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TripleSweet chapter 19 . 9h
the alerts dont send notifications because of a server issue that persists and hasn't been fixed yet. The problem started at September if I recall.
Lazy Servant chapter 19 . 11/26
Thanks for the chapter.
How is this gonna end? What is gonna happen to Eclair? Is Melty in time to stop it? So many questions.
VamPyr00 chapter 14 . 11/22
So...instead of just getting rid of the undead in his Reality Marble...he decided to keep them? Why would he do that? Is he planning to use them as meat shields? Seems extremely stupid to me, since he has no idea what kind of effect that could have in the long term. Not to mention how useless they seem to be...unless he needs bones for something. I think he's taking the whole 'Bone of my Sword' thing a bit too literally in this case.
VamPyr00 chapter 13 . 11/22
You say there's no nerfing...but it seems a lot like nerfing to me. How long will it take for these 'adjustments' to happen and his powers go back to normal? It might only be temporary but it's still a REALLY bad nerf. UBW with Tracing is like his ONLY real power, since Reinforcement is clearly useless. Nerfing UBW/Tracing makes him totally useless. He'll basically become a slightly better Mumen Rider at that point. Honestly, if that DOES happen you should just cave and give him the bicycle. At least then it would be funny.

I also hope that you put an EXTREMELY high level requirement on those NPs. If any of the other heroes can actually use any of those Noble Phantasms, I'll call bullshit. Now that they've seen the power of one, there's a very real possibility that they might just try to steal them. With Shirou's powers being nerfed, they have a very real possibility of doing so if they work together.
VamPyr00 chapter 4 . 11/22
Why in Alaya's name would he put fucking Noble Phantasms up for sale?! Does he not remember how he Traced them in the first place?! His ENEMIES were using them! What's to stop the same thing from happening here now? What an absolutely moronic thing to do.

Also, why does Naofumi seem ever dumber than he did in the Canon RotSH? You've made him practically braindead to not recognize all these signs of betrayal. After all these warning signs, even a child would recognize that Myne/Malty isn't trustworthy. Why is Shirou even helping such a dumbass? Did he forget WHO INVITED HIM to that little gathering to be assassinated?!
DragonTetho chapter 19 . 11/14
Oh rip Malty, I hope you are prepared when Shirou notices this and goes super saiyan on your ass.
Sigma of Prisium chapter 13 . 11/10
Well the cat's out the bag. The spar showed a glimpse of Shirou's true power, now a crowd bore witness to a fraction of it.

I think the Spear Hero is shocked that he survived the spar. He's more mature to understand the implications if Shirou had been more serious.
Sigma of Prisium chapter 9 . 11/10
At their current level, the Three Heroes couldn't fathom the power within those Noble Phantasms. They're Legendary Weapons wielded by Legends across history.

I also fear that the weapons may reject them outright - painfully as side effect, or their weapons unable to contain it
Alexis chapter 19 . 11/6
Honnêtement cette histoire est incroyable et fascinante je suis extrêmement impatiente pour la suite
J adore les interaction entre shirou et naofumi sur avec leur pouvoir quand naofumi reçoit les souvenirs des boucliers qui reçoivent par shirou est simplement époustouflante je suis extrêmement impatiente de voir comment naofumi évolue grâce l influence de shirou
conwear267 chapter 19 . 11/3
I enjoyed reading this story.
Deep Sea Diver Man chapter 19 . 10/29
Huh you just have him Lord Camelot ignoring Ajax shield that one pretty crazy can't wait to see how you end up using it.
kusanagi29 chapter 19 . 10/26
Buen capitulo señor autor
Guest chapter 19 . 10/26

Been waiting for this to get an update. I was worried it had been abandoned.

Good chapter, nothing stellar but a nice addition to further the plot. I amuse myself by thinking of shirou as a world eater. It's just funny to think about what he did and what the people's reactions would be if they knew.

I'll admit, I'm really hoping to see UBW deployed in the fight against the pope. But the practical part of me is saying it wouldn't actually be needed. He can just project a rain of black keys and the job is pretty much done with no casualties. Unless that cathedral spell has a way to actually trap him THEN UBW might be more relevant. But caladbolg would probably still work well enough. I HIGHLY doubt the cathedral would be powerful enough to block it.

But enough introspection on an event that might have been overwritten by the changes so far.

Medea has her gaze on Shirou, that can't be good. It's funny shirou's status is actually aware of that fact though. Does the shield spirit know? Wonder why shirou wasn't summoned as one of the four cardinal heroes considering his compatibility is said to be perfect. Is that a plot point well see more of eventually?

Don't have a clue but I can't wait either way.
JamBasic chapter 19 . 10/25
The ranter is kinda sus. Complaining the scenes with Keel and Raph being pedo when all I see is them being cute. Now who is the real pedo here when that's all you can see. The reviewer is a pedo in denial all along and gets triggered by anything with kids. Oh no! anyway-

Those shields Naofumi got are very OP compared to og Naofumi. Can't really wait till their encounter with the other heroes in the next wave. Also that Reality Marble debut.
VeganoCanibal chapter 19 . 10/24
Thanks for updating this one. Honestly really liked your idea for Shirou and the waves, can't wait to see how messed up this is going to become haha
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