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kasimrox3009 chapter 1 . 11/5/2019
Have both tokage and Izuku go to ryukyu or hawks
Knight of Loyalty chapter 5 . 11/5/2019
Here's hoping Izuku can do well in the sports festival and show everyone how good he is.

So he won't inherit All Might's quirk at all in this story?

And for Tokage's mentor, perhaps Edgeshot?
Scooby chapter 4 . 11/5/2019
I like you just heavily indicated that either Monoma or Izuku had something to do with break-in. Both of them were gone when things kicked off. At least Monoma had an alibi. But Izuku was definitely somewhere sketchy.

Aside from that, I’m glad that Yanagi is going to be playing a big role in this story. She seems like she’d be a good contrast to Setsuna’s outgoing-ness. Plus her and Izuku would be a deadly combination.
Guest chapter 4 . 11/4/2019
For got to mention this in review. The Dekusquad vote was quick but I'm sure we will be happy with your decision. As for Izuku's hero names could be, Force, Push, Velocity, Compulsion, Guardian, orCyclone (matching psychic sisters heroic names theme).
Guest chapter 4 . 11/4/2019
Izuku and Monoma both missing during lunch very suspicious especially Izuku never got to say where he was at. And Midnight will be playing the role of wing-woman for Tokage to nab Izuku and will give him the the talk on dating her niece once they start going out. Glad Vlad King fought for Izuku as i am sure he will be a better teacher than Aizawa in this fic. I'm looking forward to you expanding on Yangani's quirk. I thought it was interesting, seeing it as an upgrade to Inko Midoriya's quirk and I just love telekinesis. Her weight limit is only the weight of a person but a person can weight 600 pounds but in this fic she can only lift her own weight more or less. Its still very impressive and can only improve with a quirk upgrade in the future like Tetsutetsu in M-K Ultra. I did like your analogy where Izuku has more power but lacks control while Yanagi lacks power but has more control. Yanagi can't use her quirk on herself to fly but she could have a collapsible surf board that she could use her quirk on to allow her to levitate or "fly" since she loves "surfing" the internet (I don't know what this idea made me think of the Green Goblin's glider). I'm don't know if the USJ was worse or not but somthing changed since Izuku was not there. But I know when class 1-B visits class 1-A with G.E. its where Bakugo will see Izuku and explode which will cause a war between the two classes which will take place during the sports festival. I'm sure there will be more class 1-B in the finals and instead of staying behind to observe the make a team formation to get the top spots. Tokage could possible spy on class 1-A to get info. on their quirks so that don't have to observe them and just aim for first. Poor Izuku still does not trust anyone and hopefully this will change. I;m glad Yanagi will be the best friend/rival fir Izuku as they can improve each other, we may even like her so much that they may be the next couple in your next fic.
TheGreatBubbaJ chapter 4 . 11/4/2019
I'm guessing a student or two got got, but Noumu wasn't as difficult for All Might to deal with.
Guest chapter 4 . 11/4/2019
Gungnir the space manipulatior hero,stormbreaker the force master hero (not a star wars reference,force because the movement he can bring on the object ecc...)
Necrogod chapter 4 . 11/4/2019
Thanks for the chapter!
randomauthor99 chapter 4 . 11/4/2019
Well, you could name him Zero.
Komodo23 chapter 4 . 11/4/2019
Hello Carter! Wow... 4 chapters in 4 days, just signing it up to "free time" doesn't make you justice, you are just that awesome!

So, Inko's alive. That's... Good to know.

(Turns around, rips from the wall all the papers and strings taped there regarding the theorized "orphan Izuku timeline", all conspiracy theorist style.)

I mean, there is still to figure out how the orphanage fits in, but that might just have to do with him being lost around Saitama for a while and making friends there, but being the only one to have a family to return to he had to leave them behind? Also, did he return home only AFTER finding his quirk so he could try enter UA? In that case, things between him and Inko must be awkward as hell... And even with himself. I mean, if I was right a couple chapters ago when I said he ran away from home because he thought he wasn't worth all the love and effort Inko put in raising him, and the ensuing heartache his bullied years must have had on her, the fact he thought himself worth of that love, and worth giving himself an actual chance at a happy life only AFTER getting his quirk...

In this chapter he says he would rather avoid making friends because they can think of him only as a "normal, quirked" individual, but if my previous point is correct, I wonder how lowly must he think of himself then.

That could be pretty dark. And deep.

That aside... His placement in 1-B. We don't know much about canon 1-B and its members, but I did always find weird how 1-A got 6 out of the 10 entrance top scorers, among which the very top 3, the number 2 hero son AND the heiress to what we can presume is one of the most important families in the show-canon japan. And no transfer students. I mean, the reason is obvious, Horikoshi simply picked the characters he thought he could work best with, but it does require some suspension of belief. Happy to see that fact adressed here somewhat.

Also, skipping USJ was the normal thing to do here. He has nothing to do with 1-A, and it would have been contrived. Also, if he does have some link to the LoV, after all, him being there would spoil it, kind of.

Also, we all probably already read SO MANY PERMUTATIONS of USJ that I can't say I really mind the skip. If you decided you don't need it for your narrative, happy to avoid that whole mess again.

About my vote for Izuku's hero name... Considered you said he is far less accurate but more powerful than Reiko, what about something like "Pulse" or "Impulse"?

Another great chapter, thank you so much! OuO
youalwayswereakiddersteve chapter 3 . 11/4/2019
Man so happy setsuna is getting some love. Also my vote is for D as that group would be the most interesting for deku to be around to force him out of his shell.
SSJ Matt chapter 3 . 11/4/2019
Yo. Put that "Black Haired Bimbo" as Bakugo so eloquently put it, in the "Dekusquad". Option A.
Bucio chapter 3 . 11/3/2019
This brings back memories of when we started reading MK-Ultra and you uploaded several chapters over the course of a couple of weeks (it was almost a chapter every third day).

Then Setsuna finally realizes who Izuku is, and because of the prefecture of "Saitama" and "Psychic Sisters" I suppose there will be nods to OPM and somehow your planned OCs might have to do with this. We also see, after a brief mention of Class B going through what Class A skipped due to Aizawa, that this Izuku while not as isolated as Kurou was, is still uncomfortable dealing with new people, almost insecure and distrustful. (but still doing it and getting used to it, as when he helped Pony, talking her in english for the relief of the texan girl), but from what we can see, that will not be a problem for Setsuna, that as things are going on she will be more and more determined to know him better.

I suppose it is because MK-Ultra is still fresh in my mind, but I would like to see that while she is not part of Izuku's main group of friends, that Izuku and Itsuka have a good friendship, and reverse of their history, let Itsuka be here who gives Setsuna the necessary push when she wants to start something with Izuku.

After lunch, we see the Class B having the Quirk test, and what I suppose will be a constant, with Setsuna teasing Izuku a little, in addition to seeing a little, through these tests, the current limits of the powers of Izuku (and a little of the place he had in the exams, will we see a bit of how Izuku's test went later?) With him having a good performance, reaching a respectable 4th place, between Itsuka and Setsuna.

And with the last of the chapter, being with what seems his shyness shown so far, with Izuku postponing spending time with Setsuna for another occasion, although what Setsuna said about how she imagined that Izuku lived, given their first meeting, and the little bit of the next chapter, you mention him being a volunteer at an orphanage, and remembering again about dark themes, maybe this version of Izuku has no parents or was abandoned for not having a quirk.

In addition to seeing that Bakugo does not vary much as we have seen it of him before, I suppose he is a necessary evil, such as taxes or going to the dentist.

And in this chapter, we see the Class B Battle Trial with All Might. and given the reaction Setsuna perceived from Izuku, maybe he and All Might are not in the best terms or with Izuku in any way or reason being resentful of the number one hero.

In addition to seeing several of the contrasts between Setsuna and Izuku, as in their costumes, with him opting for something more stealthy and unimpressive (and what his helmet is missing, for some reason I thought about the appearance of Charles Xavier in the last important saga in the X-Men comics, wearing a black bodysuit with a helmet with a huge x in it, which exposes only his mouth and nose), but with Setsuna enjoying the brief details that she can appreciate when observing it carefully (Like the apparent musculature of his arms - and maybe more, it could be fun to see Setsuna make literally short circuit. If someone lifted Izuku's shirt and with her getting a good view of his abdomen), while he tries not to staring, at what little it leaves to the imagination, Setsuna's suit of her well-defined figure.

As an interesting change we have our protagonists facing off in the first battle, Izuku with Tetsutesu as a teammate, while Setsuna with Yanagi as a teammate (noisy person plus quiet and reserved person with special powers, which applies to both teams) and with both curiously approaching the test and almost planning in the same way.

As for the battle, it was a struggle of intellects between Setsuna and Izuku, in the planning and execution of their plans, Tetsutesu may have been easily captured (and interrogated by Setsuna) but Izuku carried out his plan, and even if Setsuna did distracted him enough for Yanagi to escape, his plan to make time worked, with Izuku's team winning.

On Izuku's weaknesses, one of them is that the objects have to be in his vision range to be able to use his power in them and what I could say is another, is his kindness, when he prevented Setsuna from falling to the ground , after surprising her and attacking her, although preventing her from falling to the ground also served to contain her with her telekinesis.

After declaring the victory of Izuku team, and with them receiving the impartial judgments of their classmates Monoma (Izuku) and Itsuka (Setsuna), then a brief mention of what Izuku did during the rest of the fightings, with his enthusiasm about the quirks winning over his insecurities and nerves of dealing with people.

And in the end, with Izuku coinciding with Tetsutetsu and Setsuna on the way to the voluntary work of Izuku in an orphanage, what Setsuna takes advantage of to cash that smoothie, and to know a little more about him, enough to want to continue doing it.

and the last thing, now yes, is a bit of Setsuna family, with in addition to her aunt Midnight, we see that she has a father and presumably an older sister.

Interestingly, that to reading that her father works in a laboratory and for the name of her quirk, but for some reason I thought of Curt Connors (who becomes the Lizard, a well-known enemy of Spiderman).

What has been interesting so far, more focused on class B, as it should be, and I hope to see what else changes, with class B supporting Izuku when Bakugo tries to annoy or attack him. In addition to of course, to see the romance between our protagonists, we saw Setsuna interested in him, it will be good to see, past his fear that she recognized him, see how they change and grow the feelings of Izuku for Setsuna.

Good luck and keep it up.
Necrogod chapter 3 . 11/3/2019
Thanks for the chapter!
Guest chapter 3 . 11/3/2019
C for the dekusquad
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