Reviews for Sword and Shield
altron15 chapter 34 . 9/24
love the chapter, can't wait to the next wave and the battle, and of course the penguin suit. wish you the best.
IHTP-DJ2 chapter 34 . 9/19
I agree with everything written below.
tank2u1wood chapter 31 . 9/18
Re-reading this story in hope that a update is soon, forgot how amazing this fight was, and man was it awesome, also forgot how hyped this omake got me for shirou and cos eventual participation in the holy grail war
Hope life's well and thank you for this story
Wacko12 chapter 33 . 9/17
Why did you switch out Ren's Companions? Welt, Bakta, Tersia, and Farrie
Lycrow chapter 1 . 9/11
just a suggestion, how about an Omake in CHALDEA when Shirou gets summoned
Lycrow chapter 1 . 9/11
just a suggestion, how about an Omake in CHALDEA when Shirou gets summoned
Nain Tarlow chapter 34 . 9/5
This is one awesome story. So glad I stumbled on it.
At the start,I didn't epxect much but this story certainly delivered up and above of all my expectations. Really like this story and can't wait to read the next chapter.
Aside from Shirou and everyone else turning into badasses, I also like the fact that we have at least one other competent hero. Go Ren. Be better than your canon counterpart. It's not a really high bar but still, praise is where praise is due
kingdomhearts923 chapter 1 . 8/17
AnkhseramFT chapter 34 . 8/10
I wonder how Shirou will deal with L'arc Berg. or will he only meet Therese?
Blue Team Epsilon chapter 1 . 8/7
Really hope this story isn't dead.
Rodvek97 chapter 32 . 8/7
Thanks for the chapter.
happy day for naofumi i guess.
Rodvek97 chapter 31 . 8/6
Thanks for the great chapter!
Noice, Rishia finally get her own answer and can punch Itsuki.
Spedyalarm chapter 10 . 8/1
Few,, thank goodness it's FILO!
I am happy that it is Filo and not another Filolial.
Lyukengy56 chapter 34 . 7/25
update please and thank you
Lyukengy56 chapter 21 . 7/25
I like how ren is smart here
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