Reviews for Enemy of My Enemy 2: Crossroads
Child of Jon Snow chapter 23 . 7/11
Oh it finished. :(

And he revealed his identity.
I cant rember if the darbeys know who eric is.

This is a ratger fitting end to this.
Am i senseing a nother seaqul posibly with bee?
Child of Jon Snow chapter 22 . 7/11
Oh wow.
That toke a completly diffrnet turm them what i was expecting.
I hope that i get to see more soon and this is not going to be the end.
Child of Jon Snow chapter 11 . 7/11
Well i have finally returned to this fic and started agian.
I remebr the preschool fire and drive home so i started there.
Looking faward to binging the next 10ish chapters. :)
Child of Jon Snow chapter 7 . 2/1
I really like these storyies of youts assassins and formers so in depth and i relly dont know.
Looking faward to the bext chlater when it come!