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White chapter 27 . 7/16
i hope you read this

(It's the translation of the fanbook part about the demons including about Rui and Rui's Reason for being muzan's Favorite among the lower moons (yes it's official)


There are also other parts of the 2 Officials fanbook if you are interested in reading this one



Racan chapter 27 . 7/14
Wow I just binge read this entire thing and haven’t gotten bored once how are you so good at this especially your fight scenes they’re insanely good
white chapter 27 . 7/12
one thing I never understood was why the tanjiro didn't think why the akaza killed himself?
sos chapter 27 . 7/11
could you show kanao's parents in the fanfic (since they disappeared after selling kanao)
Guest chapter 27 . 7/11
Welcome back!

I loved the pillar meeting and I am looking forward how will you handle the next arc. Just a question about Sanemi. Is there is a reason of why you put his sword to his back? In canon if I remember right, he had it at his waist like everyone else
creative chapter 27 . 7/9
1-this fanfic will have which Shipp

I already know there will be tanjirou x kanao and possibly Zenitsu x Aoi

could put Tomioka x Shinobu

and also Obanai x Mitsuri

2- original series I thought that obanai lacked prominence

because he was the only pillar that didn't have a fight or Arc solo before the muzan fight

and I also found it very unfair that mitsuri was the only pillar that didn't have a red blade in the final battle.
convidado chapter 27 . 7/9
in this fanfic

will have Inosuke and Aoi
I am a person 123 chapter 27 . 7/7
This is gonna. Be interesting
Cieszesi Niezmiernie chapter 27 . 7/7
Okay, the only good fanfic of KNY is back! I was quite busy lately so this review is a little bit late. But in turn it's a long ass one :P.

The chapter and meeting with pilars was all great and went as it should I think. I actually wanted to point out sooner or later with Giyuu killing Nezuko issue and I wondered if Tanjiro will ever notice that Giyuu was in the right when he cut down Nezuko(after all it was emergency situation). So I am glad to see him to start understanding that and wonder where it will go now.

Also about being Tsugoko, I don't really have problem with Tanjiro rejecting Kyojuro offer but being Tsugoko of a pillar doesn't mean you have to use the same style as him. Kanao after all use breath of flowers not insects and in canon when Tanjiro said that he mostly uses water, Rengoku said it doesn't really matter.

The next part is training arc huh? :D. Well I wonder how you want to make it out, I image that you plan to involve the rest of the lower moons somehow. I just hope that you will keep approach of Tanjiro getting stronger step by step, like I already probably said in multiple reviews :P. It's way more interesing this way. Kinda hope that Tanjiro will be max around pillar level and won't be on Yorichii level yet after this training arc, would still kinda seem quite too fast. Experience will also matter and the most experience would come with surviving a battle against a upper moon. Maybe there will be one along the way.

Okay so that's my review for this chapter. Now since you are very bad author that made us wait so long for new chapter(jk, don't take it personally :P), you forced me to reread the whole story. And so now I will also review other parts. You have been warned :P

Let's start with relationship between Kanao and Tanjiro. I agree with you that it would be good if this would be a slow burn. Something else would be very unnatural for both of them after all. Kanao still have a problem with identyfing emotions and Tanjiro is a bit broken with his whole family being dead expect for sister who lost her memories and turned into murdering demon. But between those two I would really love to see some reaction but not from Kanao but Tanjiro. You showed us already that Kanao is starting to feel something towards Tanjiro but we yet have to see something similar from Tanjiro himself(only once he admited to himself that she is pretty but that ain't good enough :D). I don't wanna force your hand or anything like that but I think it would be cool to see scene or two with Tanjiro having similar problems with starting to feel something towards Kanao as well and not knowing exacly what to do.

Of course Tanjiro wouldn't have exacly the same problems as Kanao with him being able to understand emotions but I feel like he would force himself to ignore it or convince himself that he doesn't really deserve to feel that way. When I look at Tanjiro whole situation again, I think he could be suffering survivor's guilt quite hard(family butchered while he was away, the only survivor being himself and near dead sister who turned to demon but she was also killed in front of him but not really and turned into something even worse, yeah those are hard hits...) and so I think that the problems like convincing himself that he doesn't deserve to be happy like that could appear and if they both try to deal with it, it would be so bittersweet :P. They need some duo mission too, nothing brings people together like killing man eating monsters after all, I image that Shinobu already knows what's going on and could give Kanao permission to go on mission without even letting her know as long as Tanjiro is there, lol. That way you could even bring Kanao somehow to red light district arc if you will ever decide to make it.

About Kanao power levels, I think she is really good. In the end of canon she is probably a little better than Zenitsu and Inosuke. If you want to make some training for her as well, then I can suggest training her foresight. It was only briefly mentioned in the manga(chapter 158 btw) in her clash against Doma but she can predict her enemies movements based on very faint movements of their shoulders, toes, elbows, knees and gaze. Kanao eyes are badass, Kokushibo made himself six eyes only to copy a vision like hers but even with 6 of them it's still apparently not exacly the same. So it's very similar to Tanjiro forescent actually, so I don't know if you remembered this but you can use it if you are wondering how to make Kanao stronger step by step as well.

Other thing I am wondering about is lack of Enmu. I don't blame you for yeeting him out of your story, I agree that he has very vague ability and he wouldn't bring much. But with Enmu not being there, he won't be in infinity train and thus there won't be any pillar there so Akaza won't appear. That's how it looks like at the first glance. But Akaza will probably go after some pillar anyway. In infinity train arc it looked like he just appeared out of nowhere but he was probably tracking and searching for possible pillars to fight for some time already. I mean it's rare for demon hunters to meet with demon moon but for demon moons it's also probably quite hard to find a pilar as well. Muzan has 3 main tasks for demon moons and their importance probably goes like that:
1. Find blue spider lily
2. Exterminate demons hunters
3. He got pissed at them for not being able to do either so they have to serve him with suicidal devotion.

So in the breaks of searching for spider lily and eating humans, upper moons probably are searching for pillars to kill cuz if they don't they risk pissing off Muzan even harder. Muzan won't yeet upper moons like he did with lower ones(upper moons are actually really hard to make apparently) but he can torture them a little bit. So my point is that Akaza wouldn't exacly go after Rengoku but he would deffinetly go after some pillar in the end(expect Shinobu or Mitsuri). Also unimportant fact but Akaza is my favorite demon, hope you will do him justice :P.

Also wonder about Zenitsu. The first stop for Tanjiro is going to Jigoro place with him. With new found motivations, maybe would Zenitsu not only got around his missing fingers but also tried to learn other thunder breathing forms again? I am also looking forward to him.

Inosuke as well, he will grow well by himself probably or maybe you planned something for him as well? Wonder about his new sword if he will break them agains in front of blacksmith or maybe he will do it after he leaves. Or maybe he will explain properly why he cannot use katanas like that and someone will make special for him like it was with Mitsuri and Shinobu weapons. Also since you took Aoi from him and left him with no ship on his own, I hope you won't decide to kill him now :P. Maybe he would go like Tengen and want to compete with him and end up with 4 wives, lol.

And lastly Genya. Obviously he is at the biggest disadvantage compared to others. His inability to use breath really criples him when you try to compare him with the others even despite fact that he is eating demons. He won't be able to awaken blood demon arc without upper moon flesh. Got a little though about that, what if Tanjiro would help Genya create a breathing style that he could use with his lungs? Of course it would need to have some limitations of shorts to not be too far scratched. Like maybe made it so that he couldn't use a constant version but only for a little while and only when he eaten demon flesh that strenghtened his body? Those are just random ideas of course, don't feel like you have to use them or anything like that. If you like them and feel they are good they feel free so if not it's also cool.

The other part of the story I am interested in. The remaining lower moons. Muzan gave them a job to do within a one year to kill one pillar. Now it's rather obvious that numbers 1,2 and 3 have 0 chances to achive that but I wonder about the rest. I actually would want Chihime to kill pilar and met Muzan expectations. I mean I get that he likes her more than others, but I don't think she is more important to him yet than any upper moon since she hasn't achieved as much yet. Muzan might not like all upper moons(looking at Doma) but they are more important to him than others. Also Rui. Since you spared him, I wanna see him go way bayond what he did in canon. I think I said it before but it would be also cool if he also would kill pillar and maybe eventually go to upper moons as well. About which pillar would be possible to kill for Chihime and Rui... I will place them from the impossible to most possible:

1. Gyomei - let's be honest, he would yet anyone, no chance
2. Sanemi - his skills and exp are easly around Gyuu and Rengoku but his blood gives him advantage in demon slaying over those two. Cuz of that he is probably second strongest demon slayer.
3. Kyojuro, Giyuu and Tengen - Kyojuro and Giyuu are both probably around the same level of skill and experience and while Tengen is probably not as skilled as those two he is probably way more experienced than them in combat with being older and training as a ninja for a long time.
4. Tokito - he is really talended and he actually yeeted upper moon by himself but it was after the mark and if Tanjiro won't awaken a mark that he also won't get one. With skills alone he would be higher but he still lacks in experience a bit. But also quite unlikely to be defeated.
5. Mitsuri, and Obanai - those two while low chance could perhaps be defeated if their oponent outsmarted them. Like if Rui would fake his neck getting hurt with his threads, he could theoretically made them drop their guard a little bit and get a jump on them. But it would still be very hard but I think it could be more possible than it was with others.
6. Shinobu - I wouldn't really place her on the very bottom against Rui. If she fought against him she would be probably above Tokito actually, cuz she is also one of the older pillars, she was made one before Rengoku and she would be able to outmaneuver Rui with her speed easly. But against Chihime it's a different story. I mean couldn't Chihime fire her own blood to get rid of any poison Shinobu will inject her with? Good Nezuko blood could destroy poison made made from blood demon art so Evil Nezuko blood could possibly destroy any poison used against demon. That will also make a pain to inject her with eventual cure agains demonhood. It wouldn't be strange if she burned it. She would be clearly at disadvantage there. So Shinobu has the biggest possiblity of being killed by her.

That would be really interesing to see too. Even if Tanjiro has a resolve to turn Nezuko back to human if she would kill Shinobu then it would shatter him. Not only cuz he is close to Shinobu but he wouldn't know anymore how to talk to Kanao any longer. Kanao also knows about Nezuko. That could be really interesing development. So while I am not telling you to kill Shinobu lol, I hope that you won't be affraid to kill some pillars before the big event by someone else than an upper moon.

Also about Chihime, why doesn't she use katana made by her own flesh? Flesh katana let's you use blood demons techniques alongside breathing forms and makes them more deadly. So another suggestion from me, what if you make this ability to make flesh katana to be only avaliable to upper moons? It would agree with canon since so far only Kokushibo and Kaigaku used those and both were upper moons. If eventually Chihime will reach upper moons then it would be nice power up from how she was as a lower moon.

Okay I think that's it. God damnit I never wrote a review this long, it's over 2000 words. Don't feel too bad because of the writter block you had, it happens to every author. I am glad that in the end you decided to pick it up and while I don't want to force your hand or anything like that I hope you will manage to write next chapter sooner :D. Good luck and keep calm
ItsMagicSugar20 chapter 2 . 7/7
I love it so far! It’s so great! The only problem for me is…it is so fricking WORDY. Like I understand your attention to detail, but, it’s TOO MUCH. The chapters are really long, and then the stuff you add in afterwards is also really long. I really enjoy the story, but maybe you could tone down on the detail and wordiness? Love the story!

-your friend, Magic
abdhalim6401 chapter 27 . 7/6
Can't wait for tanjiro to move at the speed of lightning, one of this days he's gonna accidentally break the sound barrier because he train to much.
YoungTaoist chapter 27 . 7/5
YOU’RE BAAAAAAAAACK! The master author has returned! Glad to see you back Sky and hope that whatever troubles have happened in the past, you’re feeling better now and doing okay. Loved the update; the detail and description in the interactions between the pillars and Tanjiro as well as Kagaya was well done; the metaphors and similes of their auras was a nice touch. I also love the buildup of the next ark;can practically feel the excitement racing through my veins right now! Hope you’re life is less chaotic now and that you and your family and friends are doing great, and see you in the next update! (Hopefully sooner or later, but again: no rush. You do your own pace.)

A Faithful Follower,
InsaneMakaioshin chapter 27 . 7/5
1. Can Tanjiro get his own version of Gyomei's weapon? Maybe a version of Mitsuri, Obanai, Shinobu, Tengen & Genya's? though 6 weapons on top of his standard sword might be a bit much.
2. Can Zenitsu incorporate Breath of the Sound into his fighting style? a version of Tengen's weapon?
3. Could Kanao incorporate both Flower & Insect into her fighting style? a version of her sister's sword? 2 swords is reasonable after all.
4. Will Nezuko just keep going from Lower Moon to Lower Moon until she reaches the Upper Moons? Won't they start to notice she's there to take there place eventually?
5. Will Akaza also help train Nezuko?
6. Will Nezuko & Kaigaku ever have a sparing match?
samuelpatricio96 chapter 27 . 7/5
1-because nobody can know about the breath of the sun

It is already obvious that the tanjirou breath is the original breath

the true breath of the sun

and so it's kind of very clear that kagaya already knows that tanjirou's breath is the original breath

even because he wanted to do this tanjirou training session with these pillars because he knows that tanjirou's sun breathing is the real

2-your fanfic is amazing

it's in my top 5 kimetsu fanfics

the only defect of fanfic is that it takes 9 months to release 1 cap

other than that it's perfect
Wolvmbm chapter 27 . 7/5
This is an interesting update to the story. Here is hoping that these Pillars can learn from Tanjiro as much as he can learn from them. I mean honestly having him learn the elemental breathing styles along with his own may just push his overall training forward and his determination to save his sister Nezuko even more. I cannot wait to see how these training goes. Keep up the fantastic work on your wonderful story.
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