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YoungTaoist chapter 6 . 6/5/2020
My bad, your not switching between past and future tense, but your use of would is mostly used to suggest a routine or something that usually happens, not really for sudden actions and new events. Feel free to ignore this tho! You're the writer, not me!
YoungTaoist chapter 5 . 6/5/2020
Great chapter. I like the story so far, seems well-developed concerning Tanjiro's emotions. Question tho, why are you using so many 'would's? Just a slight comment on grammar, and you don't have to take this seriously at all if you want, but you're switching between past and future tense in your writing a lot, which is kind of off-setting the flow of the story. Otherwise, it's been a great ride so far. Looking forward to reading more!
AnikaSukino 5d chapter 23 . 6/5/2020
After a tough and cruel battle comes the mental / psychological consequences of the Kamabako Squad!
I liked how you tackled the crude of Inosuke in relation to his actions and the problems that his decisions brought, I didn't expect that Uzui was in charge of being the support for the boy. Already at least he was able to reveal his frustrations and see his internal flaws.

With Tanjiro ... ahhh I don't know what to say. On the one hand I loved the narrative of those raw and cold emotions now that he knows that his sister is alive but on the wrong side and with the probability that when she dies, she will go to hell for her actions.
There are few or rather, almost null stories in these parts or on different platforms with that expressiveness of Kamado type "Nothing matters to me anymore, everything went to shit", for a moment I almost shouted when he took off the earrings, I thought that he would get rid of his family's most important heirloom, and worse than I thought he would be seeing his family disappointed by the unexpected new turn in his life.
Anyway, Kanao could be the support for the boy and now she knows his secret, let's add that now our new girlfriend is confused hahahahaha I laughed at that ending. XD

I liked the chapter, I fell in love with the part of Tanjiro and her cold and lifeless emotions ... from just imagining those eyes without the shine, so empty ... ufff I LIKE IT ! *O*

I didn't even know there was a Spanish version of your story! I'm going to read it !
And I just found out that you also publish on AO3 ! You already have a new follower ! ewe

I hope new chapter, see you!

PS: Do you remember that I commented that your story inspired me to do a solo that, making changes like Nezuko was actually killed by Giyu and Tanjiro was traumatized and now he wants to seek his death to be reunited with his family but something prevents with someone's intervention and help him with the idea of getting revenge on the man who killed his sister?
I'm already doing it, although I'm working with the part to express the emotions and empty feelings of Tanjiro. ñ.ñ
In case I'm mega involved with the other story of the AU of the Kamado brothers ... but good. TuT
I'm sorry if you got bored reading this postscript. T-T
KermitDaFwog chapter 23 . 6/5/2020
Really good chapter. I am really enjoying where you're taking inosuke's character development, though I do remember reading a fic which takes a similar approach on developing him, but the author just ended up erasing what made Insokue himself. I think that if pulled of well, this can be a very satisfying character arc.
P.S 4, The Final P.S: Not much of a romance fan, but I'm interested to see where the realtionships in this fic go
P.S 5, A New Begging: Zenistu needs a hug
P.S 8, P.S Takes Manhattan: Got nothing else, just wanted to make this joke
The FanficHunter10 chapter 23 . 6/5/2020
was going to sleep... but I got the update notification ... spent the last 40 mins reading the chapter... and now it's kinda late since I have school tomorrow (damn you Corona!) but it's definitely worth it !
KermitDaFwog chapter 22 . 5/28/2020
I've been binge reading this entire fic and made an account just to review it, so needless to say, its great.
I've been wondering though, when another lower demon moon falls, wouldn't Muzan just disband them? I remember reading in one of your author's notes that you were planning to give spotlight to the shafted lower demon moons, but I'm stumped as to how you plan to do it. Guess I just gotta wait and see how it pans out.
P.S: Personally I really enjoyed the ending and feel like if it focused on the people who survived the battle, the ones who died would be robbed of their happy ending (especially Obanai and Mitsuri)
Sun dud737 chapter 22 . 5/26/2020
Will Tanjirou be apart of the pillar meeting so he can confront Giyuu about nezuko
The Empty Hollow chapter 22 . 5/24/2020
Another great chapter. Inosuke development is going to be quite changing; admitting he isn't the strongest, and starting to REALLY care about other people's lives. Hell, he might actually start saying their names right. He only does that in emergencies, which is hilarious, if a little sad.
Blood Battle between Moon Demons was glossed over in canon, even though the difference between a Lower Moon and an Upper Moon was stressed over, and the idea of making the winner swallow the eye (yuck!) is a good way for it to go.
Genya mentioned the Pillar Meeting, which means his turn for development may be getting closer with the upcoming meeting with his brother.
All of that, and more, to come. I really can't wait.
Leo828 chapter 1 . 5/23/2020
Will Tanjirou and Giyuu will ever be friends or be okay with each Tanjirou just found out about nezuko being alive and all.
Guest with Gusto chapter 22 . 5/18/2020
Love how you had Chihime straight up do a Bakugou move to finish off her fight with RUi

Poor Murata though
SpineCricket chapter 22 . 5/17/2020
Alright, what a treat to get another chapter. (I am the one who left the long review last chapter, with a formal account now).

So, we start off strong this chapter huh? First thing to notice here is Murata's death. Well shit, I definitely did not see you pulling that one. I should have been prepared for it seeing how you are not scared to maim even our main characters, but combine it with sad demon slayer music in the background and his death, you actually got me to tear up(Yet again something the original story did a lot to me every week). I am very glad his death was not meaningless, as it should be. His death carries weight to Inosuke, and he managed to save two persons he believes can turn the tide of the war. A very well written moment to be honest. RIP Murata, his sacrifice will not be forgotten. Now I know to prepare tissues every chapter of yours just in case.

Then we have Chihime's fight against Rui. Yet another amazingly written fight, I can't help but admire the choreography you manage to express into it. It is great to see your representation of what a blood battle would be, something only mentioned in the original story. Now we see Chihime straight up hand Rui his ass and take his spot in the Lower Moons. I can't help but think that this story will be quite the very long one, because we do not just have all the moons that Tanji and the senses will probably fight now(Not counting those that could get in later on), but also Chihime on her own quest to go up the moon ranks(I wonder how high she'll get), after all Kokushibou trained her. It also leaves me to wonder, her link with Muzan is weaker, but she also seems to follow him loyally, he did save her and is all she remembers after all. I wonder how that will develop as she remembers more.

Next we have Inosuke and Zenitsu. These two definitely had it bad this arc. Inosuke lost a valued possession and carries with him the thought of killing mercilessly what used to be humans(to his defense he did not know), and also with Murata's death after he stalled Rui enough time for them to escape and Chihime to end Rui's chase. That will be a lot to cope through. Then we have Zenitsu, who even lost almost a 'few' fingers even after doing his best against Rui. Must admit, I thought they would get him then. Aoi will be mad at him after what she told him...I believe more than physical, it will be more mental and emotional challenges they will have to overcome. Genya will probably meet with 'Nemi soon, so that is also a harsh one for him, probably will not end good.

Then we have the not so kind anymore Tanjiro. Damn, he just got the heart wound open again. Not much to say about him as he was not the center of this chapter. He is probably more emotionally damaged than anything, he had been filling that gap left by his family with the new friends he has been making, but with Nezuko appearing like that to him, I wonder how it will affect his development until now. Can't wait to see more of that. Kanao showed some concern for Tanji interestingly enough, if I had to guess she finally is opening up more into the whole having friends thing, after all Tanji is also the one to trust her with protecting the others and suggesting her to open up more. She will find a wrecked boy though, can't wait for more interaction between those two too. And about her not having much development this arc, well there is a time for everything, I am sure you will give her, her own spotlight later on. Everyone got to progress through these hardships afterall.

Great chapter as always, loved it and thanks a lot fo continuing this amazing story. Looking forward for next chapter!
Hykf chapter 1 . 5/17/2020
Started reading this after 205. Seems interesting
AnikaSukino 5d chapter 22 . 5/17/2020
This story is great and sublime! the narrative structure, the development of the characters! and the AU that you use is ... ufff I'm speechless!
Take me time to read each chapter and it was worth it.
You know? The idea of what would have happened if Giyu had killed Nezuko (Although in your case you saved her in the last second to be part of the moons) is interesting. I go with the same idea to make a fanfic BUT how different it would be if Giyu DID kill Nezuko and Tanjiro not only was traumatized for life and yearns for his death to be reunited with his family, but while looking for a way to die, someone encourages the revenge. I want to do at least one-shot but first I want to end with Curse Blood which is a short story of an AU from the Kamado brothers.

Anyway, I just wanted to write that I love your work and your idea of how the story started inspired me!
I look forward to a new chapter! See you!
Cieszesi Niezmiernie chapter 22 . 5/17/2020
So you decided to go with the blood battle after all. And the idea of eating an eye with the number is very good idea in my opinion. After all you can tell someone is demon moon from his eyes. I think Nezuko will be able to climb to nr1 lower moon but I wonder how will she go from there. The power difference between nr.1 lower moon and nr.6 upper moon is way greater. She will need to eat a lot humans if she wants to take Daki place. Plus there is still Gyutaro.

There is also Rui case. I wonder what do you want to do with him. Kinda doubt he will die here, maybe he will also start climbing with blood battles after nezuko? It would be kind of interesing if Rui will one day become upper moon too.

Now that the manga is over fanfiction is the only thing left for me :P and this is the only KNY fanfic I really like, so I hope you won't burn yourself out on this story. Good luck :)
Wolvmbm chapter 22 . 5/16/2020
Amazing update as it seems that there are parts of Nezuko that are buried deep within her subconscious. It will be interesting to see what would happen next when the siblings reunite again.

Plus I do wonder: How long will the others see Tanjiro’s point of view and assist him in saving Nezuko ? It just seems like an uphill battle for him to deal with on his own.

Overall this was a great showing of where Nezuko has been and how she has changed.

Nice character development for Inosuke too as it seems that his brash actions nearly got him and Zenitsu killed. Now he needs to rethink his actions and try to know when to act when working with a team. Right ?

Wonderful job on this tale. I can’t wait to see what happens next now that Tanjiro knows that Nezuko is alive.
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