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Anon chapter 47 . 12/24/2021
Overall I like the story and Anya is an interesting character. I like her interactions with Harry and Astoria and her backstory and abilities and missions are fun to read about. But that also seems to be the main driving point, and very little to do with Hogwarts and Harry which are what piqued my interest in this in the first place.

And while interesting and I usually enjoy good worldbuilding, I feel the way that it's applied in this story is excessive. Seems like half the story at this point is either world-building or from the viewpoints of characters that are boring to read and that I don't care about in the slightest. Might be less but it certainly feels that way at times. Since the Triwizard tournament plot finished, even Anya's arc seems to have the bare minimum to do with Hogwarts and Harry. And I see how the overarching plot threads are starting to connect and all, it just makes so much of it a slog to get through at times.

And I do like the world-building and fleshing out you've done, it's interesting and well thought out, it just feels like it's taken up a little too much of the story. That said I have enjoyed it overall and am definitely interested in seeing how it continues as the plot itself and Harry and Anya's interactions are a joy to read. Sorry for the long review but felt like I should give my input to what I feel is a good fic that could be an amazing one. Looking forward to the next chapter.
Maxinmus chapter 47 . 12/18/2021
Having read through the current story, I’m conflicted. While the premise for the story is a really good idea, the execution is not as good.

Anne coming to Hogwarts not for his brother, but simply to gain access to the family inheritance, only for her to go back to Russia afterwards makes me legitimately angry. The fact that she feels absolutely no shame about this makes me hate her more. Not to mention the fact that she still plans to leave after seeing Voldemort resurrected, you know, the guy that killed her birth parents and tried to kill her and now is actively trying to kill her brother.

Also, I feel like the story focuses way, WAY too much time on things we don’t care about instead of what the story should be (Harry and Anne becoming proper siblings over time).

So yea, pretty disappointed. Maybe this story simply isn’t my cup of tea. I will read the story again when it’s complete, but until then.
WannaBeAShapeShifter chapter 9 . 10/1/2021
I never did quite understand the appeal of any of the weak boys as love interests (i.e. Draco, Harry himself, Ron etc.). The only true love interest is Tom M. Riddle, at the end of the day.
evymel chapter 46 . 9/28/2021
Ahhh great to have another chapter!
Just a curiosity though, the idea for her eye being able to predict death, from where did the idea originate?
Yours truly?
Maybe from the type-moon?
Mystic eyes of death perception?
Im really curious!
evymel chapter 1 . 8/24/2021
I finished the fic by binge! Wow you deserve a trophy! Top notch situations here! Unique!
When you end fifth year i wonder what anya would do with the fortune! Maybe create elite tier equipment? For the squads and all that? Would snape catch on the memory charms and could he do something about it?
jadevoid chapter 45 . 8/15/2021
That is some nifty memory magic. And by allowing Harry to retain knowledge of who she truly is, it's like Anya is coming clean about herself and forcing Harry to take his stance regarding her true self and choose what this will mean for their relationship. Harry is in for some mental battling. What is certain is that this won't improve Harry's feelings towards Dumbledore.

What happened to Anya 14 years ago and why will likely be occupying Astoria's mind for a long while. Even if Anya told her everything she knew, there's no way it could ever enter her mind that a wording in a prohecy was behind it.
RedShirt1453 chapter 45 . 8/14/2021
Won't Harry get in trouble for casting magic outside of Hogwarts?
Guest chapter 6 . 8/14/2021
Fang723 chapter 45 . 8/14/2021
I literally look forward to each successive chapter from the moment the most recent one is posted. I’m loving this story.
jadevoid chapter 44 . 7/17/2021
Good job once again! Things are escalating; poor Ministry... Russian criminals bailing out some Death Eaters, how unfortunate.

The characterisation of Malfoy (Jr.) was well done, and it's nice following Anya's antics from her rather unique position/status in Slytherin. I wonder how it will evolve and what it will lead to.

'Improved' Muggles are super creepy btw.
JohnMonty chapter 43 . 7/5/2021
Great chapter! Brilliant combat scenes! I've seen action movies that weren't as great as this chapter! The length of the chapters are great, keep them coming! Can't wait to see what you have planned for the next chapter! Update soon!
Fang723 chapter 43 . 7/5/2021
This fic is brilliant. Keep up the good work. I’m rather looking forward to how all these individual plot points converge into the culmination of the story
BooksOverPeople chapter 43 . 7/3/2021
I loved this chapter! I always loves seeing Anya interact with Jen and Dimitri and this chapter definitely had lots of that. The long chapters are definitely welcome. I love this story so much and can’t wait for your next chapter!
jadevoid chapter 41 . 6/12/2021
When it became clear that this HP fic was of the nature where muggle technology can rival and even outdo magic, I almost quit reading (having never enjoyed fics of that sort in the past). But I very much liked the introduction of this twin sister of Harry's and the initial premise of her character (the prophecy, and the resulting abandonment), so I pushed on... and oh how glad I am that I did. For this turned out to be one of the most engrossing fics that I have read.

For one, Anya and her rather special 'foster family', as well as the things she went through in that kind of childhood. I love how, with an unembellished fashion, you manage to evoke that aspect of family - siblinglike bonds between the child Spooks, and the stoic presence of these older 'parental' Spooks. Despite all the violence and wrongness that is part of them and their lives, this side of their humanity never fails to peek through. And I swear, the scene where Anya, in the midst of that horror of human butchery and gas and surrounded by watching adult Spooks, walks to hug that boy in the cage... it touched me like few things have in all the fiction I've read. I'd say this story would have been worth reading just for that, sad as the scene was.

Regarding Anya... I like fem!Harry stories - or stories with a female Potter sibling, as is the case here - and Anya is very likeable. The evolvement from an innocent-looking girl spy into a more conventionally dangerous girl Spook among the family was great. The trials set for her (and her sibling Spooks) - the wandless magic in the cold, especially - added depth and immersion to this. And of course, her dead eye becoming a magical eye courtesy of the elder Spooks and helping her become a master sniper was just awesome.

A similarity between Voldemort and the start-of-fic Anya occurred to me: much like Voldemort, who names his Death Eaters his real family, so did Anya consider her group of Spooks her real family, caring essentially nothing about Harry or the Potter name. With her childhood, this is a natural thing for her to feel, and I liked it. She has changed from that a bit... but I do hope that she won't be changing too much, that she will always remain a Spook, both in life and in spirit. Judging by her casual attitude to killing Auror Hill with a grenade, she has remained so (at least so far). Though perhaps that death can be partly attributed to the curiosity kills the cat principle; auror or not, you just don't hound Anya...

You really did well when it comes to the muggle technology and weapons element in the story. Not setting it as magical warfare versus muggle warfare but instead having a party or parties who mingle them is a major part of it, I think. I was actually surprised how much I enjoyed the Vergilius storyline, given that it is the most removed from canon. It provides groundwork on the elaborations you give on magical improvement of muggle weaponry elsewhere in the fic, but it also serves as a bit chilling backdrop to the rest of the story, the buildup concerning the weaponry development in the past working well with the progression of present events. And of course it fleshes out Russia nicely as well.

Aside from all of that, there's so much I liked in this fic... The initial convergences with the HP canon - the Gringotts letter as well as Anya's little mission in the Quidditch World Cup site. Both of those were well done. Astoria's acclimatisation to the muggle world, her friendship with Anya and her growing affiliation with Grey's Spooks. The staple camaraderie between Anya, Dimitri and Jen in each of their missions. My favourite the graveyard. I recall that you had looked forward to writing that scene, and I think I felt that. Voldemort having his head explode from an esoterically improved bullet and then toppling to the ground was absolutely glorious, and the added tinge of hilarity brought by the imagery made it even better :). I hope it takes a long time for him to figure it out, if ever. Anya's emotion as she made the shot was very nice as well.

There are many things to look forward to as well. How far will Dumbledore (who evidently learned nothing from the first instance of being led along by the prophecy) go to keep the twins apart, and to what extent (if any) will he succeed? The Bridge Club was a clever idea, and if Slughorn comes to Hogwarts next school year, it'll be interesting to see what he will make of Anya... and perhaps Astoria - if he takes note of her too. Harry just got a reminder that Anya is not a typical little sis - just what will happen in that angle, and how will it all affect him? The fallout of that British Auror dying, given that said Auror wasn't even supposed to be there. The Order's thoughts about the 'three unknowns' when Tonks reports to them - Anya's confidence regarding the grenade explosion being taken for a spell gave me a bad feeling...

It appears that the mayhem caused by the 'Black Mark' in this fresh event has reached the level of Voldemort and his Death Eaters, and I wonder if Voldemort will become annoyed as the shenanigans of the Russians continue. After all, as an egoistical dark lord, when there's mayhem, he's supposed to be behind it.

Many thanks for writing this story, and I hope you won't get tired of it or Anya any time soon. I do like her so, and will definitely be sticking along for the rest of her journey, however much it'll be.
RedShirt1453 chapter 41 . 6/5/2021
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