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Dbot15112002 chapter 16 . 5/14
I don't have a problem with how you wanted to write your fic, but you should have mentioned that he won't get OFA. Because of this I just wasted my time on a fic I am never going to complete. Whatever man I can't change anything now anyways.
Alpenwolf chapter 56 . 5/10
This ending fits to the overall story and to the quirk that izuku has here.

I had quite a few laughs while reading this, so thanks for that.
AnAddictedReader chapter 2 . 5/10
Heh, I actually started chuckling from the charisma bit. I can now say my interest is rising.
AnAddictedReader chapter 1 . 5/10
Hmm, I don't know how to feel about this story as of chapter 1. The stat descriptions is pretty funny though so there's at least that!
neogoki chapter 52 . 5/7
Nejire is so OP, her breasts have transended logic and broken into the realm of Spiral Energy.
neogoki chapter 43 . 5/5
Nejire pierced the Heavens and gained the power of Love and Courage.
Next is gattai-moves with her fellow haremettes.
ansaris chapter 3 . 5/4
Wow, just wowed. I understand that for character growth the fic writer has to give his Midoriya flaws. Add difficulty and weaknesses so the MC has room for growth. But it's just very implausible that Midoriya has no skills in anything.

The author is saying Midoriya is in high school, so in the United States the age is between 14-18, in Japan you have middle school so 16-18.

The implications of saying Midoriya has no skill in anything and is a level 2 weakling and has no feats or accomplishments are several :

1) Midoriya has wasted his time of at least 16 years COMPLETELY. Which I say is impossible.
2) He is so weak-willed that he never tried to stick with learning anything. Again I say this is impossible.
3) He has never accomplished any feat because he's afraid to try anything that involves risk. Impossible, but it could just be the fic author wants to set a high standard for what constitutes a feat.

This is also a far cry from Canon, where Midoriya has great mental fortitude. He's endured bullying for years but thinks the best of others and doesn't hold grudges. He is actually very strong mentally and wants to always help others even at the expense of personal harm. He tries hard to become a hero anyway he can.

Canon Midoriya does not use filthy words either. Even this Midoriya doesn't seem the type but in this chapter he thinks the F word to himself.

Let's say we blame his quirk for negative reinforcement. Even then I say it's still implausible. Why? Because of resistance, immunity. Difficulty in one's life is like heating gold ore. Hardship purifies a person's weaknesses like fire purifies gold.

When you see glaring inconsistencies in a story, you can try to ignore them. However what often happens is that you start counting all the little things that annoy you until you get disgusted and have to cleanse your mind of what you just read.

Until this chapter I was impressed by the writing. The choices made by the author just don't make sense and are not consistent.

I think a better approach would be to just make him quirkless until shortly before he encounters the villain, IF you have to follow the super pathetic route and you cannot write character growth any other way. Anyway it's hard for me to read this as is, but thanks for the story. I wish the author success.
jellatinous chapter 56 . 4/27
hi, this is probably my last review for this fic for obvious reasons. it was great fun and all that yadda yadda. the ending was kind of obvious by the time the sentence was half complete and cliche isn't bad at all. what I didn't like was how you went about the happily ever after spiel. everyone gets married has kids and grandkids who also become heroes, this is literally what happened in the wiz fic and repetition like that is a big no no in my book. and while I know the arc was about itsuka, I think the others were ignored a bit too much in the ending. maybe that's just my post-completion sadness talking though, so please take everything I write with a pinch of salt.

I look forward to all the other bnha stuff you have that I'm going to go thru now, and I'm hoping you can get into the idea of writing more long fics since those are the types I can just walk into and stay there without a care for the world.
jellatinous chapter 46 . 4/27
yes this is late, but I just want to show support so I'm sending in a review anyway. please don't feel bad about not having a hundred reviews after a build up chapter since the review space is clearly not meant as a discussion platform and imo build up chapters like this dungeon training arc sextrodinaire is exactly that. speaking from the past, I guess avid readers can speculate on what's going to happen based on canon events and clues you left since the start of the arc, but you're not going to get very many reaction reviews after each of this kind of chapter. also, I don't know if FF shows you stats but a lot of readers are silent appreciators and just enjoy the ride and don't have much to say. I know I don't most of the time, and it's because I'm not very good at words and usually don't feel like my review can mention anything that hasn't been said before. and I don't know if you're the type of person who enjoys reading the same thing over and over but I'm certainly not and I don't feel like inflicting that on anyone either.

as for the story so far, the sexy stuff is sexy, but to a point where it's not a lemon fic but can get you half aroused which is okay because I don't like getting to a mindset where I have to choose between a fic where I like the lemons and a fic where I like the plot. and I like the plot for this fic even though it's a bit all over the place and assumes knowledge of bnha which is kind of don't really have much of but can easily look up on a wiki or something. I don't really need handholding for a fanfic where it's assumed that you know the canon and imo if you don't, then that's just something more you can learn from a series you like.

anyways, please don't feel inadequate about your writing because it's really good for someone like me who has a short attention span because your stories are all incredibly fast paced to the point that I have to focus harder to make sure I didn't miss a detail. I've read most of your naruto fics since I'm an old time fan of that and am how going thru your bnha stuff as they're less serious and more uhh user friendly for me . and also because I'm rather new to the bnha scene. in fact, I came into it thru your izuku x wiz fic *wink wink nudge nudge suggests more konosuba crossovers*.

good luck with finishing this fic the way you want and PLUS ULTRA!
jellatinous chapter 39 . 4/27
I'm not even reading this as you post but I can feel that anyone would be frustrated with these cliffhangers that fill you with hope and despair at the same time. what, is menu chan suddenly gonna turn into a milf? huh? huh?!
Vailation chapter 46 . 4/27
honestly was put off with some decisions, but it all worked out in the long run, makes it feel nice that if you actually invest time into this story you'll get a good payout
jellatinous chapter 15 . 4/26
I'm glad this isn't the sort of fic that hypes up kacchan for no reason. you are, of course, at liberty to hype up his mom. just a friendly suggestion.
jellatinous chapter 12 . 4/26
yeah this is the kind of ending I was thinking of when I said I didn't want this to be a harem because a harem with this level of romance is going to hurt me here *points at heart*. I just.. I just want my harems to be shallow and carnal alright!?
jellatinous chapter 11 . 4/26
stuff like personal dungeons are making the story wierd for me. I think I'm having the same wierd anxiety izuku got. not about girl problems but about the plot. is the plot happening around them because the author made it so, or is it happening because the author made izuku's quirk make it so. it's a small but big difference. I'd be happy if I know some in plot god was controlling his quirk or if he actually has some reality altering quirk that's manifesting itself like an rpg/eroge
jellatinous chapter 6 . 4/26
I would like to apologize for my previous emotional outburst of a review by giving you a second one. the yuri undertones are causing me to smell iron.
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