Reviews for It's About Forking Time
lightning8860 chapter 26 . 2/13
ok so it says prologue does this mean that there is a sequel to this or did you mean epilogue. or did you just put the prologue at the very end of the story.
lightning8860 chapter 24 . 2/9
is there more after this chapter. I mean it feels as though it's over but I'll be glad either way because I have absolutely loved reading this
Guest chapter 22 . 2/4
I feel you could do a bit better when it comes to writing because you're writing is a bit vague.

One moment he is talking to Alyssa the next sentences he is talking to lightning
Guest chapter 20 . 2/1
This chapter does not seem complete or is too short
lightning8860 chapter 20 . 1/31
ugh your teasing us with the short chapters lol. your fine I'm just impatient. absolutely loving this keep up the good work
Darcest Light chapter 20 . 1/30
Is Director!Hope getting assassinated next chapter? Maybe Lightning will be too comfy with Alter!Hope at the Gala and then Director!Hope gets killed.

I feel like something to that extent will probably make her think of Director!Hope is more important than Alter!Hope. Or Director!Hope will move on and introduce someone he's dating. It will spice up the relationship between him and Alter!Hope that believes him to be Lightning's only partner.

But that's just me speculating and all.

Guest chapter 18 . 1/27
Hope is going to fuck Allysia considering Light is not intrested in Hope.
Darcest Light chapter 15 . 1/21
Wait, if I'm thinking is right, don't tell me the person that healed her and slept with her wasn't either Hope but...

Did she sleep with Caius...? If so, I'm done! Poor Director!Hope!
Darcest Light chapter 16 . 1/21
Binge read both stories, Eventual Destinations and Forking Time. Love the dynamic between Claire and Hope. The grammar isn't all that bad but there's a few times that I hardly know if dialogue starts or not due to words being lowercase so to me it looks like it just keeps flowing.

It's not overly bad and easy to ignore when you're used to it.

And not too sound like a bad person but have intervals or signs showing that a flashback is happening; can either be a line or whatever but at times when I'm reading I'll read and all of a sudden it's a flashback. Consider just putting a symbol or sign showing its a flashback.

And this is a pet peeve with Forking Time; Let Lighting be with Director!Hope. I know you're writing Lightning with Alter!Hope that they have a close connection but isn't that bad? I mean, I get the main character is the bulk of the story, but the way this is playing out is that same as Alter!Hope moving on from Claire.

There are some scenes where Alter!Hope does think about Claire and how much he loves her but then the next moment he's lying in bed with Lightning half-naked? And even now this Lightning is pregnant, it feels like a blow to the gut with how Eventual Destinations set up Claire and Hope.

And don't forsake Director!Hope I know it's not technically a "stealing girlfriend" situation but isn't Director!Hope more inclined to be with Lightning? It just feels wrong to let Alter!Hope arrive and now get this Lightning as well. I may be petty and like to see revenge but if Claire and Director!Hope get together would be better.

Just stuff I wanted to vent, sorry if I said something bad.

lightning8860 chapter 14 . 1/18
really enjoying your works
Lebrohnski chapter 2 . 1/28/2020
I'm loving this so far, I hope you keep updating it.