Reviews for Through Magic and Time
Way Walker chapter 27 . 1/27
This is amazing! This is definitely one of the best stories I’ve read and definitely my favourite Hermione/Steve fic. I love this because it is so different - that you started from her in the past (Captain America film), Agent Carter and now the X men. I literally squealed when I read this chapter. I’m really looking forward to more Xavier and Hermione interactions. Also can’t wait till you get to the Avengers - with Tony growing up with her as an Aunt. I really love this story and I love every update. Thank you!
LittleDragon5 chapter 28 . 1/27
I meant to review in last chapter that there'd be no way that Maria wouldn't raise Tony knowing Hermione and I'm happy to see that I am right. Seriously thought to myself, Tony would protect her from Obadiah, but I foolishly thought he might wait until Howard's death. I am so jazzed now to see Hermione hopefully reunited with her friends, find out what happened to Erik, and see how different Tony turns out with her in his life (once she wakes up).
heyster1 chapter 28 . 1/27
I wonder how Tony's attitude toward his dad will change because of Hermione's presence in their lives. Please keep writing.
Alechaos Ogigio 2 chapter 28 . 1/27
I'm very glad to have followed this story, it just gets better
Jas Rys chapter 27 . 1/27
omygooosh can't wait for the next update. thank you!
OsmanthusWine chapter 28 . 1/27
im glad he's here
TenshiMarie-chan chapter 28 . 1/27
Oh! I loved this chapter!
Freyja-Njorda chapter 28 . 1/27
Oh I loved this! And their letters "inspiring" Elton? Hermione literally stole his words 35 years before... I laughed for a good minute after this.
And finally she can communicate with them, although it would be better, if she was able to tell them about Stane. If her DNA is the same, does that mean it's worthless for Stane? Because I really hope so. I really want Stane to be disappointed after all these years, because he won't be able to profit through her. I hope he doesn't learn that she was able to communicate with them, or that Hermione told Charles that she doesn't trust Stane at all. Also, did she tell him about Erik?
I loved this chapter.
Jennieb89 chapter 28 . 1/27
Thank you so much! I loved it! I am so pleased that it worked!
Nao chapter 27 . 1/25
Please update soon I can’t wait to read more
TimeRose chapter 28 . 1/27
Oh my word! Loved this did she not tell him about Erik? Love love love this story
darth-sakura chapter 28 . 1/26
YEEESSSSSS I'm so happy someone could finally help them! And I love Xavier!
emilyherremanlol chapter 28 . 1/26
Miko 56 chapter 28 . 1/26
will Charles say that he met Erik's mother figure should they meet? I mean they were friends before the whole fighting between the X-men and the Brotherhood, I'm sure Charles would pick up the pieces and try to dissuade Erik to a more darker path.
Cadmus8 chapter 28 . 1/26
Cool. Epic, even.
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