Reviews for Music of a Distant Drum
niki m chapter 1 . 4/21/2012
if you love angsty characters, then you'll love vampire hunter d,because he is half vampire and half human,and-look at the movie on ,...there are two movies so you'll probly like the 2nd part because of the anime and he seems to have a pitch black past(think: who is the vampire king? he starts with a d...)Hidiyuki kigushi writes like...16 or 17 novels on him, and in the novels he say that d is incomparribly hansom-too hansom and- he is very very old,but only looks to be 18 years old.

he also has a paracite in his hand -witch is a face that talks and is always getting on his last nerve and constantly making rued comments,such as a spectator,and in the 1st part it shows a whole lotta him...i just spent more than 5 minuets writing and explaining this(i am a slow typer)to you, i'm waiting...oh, and if you decide to ignore my request,..I WILL FREAKING SSSKINNN YOUUUUUU!*I smile a pleasent little smile*is that understood?
Deer chapter 1 . 8/17/2004
I am going to cry. Someone give me a tissue...! This was short, but it was good and so sad... I hope you'll write more poems!