Reviews for Level Up!
LoudOpinions chapter 23 . 5/25
I don't like his quirk. You've built up a unlikable character/quirk and are introducing them as a core character after 23 chapters. It was a nice read while it lasted but I don't read stories we're I really dislike a character who's supposed to be part of the protag group
LoudOpinions chapter 17 . 5/25
I'd love it if he just becomes the chef apprentice to recovery girl
LoudOpinions chapter 16 . 5/25
Not gonna rage or anything but that kinda sucked tbh. Feels like after 16 chapters you're saying 'fuck you' with a smile on your face.
LoudOpinions chapter 1 . 5/25
His quirk is the exact opposite of JoJo's Hey-ya. Just a voice in the back of his mind constantly putting him down.
TheGreatYeetus chapter 5 . 5/23
hooray for weakling luck
CallMeNinja317 chapter 13 . 5/15
Is Flex It Off a Total Command reference? I approve.
CrimsonSoul102205 chapter 29 . 5/6
snowy mountain... dragon...holy fI'm getting major PTSD.

(I play Monster Hunter Freedom Unite)
JKBaller chapter 16 . 5/6
Your authors note was on point, because this twist sucked ass. This happens constantly; I find a fic I really like, only for the author to throw in some garbage twist that ruins the entire thing.
CrimsonSoul102205 chapter 20 . 5/5
I think I'm having an aneurysm.
CrimsonSoul102205 chapter 15 . 5/5
huh. Bakugo bashing. that's going to have a lot of backlash from all the crazy fangirls and fanboys... bold move, I like it.
CrimsonSoul102205 chapter 14 . 5/5
...I really don't like that quirk... it has too much personality.
CrimsonSoul102205 chapter 5 . 5/5
...I wanna bleach my eyes
CrimsonSoul102205 chapter 6 . 5/5
what the fam I reading?
CrimsonSoul102205 chapter 4 . 5/5
man this quirk's a major asshole!
ksuiata chapter 46 . 4/18
I am reading if you stop I will find you and I will politely ask you to continue
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