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Con-Man TF2 chapter 157 . 7/6/2023
And that wraps up Ikari Gozen and thankfully, it seems Marinette and Kagami's friendship may be closer than it was in canon since Marinette knows that Kagami is interested in Jin instead of Adrien. And it seems that Jin's ancestor Gen (I hope I remembered the name right) was once a wielder of the Dragon Miraculous. Wonder if that means that Jin may end up wielding it one day?

I've watched some Attack on Mika videos and they're pretty interesting. I can see why do decided to make a character in this story based on one of the Attack on Mika characters.
Guest chapter 157 . 7/5/2023
Another good chapter, I admit I am a bit disappointed that we didn't get to see jin use the dragon miraculous it was still good. So will jin never get to use the dragon miraculous in the future? Also thanks for the explanation on those characters in the last chapter. I've seen attack on mikan on YouTube I just have to check that out. One last question awhile back in the new year chapter, when you said you haven't played the game, were you talking about the actual miraculous ladybug video game? Cause I'm not sure, in one of my other comments the game I was talking about was Tokyo mirage sessions, and was wondering if it could fit in this story since jin is practically like an idol. Update again soon.
raz2694 chapter 157 . 7/5/2023
Well it seems that things turned out well for Marinette with Kagami since it was only discomfort instead of jealousy and according to reading it seems that Marinette thought that Jin would be a good holder of the dragon miraculous.

Well with the end of the fifth season of the series (which will have a one-year break); I hope you may have some ideas that you can add to the story.
AlienTokusatsuDuelistMangaGeek chapter 157 . 7/5/2023
This is getting interesting to the max with the max with the Ikari Gozen chapter. I hope to see more of this soon.
Con-Man TF2 chapter 156 . 6/28/2023
Never thought Jin had an ex-girlfriend. Though I'm glad he got over her because she was a snob. No wonder he doesn't like Chloe. She reminds him of Lilina. No doubt she's really regretting breaking up with Jin, but it's too late to try and get back together since he's moved on and has a girlfriend that loves him for who he is, not because of his status.
Guest chapter 156 . 6/25/2023
I understand completely. Still great chapter, man I never thought Jin had an ex girlfriend and man what a bitch, no wonder he hates snobs. So just to ask are Ichiro, Kou, and Lilina oc characters or are they from another anime, please let me know. Also sorry for more suggestions but I just remembered some. one for this story is ultimate muscle since this story also has wrestling, have you seen it and if so can it work or is it too weird and you’re not interested? The other is my bride is a mermaid, if you have seen it and can it work in any of your rider stories? Update again soon.
TheBeatles211 chapter 156 . 6/26/2023
Your definitely right about the drama from Jin's past. Frankly with how Lilina acts, I’m surprised Jin ever dated her to begin with. Whatever the case may be, he’s certainly in a much better place now. Surrounded by people he loves and love him. Anywho, I wish you good luck with your writing and I look forward to seeing the next update.
AlienTokusatsuDuelistMangaGeek chapter 156 . 6/25/2023
This is getting interesting to the max with the Beach chapter. I hope to see more of this soon.
AlexisBaudens chapter 154 . 6/6/2023
Very cool chapter. and a little detail that being French I found very funny (yes I'm a Frenchi, so what, lol) The name of the villain of this chapter can be translated by "Mange Amour" in French. and it is also the French name of Heart Hunter.
TheBeatles211 chapter 155 . 6/2/2023
Well this chapter had a few surprises. I actually thought that the Gold Ranger was Jin’s future daughter with Syd. I’m amazed that she is actually Anya from the future. I guess her calling Jin “Papa” and Anya(kid) being unable to read her mind should have been clues enough. I also thought the mother daughter scene between Future Anya and Bunnyx was funny. Knowing Anya, I doubt this is the first time she went time traveling without permission.

When this chapter first started, I was actually expecting this chapter to have Damien’s jealousy cause him into getting akumatized. The Krybots appearing was very unexpected. Were they trying to pull a Terminator move? Try to kill Anya in the past while she’s young so she doesn’t grow up to become the Gold Ranger? Although if that’s the case then that probably means that these Krybots are from a time period beyond of the time of the SPD Ranger’s Era. Maybe the era of the Omega and Nova Ranger’s? Anywho, I wish you good luck with your writing and I hope to see the next update soon.
TheBeatles211 chapter 154 . 6/2/2023
Well this was a nice chapter. Jin gets very protective for his girlfriends, so going with the aggressive fighting style of Ryuga makes sense. I’m also sorry to hear that people are complaining about your choice of giving Adrien a Rider form. Plenty of the characters you’ve made into rider eventually become a Miraculous wielder, so it really shouldn’t matter. As for making Chloe a Kamen Rider, I’m definitely against it. She, as well as Lila, only get worse as the series progresses. Some characters just don’t try to redeem themselves, instead they just dig themselves deeper into darkness. Anywho, I look forward to seeing what happens in the next chapter.
Con-Man TF2 chapter 155 . 6/2/2023
So the Gold S.P.D. Ranger was Anya from the future. I actually thought it would be one of Jin's biological children. This was a surprise.
AlexisBaudens chapter 155 . 5/30/2023
not a bad idea for a chapter. and in relation to the revelations made in the series, there's no need to worry. with everything you've done, and the episodes whose plot you've altered a lot (if Jin's introduction wasn't obvious enough) you have to treat the story as an alternative universe to the anime.
raz2694 chapter 155 . 5/30/2023
Well it was great to have some time for Anya at the academy, I didn't expect the gold ranger to be Anya from the future and I guess Anya can't read her own mind or it must be for other reasons.

I must agree with you; because nobody would know what could appear or happen in the current series, the only thing that can be done is to continue with the plans you have.
Guest chapter 155 . 5/30/2023
Right I understand. Anyway it’s a surprise to know that the SPD gold ranger is actually Anya from the future. Sorry for another suggestion and you may have been asked this question already, but I don’t remember. Have you ever seen the show dinosaur king? If you have can it be used in any of your rider stories? Update again soon.
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