quiet hero
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