Reviews for Harry Potter and the Artificer Legacy
Blazeb79 chapter 32 . 4/11
Well i wasnt expecting an eastern dragon but a tp lol i love this story but sometimes harrys so lame hahahahaha i feel so bad for him.
Pandamega chapter 71 . 4/6
I'm finally all caught up! What a great story so far! I really like that you completely deviated from Canon with your story. I mean I do enjoy reading different versions of the books, but reading the philosophers stone, chamber of secret, etc events over and over again gets pretty repetitive, so it was great to see you take such a different approach to the events without completely changing the story. It's also exciting to see that there are bigger events happening beyond just voldemort. I'm excited to see what happens next! It sounds like the world is in a lot of turmoil right now and it seems like it's only going to get worse. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story will us!
Pandamega chapter 1 . 4/5
Oh one more thing, I use a screen reader, and when you putx-x-x-x..." At the end and beginning of the chapters the screen reader reads each "x" or loud! It's extremely jarring to listen to a great chapter and then suddenly you hear "xxxxxxxxxxxx..." Out loud. The read aloud function on the fanfiction app does the same thing. I really enjoy this story but hearing that at the end of every chapter really kills the mood! If you use symbols instead the screen reader won't read it out loud, so you can just use dashes or asterisks or something instead. Please consider this for future chapters! Thank you for sharing this great fic!
Pandamega chapter 1 . 4/5
I'm really enjoying this fic so far! I just finished reading the first task of the triwizard tournament. I'm glad you replaced the real eggs with a hoard of treasure, it was terrible when real dragon eggs were damaged in Canon. I was conflicted about Harry killing the dragon. Dragons are sentient creatures and I don't like the idea of people hunting them. In the same time, the tournament organizers were foolish to use extremely dangerous sentient creatures in this stupid game, as the risk to both human and dragon safety was immense. It serves them right to lose a valuable dragon as a consequence of their decisions, but it's too bad the dragon had to pay that price. I'm the same time it's a good opportunity for Harry to acquire more useful creature parts. I hope they're will be a way for him to obtain freely given material from creatures without having to kill them and still have the same powerful magical ownership. Like a bequeathment of feathers/hair/blood/etc from other magical creatures. And does the rite of conquest apply to magical beings too, even wizards? Could Harry use human bones and stuff if he killed someone? Could he use voldemorts body parts in an artifact? (Ugh but that would kind of imply he would need to eat part of him!)

This fic is very unique, I've never read anything like it and I really enjoy it! The concept is completely original and very captivating. The only thing that bothers me is the young and of Harry when he starts his romantic relationships. It honestly makes me quite uncomfortable, from Tonks suggesting romantic relationships when Harry's still 11, to exposing her breasts to a 12 year old, and then they become more intimate at 13. It feels like grooming, even though I know it's not and I like Tonks and penny and fleur. I also think it's kind of silly for them to appreciate the physique of a 13 year old boy, no matter how muscular he may be. I've seen other fics deal with this issue by having hogwarts start later, like at 13 or even 17. Its hard because of the age difference too, and I understand you have good intentions. I just can't help that I feel uncomfortable with reading about a 13 year old being intimate, especially when one of his girlfriends is now around 20. This is your fic and and it's a damn good one, and I don't want to discourage you from making whatever decisions you feel are right, but I just wanted to share my thoughts on the matter so you can understand what your readers might be thinking. I have nothing against poly relationships or age gaps, it's just hard for me when one of the partners is still so young. If Harry were a 13 year old girl and Tonks were a 20 year old man I think it would be seen as very problematic. One of my good friends was groomed by an older man as a 14 year old so I find that I'm sensitive to this kind of thing. I'm still going to keep reading and enjoying this fic. You're a brilliant writer and the plot is very enjoyable. I was not trying to criticize your work or make you feel bad, I understand that you have good intentions with this fic that are complicated to work out logistically with everyone's ages. I'm going to continue reading now. Thank you for writing and sharing this with us, it's truly a remarkable story.
shizkane chapter 11 . 3/29
If he defeat tje basilisk and then make a blade with the propities it would become and artifact for sure and would be invited tl japan too. xD
shizkane chapter 9 . 3/29
I really was hoping to see Flamel and that they might become pen pal and harry would have the help of the most iconic alchemist
shizkane chapter 2 . 3/28
Amazing! I love Tonks
agentinfinity chapter 45 . 3/24
I really like your story so far and I really hope you destroy Umbridge in the most painful and embarrassing way
FsFalzar chapter 26 . 3/24
Idk… its a good story but imagining a 17 year old boy kissing on a 13 year old girl doesnt feel right. Thats whats happening in this story rn except the genders are reversed
The Sinful chapter 2 . 3/21
You know, this is my favorite chapter just for the REEEEEs from people who have been snorting fanon for 20 years and forgot that 1) The only "Ancient and Most Noble House" in canon is the Blacks, who call themselves that because they're a bunch of narcissist twats. Literally no one else goes by that. 2) It's never stated anywhere that Harry has a trust vault and family vault. Just that he has A vault. 3) It's also never stated anywhere that Harry was super fucking loaded. The only other family vault he's ever seen are the Weasleys who are so poor that dirt calls them peasants.

HowlnMadHowie chapter 71 . 3/16
Maybe I missed it, but did Harry even give his artifact house a name?

Also, the fact you finally brought Dumbledore into the picture is...ABOUT TIME! But...whatever happened to Snape since fall of Voldemort? With Voldemort dead Snape can now resign and get away from Dumbledore.
Tuckersdad chapter 71 . 3/15
this is a great story. i hope you continue this story.
JimmyRyan1 chapter 68 . 3/15
You got america’s reaction spot on
Guest chapter 71 . 3/14
This AU is excellent
WwEpsilonwW chapter 19 . 3/14
Harry eating his enemy is crazy. Dont take that out of context.
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