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HamburgerLife chapter 22 . 5/16/2020
Well, DaMn dO I hAvE mIxED fEeLinGS

First of all, I feel horrible and astonished that Inosuke has to take that huge wave of guilt in all at once, that's so mean yet so interesting. It will definitely be more than enough for character development.

Second of all, excited for Kanao seeing Tanjiro's stunned state and how she'll react.

Third of all, Damn that's one flamboyant ninja

Love the Chihime's point of view. Made my heart skip when she actually cared for and avenged the sister demon.

thestormwriter123 chapter 22 . 5/16/2020
Great chapter, as usual. I'm extremely eager to see where you're going to take inosuke character from here, considering that you just dumped a bucket of ice water over he blames of his personality. Keep up the great work!
lordpurgatory23 chapter 22 . 5/15/2020
epic chapter, i like how every little event pushes the character in a very real way and the actions actually have weight, also i guess the fights have to be like that so eh. well good luck on writing your next chapter
DEMONEZUKO chapter 22 . 5/15/2020
All the skaters are going to walk on Tanjirou questioning his existence. At least? Rui is still alive. Hope he actually takes Nezuko’s advice so when he (eventually) dies he won’t get disrespected.

Keep up the good work. I’m glad we get lots of Chihime screen time this update. :D
gogo bananas chapter 22 . 5/15/2020
I like the way you set up Inosuke for some real good character development. Still, how are you gonna even out Zenitsu.
SpineCricket chapter 21 . 5/11/2020
Finally catched up after 2 days reading. So to start off, amazing fanfic, loving every single part about it, just because this is a 'what if?' Kind of scenario.

Right now the story gives me the very same vibe the original story gives me, in the way that I am left with wanting to know what happens next and that I can barely predict what is to come. I wonder if you will go down the route with Nezuko staying as an antagonist, her becoming good, or hell even explore demon Tanji deeper at some point which the manga barely did. That is what its so fun about this, just can't wait to see what you got in store for us.

The manga is already coming to an end, a great ride I will not forget for such an amazing story. So I am just left wondering too, what will you do for your ending when it eventually comes? If I am left to guess it will differ to the actual ending of the original story, and I imagine there is a lot of tragedy and tears to come, afterall its KnY.

If there is anything I expect, is the character development and relationships with each other. This arc will definitely mark a big development for the senses, except probably Kanao, who had the least involvement. Zen and Inosuke got beaten up badly by LM 4 and they will have to get over that. And then we have Tanji who found out his sister is actually alive, but an enemy, I am very interested on what he will do about that, will he try to bring her back? Do as he said and actively hunt her as another demon? Probably not the latter seeing he still retains some kindness in him, although you never know, things happen. I am glad romance is being slow burn in this story, as I love the pairing of TanKana a lot and I am in to see how ZenAoi goes, so I do wonder how the couples will develop through all this crap happening.

So in conclusion I love this story and hope to see more, amazing content to read after the manga ends. And well things are funner when we do not know what will happen. Keep it up!
Wolvmbm chapter 21 . 5/5/2020
What an engaging battle between Siblings as it seems that Nezuko still has some of her human qualities still within her as she recognized Tanjiro when her mask dropped.

Now I wonder if there will be a slight side tale showing where Nezuko has been since the separation of the siblings ?

Also I wonder what will happen when Zenitsu meets Nezuko for the first time ?

I mean I am just getting used to the overall series and its characters and I do wonder if some things from the manga will exist in this alternate universe tale of yours ?

Keep up the good work upon this engaging tale.
lordpurgatory23 chapter 20 . 5/5/2020
make paragraphs a little more spaced out so the hyper human brain can take a little at a time instaed of seeing a huge paragraph and just giving u(also i put this here cuz i reached the reply limit of the next chapter lmao)
lordpurgatory23 chapter 21 . 5/5/2020
a piece of advice, dont make the fight scenes TOO detalied butvdont skim overbthem too, there are too many fanfics where the fighting is trash and a couple where the author puts in so much time on the fight scene even though because its soo detailed we just skim through it
mistake chapter 2 . 5/4/2020
Grammer is great small mistake on chapter 2 "a33way"
Anonymous chapter 2 . 5/4/2020
Seeing Nezuko turn into the enemy side and Tanjirou beating himself up for days is heart-wrenching. I’m still very excited to read through all of this!
Great job author!
Guest chapter 21 . 5/3/2020
Nooooooo This is going to tear Tanjiro appart and make him at odds with everyone else. Not to mention now that Nezuko killed humans his whole reason for fighting demons is in question. Plus he said that any demon who kills cant be redeamed. Finally this is my favorite demon slayer fanfic by far keep up the good work!
bon chapter 21 . 5/1/2020
One of the 3 or 4 demon slayer fanfics worth reading. Is their going to be any Nezukoxtaniro?
Exiled Yami chapter 20 . 5/1/2020
Honestly, this chapter was too good to be true. Not only did we get the conclusion to a really great fight—which was a way to showcase how badass Giyuu truly was in the Canon counterpart—that showcased Genya and Kanao's teamwork… we also got HANDS DOWN THE BEST FIGHT TO EVER BE WRITTEN WAS WHICH ZENITSU AND INOSUKE AGAINST RUI!

Okay, let's talk about how Genya and Kanao… Sike! We're gonna talk about that teamwork that both Inosuke and Zenitsu showcased. When I went into this chapter, I thought that those two would hold their own for a few minutes before finally getting their shit pushed in. What I didn't expect was how Zenitsu was literally dominating in this fight. Now, that's the surprising part but also not surprising at the same time if you get me. People always undermine Zenitsu and place him as the weakest of the Five senses, but this guy has shown numerous feats in the canon series. Except, most of these feats only got to happen later on. I shouldn't be surprised as Zenitsu here got a lot more Training in so his power level should be just under when his counterpart faced off against Daki. However, in all honesty… this man was the true MVP. THIS MAN LITERALLY HAD ULTRA INSTINCT THIS ENTIRE FIGHT. I can't wait for them to survive this arc and for Inosuke to be hyping the shit out of Zenitsu after this.

Onto Inosuke, he was really versatile in this fight. Using Spatial awareness to map out the entire arena which gave him some kind of Sage Mode-esque level of sensory. Truth to be told, from his bash nature, he truly pushed Rui to become serious in this fight. Although, he did eventually get cocky enough to let his guard down. Though, we should be reminded that his final move against Rui was literally the counterpart to Tanjirō first using his Dance of the Fire God technique and failing despite what the audience believed to have happened. That injury is going to really hold back Inosuke for some time, although I could be wrong considering how he recovered well enough from almost getting his windpipe snapped in the canon counterpart. Also, who can forget how Inosuke pulled a page from Captain America and dual wielded the weapon of Thunder against a seemingly undefeatable foe. Kind of sad to see him lose his mask, I do hope he at least gets a replacement, even if it isn't his "mother's" head.

Finally, returning to Zenitsu for one last time, that was really hype. In all honesty, Zenitsu in my opinion surpasses Tanjirō back when he faced Lower Moon 6. When you do look at it, Zenitsu would've killed Rui on the spot if it wasn't for his blade snapping. He's literally low tier Pillar material, and I wouldn't be surprised if he replaced Tengen later on if you do plan on following the Canon's storyline aspect for that one bit. In my opinion, Zenitsu's sleeping state should remain as a separate form for Zenitsu, almost serving as an Ultra Instinct Omen for him. It's really scary how those two fought tooth and nail and still would've died if it wasn't for Zenitsu using the last bit of strength to blind Rui temporarily.

Finally, Genya and Kanao. I really liked this as it showed that Kanao is a really capable fighter. Arguably, the fight could've been done way sooner if she sacrificed Genya, but I like how her character development has began to show that she truly does care for the others despite her awkwardness. In turn, Genya being the brute is really cool, even showing that he himself could be a strong demon if the transformation was more permanent. Which leads me to an interesting idea, maybe if you could have Tamayo learn of Genya's condition and implement a special drug that could contain the nutrition of a demon (Maybe from Tamayo herself, or she could collect different low-level demons to do the testing). It could be in pill form and would be interesting to see. Maybe the more he took, the stronger the transformation would be, but the bigger the backlash would be on him. That and it could probably last a while too, maybe an hour for each pill he took? If it was done, it could put Genya on a whole other level.

Anyway, my ideas aside, it's a really good chapter and you do seem to improve each time with what you deliver in terms of content. Can't wait for the awesome showdown between Chihime and Tanjirō.
Exiled Yami chapter 19 . 5/1/2020
Building everything nicely, there's so much tension. From Genya surprisingly holding his own well enough to Inosuke duelling Rui and finally, Zenitsu using Ultra Instinct.

What can I say? I'm impressed with a multitude of things. Genya, despite being the weakest, is probably one of the most resourceful and doesn't waste a single opportunity to change the level in the playing field. I looked the right choreography being played out in my head where Genya fights for survival without being entirely folded like an omelette. The mantra part was really cool, the four-arms upgrade for the Father Spider too as well as Genya's backstory is really cool. That and we finally get to see Kanao fight after the training arc!

I'm not going to lie, I'm honestly impressed with how Inosuke handled Rui, but in terms of his abilities, I shouldn't be. Out of the five, he's probably well suited to face Rui—and this may in fact give him the opportunity to shine. With unconscious Zenitsu on his side? The same one, with the help of Inosuke, managed to deal with Daki—who is an upper moon—shows his capable the boys are as a team.

I also like how you allow all the senses to be preoccupied with their own "Moon" (A joke since Canon Tanjirou and even the arc itself was hyping up the Father Spider to be the Lower Moon they were after, when it was in fact Rui) so that Tanjirō is all alone to face his sister. Can't wait to see the clash of siblings, both trained by the strongest twins in the series, and both having their official titles (Tanjirō technically being the "Sun Pillar" and Chihime being the Lower Moon 6).

In all honesty, it's going to be interesting how you'll handle things from now on, but I can say that I'm hyped for the upcoming chapters. Overall solid chapter and nothing to complain about.
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