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siriuslydany chapter 6 . 12/27/2019
Go Anya! Why can't she harm Draco? A little slapping would do him good. I feel sorry for Harry, and Anya too, but he would just go blabbing to Dumbledore and his sheeps.
siriuslydany chapter 5 . 12/27/2019
Harry is not subtle, at all. Anya's training is definitely intense, and effective.
siriuslydany chapter 4 . 12/27/2019
I like the change in the tournament, the majority of times the oc is never directly involved in the action/plot, just reacting as a bystander. For once, Harry isn't acting oblivious and no one will even try to believe him, story of his life.
siriuslydany chapter 3 . 12/27/2019
Anya is a total badass, Britain is not ready for her.
siriuslydany chapter 2 . 12/27/2019
Poor Harry, can never catch a break this kid.
siriuslydany chapter 1 . 12/27/2019
This is so very interesting. I really hate Dumbledore, here is to hoping that Anya completely annihilates his plans.
JohnMonty chapter 12 . 12/23/2019
Great chapter! What is with the whole secret document at the beginning? Does that have to do with Anya's ability to see magic or is it research that say inspired Lily Potter to create the protections for the Potter twins? Looking forward to finding out, wonder what mad-eye has in store for Anya? If he is smart he will just memory charm her and send her on her way, attacking her would just draw unnecessary attention to him, not to mention that a healer might detect the charm and could potentially reverse it screwing himself further. I wonder if you'll have Moody use Legilimency on her and discover she is Anna Potter. Will she somehow end up reaching the cup with Harry and Cedric and then have Voldemort reveal her identity to Harry and his followers and eventually to Dumbledore and the public. If her identity gets out the bitch better flee cause we all know Dumbledore and by extension the order are no friends of hers. Damn I can't wait to read the next chapter, update soon!
Guest chapter 10 . 12/14/2019
JohnMonty chapter 4 . 11/7/2019
Great chapter! Damn little Anya is a Slytherin! Thought she would have been a Ravenclaw, it's good for her that she's making a friend out of the Greengrass sisters, well Astoria anyway. I wonder if Anya will place her name forward for junior champ. It would be cool to see just how skilled Anya is with magic, average? Above average? Borderline prodigy or Prodigy? On the other hand it would also be better for her if she actually took her studying seriously and build upon her knowledge and practical skills. Knowledge like potion brewing, charms, Transfiguration, Runes and Arithmancy would be valuable to her giving her line of work and all. With her skills on runes and wards she could get into the forbidden section of Hogwarts Library were there will be all sorts of knowledge on powerful magical branches, dark and not for her to read and improve her skills on. I hope you spice things up for this tournament like change the challenges or add additional ones. The second just sucked, rescuing people from a damn lake, bet everyone was bored as hell at that event, sitting freezing your ass of on a cold winter morning watching a damn still lake like a retard! What was Rowling thinking with that shit? At least change that task, you should make the first task were the champs have to enter the forbidden forest and rescue the hostages from the Acromantula den. That would be awesome, more entertaining than having to get around a damn dragon or fight of those ugly lake creatures and pulling the damn hostages from that cold ass lake. Eagerly looking forward to reading the next chapter and to wondering how long it will take Harry to realise his sister is right in front of him. If he does realise I hope he doesn't tell his friends as they will tell Dumbledore. He seems convinced that she will be some reincarnation of Voldemort if she was to live and stupidly believes in that damn prophecy that pathetic excuse of a witch made, I'd still like to hear that prophesy. If he knew she survived being dumped out on the cold then he will find some way to kill her of, by his own hand or another's. Damn this story gets better and better with every chapter, can you make Anya efficient in the Mind Arts and have her using Legilimency on people? That is one awesome branch of magic. Anyway great story and looking forward to reading more so update soon!
Radio Free Death chapter 1 . 11/5/2019
[Her footsteps we're brisk]

Think you mean 'were' here, not 'we're'.

[Roads were swamped with cars and the Muggles didn't seem to pay much heed to the speed limits. Despite the crowd, it wasn't that difficult for her to notice the two hooded figures tailing her.]

Muggle isn't a proper noun, so it shouldn't be capitalized, for the same reason we don't capitalize wizard for instance.

If the roads are swamped with cars, wouldn't that mean they're not driving really fast? Usually that's a sign of a traffic jam.

Two hooded figures in a group of non-magical people? Yeah, they wouldn't be hard to spot.

[Her eyes darted to and fro before closing her left eye, as though focusing on the right eye gave all the clarity she needed. Her hand reached up and trailed the scar running down her right eye, from the centre of the eyebrow straight down by two inches. She moved away from the scar and pushed back a stray lock of raven hair behind her ear, whilst tilting her head ever slightly to give her vision of the two figure.]

This is such a contrived block of text that it feels like a really rough draft that was written out without much thought to it making sense. This is why edits are important.

[They were wearing masks as well. She inwardly snorted. As though the wands weren't blatant enough. The pair may as well be holding up placards saying 'We are a pair of wizards and we are tailing you'.]

I guess they really want to be noticed? It's not just that - people will notice them. They stand out so badly that there's no way that she is the only one who can see this.
JohnMonty chapter 1 . 11/1/2019
Great chapter! I like how the story played out here, kind of had a spy thriller vibe to it but with magic you know? It never went into detail about what she looked like other than she had Green eyes, eye in her case, a scar running down it and black hair. She is thirteen soon to be fourteen. I take it she will take an inheritance test at Gringotts, enrol in Hogwarts and either help Harry or participate with him in the damn Tri-Wizard Tournament. Wonder if they will discover that Dumbledore intentionally kept them apart, I'm definitely curious as to what the prophesy in this story will be. I want to punch Dumbledore in the face for just leaving the poor girl on some damn bench to die like that. Any psycho or pervert could have snatched her up and killed her, heck a damn stray, wild dog could have killed and ate her, the fuck is he thinking!? Anyway I really like this story and looking forward to reading more about Anya, she clearly has magic training and must be prodigious or borderline I reckon if she can successfully cast a complicated charm like the port-key charm. Will she be a Durmstrang student? A foreign school student? Will she have just been taught privately by tutors? Looking forward to reading more about her and this story, update soon!
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