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Guest chapter 11 . 12/4
To JollieHotDog, shut the fuck up
JollieHotDog chapter 11 . 12/4
ugh cringe cringe
gerson chapter 17 . 12/2
Hey man if you are okay that's good.
Bucio chapter 17 . 12/2
Thanks to Shirou and Caliburn, the magnificence of its light and power, plus the attitudes and manners that Shirou can imitate from Saber when using Caliburn, served to rid Naofumi of the attempted smear, on the part of Myne and the Leader of the Church of the Three Heroes, with them being exposed and with Aultcray doing damage control, minimizing the problem, and continuing with the distribution of rewards, which freed the Shield of that problem.

It would be nice to see the other Heroes begin to question more the true situation of the new world they find themselves in, perhaps among the most honest members of their Parties, especially Motoyasu (who perhaps would begins to distrust a little of Myne)

While Naofumi got rid of that problem, much to the frustration of Shirou, Keel and Raphtalia; he still has doubts and hopes about Myne, which Raphtalia and Keel ruthlessly destroy, giving Myne her canonical nickname of Bi ***; And also being in this chapter, where we see Naofumi and Raphtalia get what I suppose will be Firo's egg, although that does not free them from Shirou's skepticism and sarcastic quips, due to the disbelief of what they did, to the point of threatening to cook the egg, to which Raphtalia vehemently refuses, defending the actions of her beloved Shield Hero (heh, later Shirou will have to apologize and admit how helpful Firo will be)

With the last of this chapter, being with Éclair joining them, offering to accompany them to use the Dragon Hourglass to advance their classes, by order of the King, who because of the deal with Shirou, it does not suit Aultcray that they have problems.

That, and that apparently, like many, Éclair was enthralled to see Shirou use Caliburn, with the nobility, bearing and gallantry, that she saw in Shirou, being what she aspires to obtain as a Knight, admiring him (you could almost say the beginnings of a crush), and intending to ask Shirou to train her and be able to accompany them (which, given the nostalgia that Éclair awakens in Shirou, by reminding him of Artoria, that he could accept), which Keel is not going to like it, as her instincts (as a demi-human and as a girl) warn her about the knight being interested in Shirou (as a mentor)

Good luck and keep it up
JollieHotDog chapter 5 . 12/2
Wtf is the king doing? Does he realized that by assassinating the shield hero he would have caused other countries outhere to declare war to his?
Lazy Servant chapter 17 . 11/29
Thanks for the chapter.
Territorial Keel.
thewookie1 chapter 17 . 11/28
Well that is certainly one way to silence critics; awe them into backing down lol.

Éclair sees Shirou to a degree like Shirou saw Saber; in the way of being an epitome of a dutiful heroic knight. Shirou who wanted to become a Hero of Justice where Éclair wishes to become a great knight.
Mythic Imagination chapter 17 . 11/28
Sorry to hear that. Hope you’re doing better, and extending thoughts out to the people who were flooded.

As for the chapter; it was fantastic. Man I can’t wait for the next chapter.
Dragon Man 180 chapter 17 . 11/28
Naofumi still being infatuated with Myne makes me wonder how Many times he was dropped on his head as a kid. Still, I hope Shirou, Keel, and Raphtalia can break him out of that mindset. I can’t wait to see Fili join the group and how Shirou reacts to her!

So did Shirou break out Fragarach or Excalibur in the throne room?
King of Phantasms chapter 17 . 11/28
The UwU makes a comeback!
Sum9 chapter 17 . 11/27
Welcome back. Glad you didn't lose power for long. That can be pesky.

Sounds like Shirou is both able to reverse any accusation Malty can make and embarrass the Church into backing off. That's good. That will force them to make more desperate and underhanded moves in the dark. It is nice to see how events go so differently than canon with a few circumstances.

I will be delighted to see if Shirou can rescue Sadina and the twin cubs early. Or if the teams' journey will lead them through Idol Rabier's territory and a certain weasel still clings to life by then. I'll just have to content myself to wait for your updates but its enticing to wonder.
SentinalSlice chapter 17 . 11/27
I do hope we see some moments in the future where Shirou isn’t as calm or prepared and acts a bit more recklessly, and possibly even has some failures, it would be good to see that to remind us that he is not perfect.
Look2021 chapter 17 . 11/27
Good Chapter.
xbox432 chapter 17 . 11/27
Good grief, and Naofumi still thinks that the whole thing with Myne was a misunderstanding... I mean, this version of him is still WAY better than his canon self. But this is some serious density right here. I'm curious to see how much longer he'll delude himself.

And hey! Looks like the girls got their age and level boost. Now their true battle begins, getting their respective "hero" to see them as adults. Not to mention how I'm looking forward to seeing how their fighting styles develop.

Below is a typo that stuck out to me:

This was supposed to have had just been a rewording ceremony / rewording - rewarding
Yorozuya Forever chapter 17 . 11/27
It's neat. Naofumi and Shirou get a good ally on their side.
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