Reviews for Emerald Island (Indefinite Hiatus)
Bucio chapter 6 . 11/6/2019
And we arrived at the sports festival, it was good to see that Izuku did not isolate himself from everyone as I would have thought, and also as his classmates were tactful enough not to inquire into the subject.

And from the pace of things between Setsuna and Izuku, it's obvious that she's the one who's going to set the pace here, although that's not bad, besides she's more perceptive than she seems, giving him his space but still wanting to spend time with him, as we saw in the SMS conversation between them.

As for the beginning of the festival, regarding the first test, I like to see how everything went, from the point of view of class B, with them, at the suggestion of Monoma (who seems to know Bakugo from before, maybe Izuku too...) taking their time to observe the competition and helping each other to advance to the first stage, which they achieve successfully, with everyone except for Shiozaki and Tetsutetsu, contributing and staying in a good position, with only, if I understand well Todoroki and Bakugo of class A, remaining among the first places.

I hope to see who more of class A can advance, at the moment we see Mineta, Oojiro, Sero and Kyouka among the neutralized by class B, in their progress, with Izuku being the one who saw Kyouka, and Setsuna talking him at that time to continue with their plan (I would almost say it was more for noting Izuku put attention to another girl).

I suppose the two big clues are about who in Saitama Prefecture, noticed Izuku's performance in helping his classmates, Ozehana and Fubuki (Fubuki, psychic with green hair, obviously OPM reference, but Ozehana?, she's an OC?) maybe with they Izuku would do his internship?

On the next trial, an interesting combination could be Setsuna, Reiko, Pony and Izuku, with Setsuna providing coordination and defense, Pony speed and attack with her horns, to produce a large number of them, of which could control a large part of them Reiko to be small objects and without so much weight, guiding them to attack, while Izuku could carry them all, being almost 5 people, within the limits of his quirk, and we could see him work together with Reiko.

Good luck and keep going.
Levi a.k.a. man chapter 5 . 11/6/2019
I'd like to see some scenes with Ashido and Tokoyami. I loved how you handled the latter in M-K Ultra, and Ashido is a character who isn't featured much despite having been in contention for a high placement in the Sports Festival.
Looking forward to next chapter!
JesterGlytch chapter 5 . 11/6/2019
Remember how in Infinity War during the New York fight, the big grey guy gets batted aside by the psychic guy. I'm picturing Midoriya just doing that to Bakugou at the festival and just instantly ending the battle to embarrass him.
TheGreatBubbaJ chapter 5 . 11/6/2019
It is the last time every time. Poor Tsu, she still a best though. For Tokage, probably Edgeshot or Kamui Woods.
uchihaNaruto247 chapter 5 . 11/5/2019
Hmm, well my earlier theory about his quirk weakness was wrong as hell, but it’s strange cause I thought togake only touched izukus head to disrupt his eyesight, not hit him, so if he gets touched, no matter how minuscule the impact is, it disrupts his quirk?(I’m going to read the battle exam chapter again )
ItsKula chapter 5 . 11/5/2019
It's kind of scary to think of all these other universes where Bakugo actually got thru to Midoriya, bullying can cause serious problems. Anyways I loveeeeeee it!
jd3 chapter 2 . 11/5/2019
oh and good stuff. just like mk ultra, top quality stuff
jd3 chapter 1 . 11/5/2019
option c!
Guest chapter 5 . 11/5/2019
I wonder who Izuku was training with or if he trained on his own at Dagobah beach. I can imagine it being a regular hangout spot for class 1-B. I liked the mention of Izuku's research on Captain Celebrity even thought he is a not so great hero he has an amazing quirk; hopefully Izuku can develop a psychic shield to act as armor once improves on his quirk. Good to see Tokage thinking of being a rescue hero but with her quirk she could be a very versatile hero to fit any situation; same with Izuku.

I'm glad everyone saw how Bakugu truly is, now class 1-A has no excuse for his behavior. I know only the Bakusquad will defend him but I'm sure the rest of class 1-A won't as much since they don't have Izuku in their class to absorb all his anger and he is taking it out on them instead. Bakugou is clearly not doing so well in the class and is taking his anger out on Izuku because he thinks he still can; hes in for a rude awakening. Hopefully Midnight reports the incident to Aizawa. Aw I hope Izuku and Uraraka make up soon I hate that their potential friendship started off bad because of Bakugou. I hope they team up at sports festival and make up. Also poor Tsuyu who got hurt. No Izuku is cutting again, don't worry Tokage will save you.

As for the highlights of class 1-A I would choose Uraraka (I know you already said she will be part of this story), Momo, Tsuyu (she will need help gaining confidence back from USJ), Jiro (best cool girl), Tokoyami, Sato (because sweets lol), Ojiro (can help w/ martial arts), Shoto, Koda because he can be a rescue hero who uses animals and he can intern w/ wild wild pussy cats.

Really looking forward to the Sports Festival, class 1-B will shine for sure and there will be some good matches between them and 1-A. It would be funny to see Bakugou get knock out in the first event as I've never seen that done before. Will Izuku and Bakugou fight again in this fic? It would end faster than in M-K Ultra as Izuku can just lift him up and force him out of bounds but I can think of Bakugou using his explosions to try to escape the hold but Izuku would be stronger by then. Or Bakugou goes up against Shinsou who gets him to walk out of bounds. That would be good for him to since he would be taking out the one of the top students. Knowing Bakugou he would attack him even when the match is over since he is use to lashing out without repercussions just like in canon during quirk test.

I like where this story is going so far, keep up the great work and I can't wait for the next chapter. I want Izuku to intern with Hawks as Izuku will need to learn to not be so serious and Hawk's positive attitude and down to earth personality will help Izuku with his own. Also Hawks is fast and it will force Izuku to keep up with him with his quirk. Also he can learn better control of his quirk since Hawks has been shown multitasking with his feathers while having his attention focus somewhere else. If not Izuku then Yanagi but Hawks with the use of his feathers could inspire either one of them to develop support items that works similar to his feathers or the microbots from Big Hero 6. Tokage could intern with Edge Shot to get better control of her stamina and develop on her quirk more since his quirk also revolves around his body and this is where she learns her stealth. Or she could intern under Snatch; I've seen it in another fic before and their quirks are quite similar kinda revolving around shaping and manipulating their bodies.
Hmm chapter 5 . 11/5/2019
...dark as hell but im starting to think im reading too many stories where Midoriya kills him self...
Guest chapter 5 . 11/5/2019
for tokage fatgum (a different way to use your body). for midoriya mandalay (mind,unless you have something ready)
Guest chapter 5 . 11/5/2019
jirou,shoji,hagakure,sato and rin (he is in class A afterall)
Guest chapter 5 . 11/5/2019
So many clues these last few chapters:

-Izuku was once quirkless, but now he isn’t.
-His reaction to seeing All Might.
-No more All Might gear in his room.
-He was conveniently gone during the break-in.
-He hasn’t been to school in months.
-Volunteering at an orphanage.
-Him not realizing that he was using his quirk when he first met Setsuna.

If this a villain Izuku fic, then your set up is pretty damn good. My running theory is that he’s connect to the LoV somehow because this smell like AfO.

Also, what did you do to my girl Tsuyu?! Oh no! Don’t tell me she got hurt trying to get out the flood zone. Or Shigaraki fucked her face up.
Bucio chapter 5 . 11/5/2019
Just when I thought I had caught up with the reviews (or at least in the way of doing it, because I yet need to do the one of the last two chapters of MK-Ultra) you go and upload two more chapters of this story (and it's not bad, only that it will take me more time to do the reviews)

It's good to see that several of my first assumptions are not correct, and I also want to see which way you're going with history, although it's notorious that some sub-plots of your previous history are repeated, like Izuku being a cutter because of the stress he has to endure because of the problems in his life (Bakugo) or the reaction to when Ochako calls him Deku to her innocently believe that is his name, at least this time the presence of class B clarified the reason for Izuku's reaction, which made Ochako feel bad about her mistake.

The interesting thing is to see how that is fixed, you had mentioned that Ochako would participate in the story, although I didn't think it would be in a similar way to MK-Ultra, starting things with Izuku again with the left foot.

I would hope that instead of letting the problem grow, that Setsuna or Itsuka (being the class representatives elected) would notify Kan of that problem (Bakugo), to take precautions in case the classes came to do exercises together (so that Aizawa is aware of his student to control him, besides seeing Eraser perhaps reflect that it was a good idea to allow Izuku to be in another class -'of what we learn as happened thanks to a talk between Setsuna and Midnight - for the problems that the clash between those two would cause him.)

As for the last chapter, we see class B getting used to its new rhythm of classes, through Setsuna's observations, in addition to the fact that when I could almost say (and celebrate) that this Izuku is not like Kurou of antisocial, you go and do it at a mid-point, with him not ignoring people, like his previous incarnation do it, but neither actively seeking them, turning away from them; and obviously, the mysterious attitude (by accident, which reminds me of Sasuke of Naruto, brrrr, chills) of her classmate awakens even more the curiosity that Setsuna has in him.

And I apologize beforehand for this, but comparisons between MK-Ultra and this story will be inevitable, because of the similarities in some parts of the plot (which we have already mentioned, plus others that may appear) at least to the point where this story begins to take a path of its own, different from the one of its predecessor.

Then we see the destruction of the door in the U.A. and the attack on the U.S.J. happen. Although only mentioned from the point of view of class B, almost as in the canon, the only thing that varies is that Izuku was not present.

We also see a little interaction between Reiko and Izuku, and the difference between their powers, with Izuku having more power but no control (like Naruto or Ichigo) and Reiko having more refined control but less power (like Hinata or Sakura); and while the teachers went to the emergency, we see class B relaxing from their physical training and talking a bit, which Setsuna takes advantage of to spend more time with Izuku, and having fun teasing him, which I suppose will be an inexhaustible source of relief for class B (and even more so when they get to the part when they all live in the same building) that he is the preferred target of Setsuna (although that would change to a joint effort of class B to preserve Izuku's chastity by now living together with Setsuna).

Besides seeing Izuku again reject the offer to spend time with his classmates, of which we understand a little better why, in the next scene with Inko, when he expresses what he really believes of his classmates, who only treat him well by having a quirk, something ironically cruel coming from him (which I suppose will be here one of the many traumas of Izuku, courtesy of Bakugo), and where I intend to use the same strategy as with Kurou, to have patience to see how things change, although there was a bit of that in the next chapter, when class B and especially Setsuna defend him from Bakugo when they meet during the declaration of war between classes after the announcement of the sports festival.

From the next chapter, the first thing we see, is a bit of everyone's reaction to knowing about the attack on the USJ, and knowing through Kan Sensei, about the imminent sports festival.

To then move on to training prior to the sports festival, where we see more of Izuku's traumas with dealing with people and what him think of his peers, again, something cruel, but people become suspicious after so many traumas, so you understand a little, but your idea of him go flying and leaving Setsuna alone, I do not like it (but as I said, patience) besides that obviously Setsuna would realize it and of course accept the challenge, which she can do thanks to one of the applications of her quirk, as well as surprise him a little earlier, when they talked about their motivations and goals as heroes, when she mentions that she wants to be a Rescue Hero.

After that, see a small incident, in which Izuku is hit by accident, by one of Pony's horns, partially using this part to show another weakness he has and explain why he needs to wear a helmet (to avoid blows to the head, because that breaks his concentration, although another weakness would be to rely too much on his power and not have some basic melee training).

Being saved by Setsuna, and having to go to the infirmary for that (but in that case, Recovery Girl, in attending to him, should have realized something, in MK-Ultra Ragdoll overlooked his problem - though preventing him from continuing to do so - being that it should have been reported from the beginning, that could be something different here, with teachers paying more attention to students).

Then to see the infamous scene of the declaration of war between classes, and for Izuku's misfortune on that day, it is there that he meets Bakugo again, who has no hesitation in attacking and insulting him, and Izuku's classmates defending him, especially Setsuna (which I like about that part) and with her noticing the apparent resentment between Izuku and the blonde (and really worrying about him), with Midnight's intervention preventing it of becoming a bigger problem, although in Izuku's mind the damage was done.

Also happening in that moment the unfortunate reunion with Ochako (besides another change due to the absence of Izuku, in this case, with Tsuyu being wounded and marked in the face), partly because of the innocence of the girl when she heard Bakugo tell her Deku and think that was his name, even if she added the "san" when speaking to him, which made him react even worse.

With all that leading to what we see was the end of the chapter, similar to the scene in MK-Ultra, except certain details and descriptions, learning a little earlier, if I am correct, of another of the many problems of Izuku (and the lack of All Might merchandise in Izuku's room, is another indication that could happen in that first encounter between them).

If I can mention something it is about Izuku's paranoia, about people being curious to listen to Bakugo, which is obvious, and thinking the worst because of his mental state is logical, but if he tries to do a Kurou here and ignore his classmates or get further away from them that will be make things worse, because he will not be able to always run away from his past (and it would be repeating what happened in MK-Ultra, but now in class B).

Looking for a middle point, which in a way is canon, would be that Inko made his son understand, that the best option if his friends, sorry, classmates, ask him something, that is to say that he is a later bloomer, and that all the time they had thought he was quirkless because of a bad diagnosis, hence the abuse suffered by Bakugo and others, and when he stopped going to class for a while, was when his quirk appeared and he began to train.

Although again, thinking wrongly, another twist to the story would be that it had been All for One, who gave his quirk to Izuku, not out of a malign plan or something like that, but out of curiosity to see how a hero he helped would develop, compared to the next successor to his brother's quirk, after seeing how All Might destroyed the boy's dreams (and see later All Might face if All for One presumed that his hero is better than All Might's choice).

Besides that it could be interesting that the next successor of All Might, instead of Mirio, was an OC, similar to Saitama, that would achieve as Yagi an almost perfect control and dominion of that quirk and with the only secondary effect of receiving One for All, is to go bald.

On the code name for Izuku, maybe something related to the mind (Mastermind or something similar), and later on maybe he will be able to reinforce his own defenses with a telekinetic force field? One especially around his head or reinforce the quirk of the boy of his class who can manipulate the air to create almost impenetrable force fields.

And about which hero the boys would do their internships with, it would be necessary to check if there are famous Rescue Heros, although also an important factor for it, it would be the role that they have in the sports festival (perhaps the tests would be different?).

Good luck and keep it up.
Attackin chapter 5 . 11/5/2019
I’d like to see Mineta, mostly to see if he’s injured sense he was probably with Tsuyu. If anyone else got injured or something in class A i’d like to see them
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