Reviews for BMC Breakfast Club
DaHeck R U chapter 7 . 2/25/2020
This is good. I like it. It had an interesting set up and the characters are well written in this story. I feel sorry for Rich even though he was inappropriate at times but once you hear about his abusive family you feel sorry for him. Also I strangely I the idea of a selective mute Michael Mell. And Mr. Reyes is a jerk and or makes me feel like he's going to be the bad guy or at least the antagonist of the story. Anyway the point I am trying to make is that this is a good fic and it's really fun to read.
I can't wait for chapter 8 I want to see what happens next. I hope the next chapter comes out soon.
Do you take requests? If shop can you do a request for my birthday it's on March 2ed. It's a Be More Chill fic and here is the story...
The SQUIP returns but this time SQUIP had it's on physical body. The SQUIP wants revenge. So SQUIP gets it's revenge by kidnapping Michael and SQUIP tortures Michael be beating him, stabbing him, burning him, SQUIP even has a whip and uses it to hurt Michael, SQUIP also burns and cuts off Michael's causing Michael to become a mute. Will Jeremy save Michael's life before it's too late or will Michael die?
This fic is a very angsty Boyf Riend fic.
Oh the SQUIP when it captures Michael it takes him to an abandoned wherehouse.
Please do this for my birthday I know it is weird but this is a good fic and I know you'll make my request a great story. So please do this for my birthday. It'll make my birthday feel extra special if you do the fic request.