Reviews for Last Call
medininjasakura chapter 1 . 5/7
Loved it! Great job!
Guest chapter 1 . 5/1/2020
Love this story! Ino x Genma was something I never knew I needed
Endoh chapter 1 . 11/3/2019
Dude, I've been looking forward to this allllll day. :elmoo fire: HERE WE GO!

"Ino wasn’t a quitter." Damn right she's not. Heheheh

“'Another round?' the bartender asked with a toothpick between his teeth." - YES, DAMMIT. I'D TAKE ANOTHER ROUND OF ANYTHING IF IT'S FROM GENMA. *Anything*

Oh, shit. They're doing shots together, and he's on a first name basis?! OH MY GOD SHE BIT THE LIME FROM HIS HAND-EFFFFFFF. This, *this,* THIS. This is my shit, right here, yessssss.

*Oh my god.* Ino is a dream. I'm dying.

"smirk that could melt panties"-literally never read a more apt description of Genma in my lyfeee.

Okay, I legit laughed at "ignoring the please go home looks of a tired crew members"-so realistic. And I have *never* been "that girl." ...Never...ever...ever...

Oh, god dammit! You gave him an effin' MOTORCYCLE OMG-and then you gave Ino his leather jacket?! *chef kiss* Her confidence is so damn fun. Yesssss. And "princess"? Too perfect. And sassy Genma. HA. Such a perfect tease. But Ino gets him back, doesn't she? I mean, gotta put that long hair of his to good use...

Genma saying "Good girl" jl;jasfjsidfh And basically that for *all* the dirty talk

And omg. "Ino was dead" had me literally lol-ing. Dear god, Sakubaby, what are you about to walk into!?


Omg. This was effing *delightful.* Thank you so much for gifting it to me and Raiza, I'll cherish it always!