Reviews for Miraculous Dive Into the Mirror
AlienTokusatsuDuelistMangaGeek chapter 163 . 8/18/2023
This is getting interesting to the max with this mystery Dragon that had appeared. I wonder what kind of Dragon it is. I hope to see more of this soon.
TheBeatles211 chapter 162 . 8/17/2023
("Come on, it's just a myth." Gloria said. A massive energy pillar came out from the distance behind Gloria. They looked at it and Jin narrows his eyes. "Just a myth?") That was definitely a fast acting jinx.

That aside, it appears that Red Nova is the main villain of this arc. While they still have 5 days to train and prepare, I’m sure Red Nova’s Familiar will still make attempts to get rid of Jin before then. Probably by sending grunts and minions to attack Jin and the Amazoness village. I’m guessing the power Jin will eventually gain is Blazing/Burning Soul, since that’s what sealed it away the last time. I wonder if Jin will also gain Red Dragon Archfiend as a summon?

That aside, up next is Jin’s training with Amazoness Paladin. War Chief, Silver Sword Master, and Golden Chain Master will probably train him afterwards. And Empress will be last. At least this time of peril will keep the Amazoness’ advances in check. Although I doubt it’ll stop them from flirting and/or try to get ahead of the others. Anywho, I wish you good luck with your writing and I hope to see the next update soon.
Duyade chapter 161 . 8/17/2023
Some advice from Chloe if you want her to change, you should recommend a psychologist to help her tell about her problems and from there see where they come from and Chloe herself realizes that copying someone is bad and that what she did was wrong but has an opportunity to change it is only the will and decision of the person
Duyade chapter 155 . 8/17/2023
A piece of advice, don't follow the program, they simply threw out Chloe's development because of the creator of the series and he screwed it up, don't follow his example
Guest 3802 chapter 162 . 8/15/2023
I understand, i just loved that game when I was younger and thought it could be used for the riders. Anyway another interesting chapter. So the bad guy for this arc is red nova and he is on the rise. Hope Jin will be ready soon, because red nova has sensed Jin and his power and wants to devour him and add to his own power. Update again soon.
feriy1726 chapter 162 . 8/16/2023
is looks jin will unlocks red nova dragon just like jack
AlienTokusatsuDuelistMangaGeek chapter 162 . 8/15/2023
This is getting to the max with this Red Nova appearing. I hope to see more of this soon.
TheBeatles211 chapter 161 . 8/10/2023
Jin succeeded against Amazoness Spy, although now the Empress and her warriors are even more interested in him. War Chief seems the most impatient, but the Empress is keeping her in check for now. He also caught the eyes of red and blue haired Amazoness Scouts. Thankfully they just look small and young.

That aside, Tania showing up was interesting. I wonder if she has the power to change from her human form to her Tiger form at will? And Grace and Gloria were an even bigger surprise. Lore wise they aren’t duelist, but outsiders who joined the Amazoness tribe. I wonder if this means Mai Valentine will appear in the Harpie adventure? Anywho, I wish you good luck with your writing and I hope to see the next update soon.
Con-Man TF2 chapter 161 . 8/8/2023
Interesting that some of the girl Yu-Gi-Oh duelists are part of the Amazoness tribe in this story.
Con-Man TF2 chapter 160 . 8/8/2023
And so Jin's training begins, mainly in swordsmanship and archery. But it looks like the Amazoness Empress knows of him and is sending a spy to keep tabs on him. Oh boy.
Guest chapter 161 . 8/7/2023
I understand. Still another great chapter today, so the spy has now tested jin in his raia form. Now the empress will be more interested. The war chief will get to test him next but the empress wants to wait until jin gets stronger. On another note, its interesting that tania from yugioh gx and the twins from arc v are part of the tribe in this story. Have you ever played the game mini ninjas? And if you have could it be used in this story or your agito story? Update again soon.
AlienTokusatsuDuelistMangaGeek chapter 161 . 8/7/2023
This is getting interesting to the max with some of the Yu-Gi-Oh girls that have used the archetype are appearing. I hope to see more of this soon.
juhiko02 chapter 29 . 8/7/2023
So much for Jin to be the only Rider.
TheBeatles211 chapter 160 . 8/6/2023
“We also heard rumors of men in magical armors in other parts of the world." Well this clarifies that yes, more riders will be meeting yugioh archetypes as people instead of summons. And they even confirmed the Harpie archetype will be one of them. My best guess for the Harpies would be either OOOs, since his strongest form involves using the bird medals. Although it could also be Drive since the “Sekirei” literally mean Wag Tail (a species of bird).

That aside, Jin’s drama/trouble with girls is about to get even rougher now that the Amazoness Empress is aware of him. And his hopes of any of the Amazons being too young or too old is wishful thinking. The only Amazoness that would be too old to be seeking a man would be that old lady from the Amazoness Shamanism/Spell Caster card. Although I don’t know if she’d even be making an appearance since she doesn’t even have a monster card. And to be honest, before this I actually thought that the Amazoness Princess was a younger version of the Empress. There are a lot of yugioh monsters like that, where there are many cards of the same being but just in a different form.

Moving on, I look forward to seeing what kinda of new skills and abilities Jin will gain in this arc. The Legendary Bow could probably gain a lot of new forms and transformations. There are a few equip spells based on a bow, all he’d have to do is find and copy them. Or he could make a new bow by absorbing a monster he defeated, but only on evil and/or mindless ones. There are a ton of possibilities and options for the Legendary Bow. And maybe he could have Incursio gain a new form as well. If he fights a dangerous enough for, he could evolve enough to unlock a new form. Anywho, I wish you good luck with your writing and I hope to see the next update soon.
Guest 3802 chapter 160 . 8/5/2023
I understand. Still another good chapter today. So now the empress is interested in him, not good because she looks very aggressive with love. So another rider was seen in the part based on the archetype of the harpies, I wonder who it could be? Not to sound pushy but maybe next time you could give a hint, like you did in your ghost story when shun asked tommy if he met any other riders. Have you ever seen the movie hitchhikers guide to the galaxy? And if you have could it be used in any of your rider stories? Update again soon.
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