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Shadow S. Korosu chapter 70 . 5/25
I honestly didn't even connect Hachibi being the Eight Tails to the Beast forming eight limbs before it was mentioned. My mind immediately went to "Eiji has a connection to spiders, he's the Spider Summoner and his second Cursed Seal stage is spiderlike, and his Cursed Seal supposedly has something to do with the creation of the Beast", so I thought it was him and his mark that was influencing the eight limbs.
Shadow S. Korosu chapter 67 . 5/25
I think I'd like my Mindscape to be a massive entertainment coliseum, of sorts. Just, full of everything you could think of in regards to amusement parks, arcades, theaters of all types, gaming rooms, anything and everything that's a form of entertainment, especially games.
Shadow S. Korosu chapter 66 . 5/25
I'm particularly fond of Erebus, he's not mentioned much in their lore but he seems pretty chill and his powers/domain is pretty cool.
aperson1234567890 chapter 94 . 5/25
I didn't expect it but I'm definitely not too surprised. Eiji has a habit of doing that. As for when I found this fiction I think it was either mid/late academy or early genin I don't quite remember, early 20s at the latest though. Will continue to look forward to more!
guestyperson chapter 94 . 5/24
yesss the suicide squad. Perfect name.
I started reading as a guest around chapter 24, just after the academy arc ended. I remember being disappointed that was all that was out, so i forgot about this fic for a looong while. When i came back, it was closer to chapter 50. Been reading weekly(ish) ever since.
Guest chapter 94 . 5/24
Hope Eiji and Sasori make a suit of chakra armor moved by a lot of chakra strings and sasori as support

Kinda like Ironman iron weaver? Iron spider?

He could make Spider-Man mecha legs that weave and stab poison

He could get good stuff if he steals some with his spiders in the land of artisans

Maybe get the perfect weapon for the base of the armor

If he can’t move the armor with chakra strings like what sasori did he could maybe make chakra wire muscle weave to move and to have more power?

It would be cool if he could get the Kiba blades to place in the front 2 spider legs while he holds nubari
mixa4634 chapter 94 . 5/24
Just a week ago. Great fic though, please keep it up.
Shadow S. Korosu chapter 44 . 5/24
For me, with the Gamer System, it would depend on what type of system I had. If I had the traditional "Gamers Body, Gamers Mind, ID Create, ID Destroy" and such, I'd fuck off to a tiny town that's never mentioned in the show and spend as much time as possible grinding levels and abilities in the dungeons I could spawn. Once I felt confident that I could defeat almost any enemy just by sneezing in their general direction, maybe I could actually relax and enjoy life without worrying about people like Orochimaru or Pain coming at me.
Shadow S. Korosu chapter 34 . 5/24
*I fucking knew it.*

I'm actually surprised that I correctly guessed that Kabuto was going to be one of his teammates, but it kinda makes sense. Orochimaru would absolutely be interested in someone like Eiji, an apparent anomaly with incredible growth in power and skill, so I knew that he was going to be a target sooner or later.

No idea who the other dude is on his team, though.
JelloMallo chapter 94 . 5/24
Academy Arc
Kingz T. Infinity chapter 94 . 5/24
I saw your question and thought “I’ve been here since 3 chapters, so near the beginning” then I thought “how long ’s it been?” And checked the chapter count. Dear fuck we’re at chapter 94.I love this story, thank you for making it.
the1turtle chapter 36 . 5/23
I would say Naruto at this point has matured enough to benefit from learning shadow clones and not solely rely on it. I honestly don't understand why Eiji is trying to separate Naruto into either a clone jutsu or fuinjutsu type when he could easily be both. It's not even that difficult to suggest and no one would call him out for knowing about the jutsu existence. I guess this is just Eiji's stubborn side winning over simple logic.
ethand2850 chapter 94 . 5/23
I fucking love this story, if this app had a rating system it would be a 5* story. Consistent, fun, engaging, long, plentiful. I can say many more adjetives to describe this book, and all of them are positive.


I also like how the mc doesn't have sex with everything that breathes. He also is not that cocky, and prepares ahead of time. Also I have a feeling I know who the lover for little Eiji will be, it's pretty obvious with the amount of hints, especially with this latest chapter.
dcoon chapter 94 . 5/23
Genin Arc. I found it and binge read it to the end.
XamTheMan chapter 94 . 5/22
Love this team, love this story, love the spiders, you really know how to make things worth caring about
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