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augter chapter 1 . 9/28/2021
Love this story but it is so frustrating. Sometimes not sure if I really understand what each of them really want and how with all this and hurt feelings they will every get based it. They are both so frustrating, but I guess that show what a great writer you are. Looking forward to this your next chapter
roganjalex chapter 44 . 9/28/2021
This is not what I expected but still entertaining; I don’t understand what Rory wants if she does not want Logan back?
Raiynbow chapter 44 . 9/28/2021
I am so glad you‘re still writing this story because I need closure. More than anything almost :D I‘m a bit confused with the story, maybe also because english is not my first language, but I love your style. It‘s so different than other fics. Much... deeper? Anyway, looking forward to the next one!
lucylulu chapter 44 . 9/28/2021
A new chapter of this story is always a gift.
Hope to read more soon.
I’d love to read about their Christmas
Keep going
Huntzberger chapter 44 . 9/28/2021
Logan’s dragging out the custody agreement battle, I think is because he doesn’t want them to actually go through with it. Doesn’t want to live in a different household as Rory and doesn’t want to just be a baby partner but what they were before. What’s the story behind the bruised wrist? I guess he took some of his frustration of their current situation out on something eventually bruising his hand. Logan’s reaction on the future spouse file was a bit… assuming that Rory wouldn’t move on and we clearly know that Logan Huntzberger’s name is not going on another marriage certificate so I am sure he also realized that their is a pretty good chance Rory would marry eventually but the question is, Is Logan ready for that reality? Logan’s ego really does touch heights here, not that I am complaining. It’s just who he is. I want to read a bit of Logan POV during this time in their relationship.

It’s kind of very endearing to see Huntzberger’s back Rory up so much. Mitchum knows a good thing when he sees it. And that drawer, oh my god. Logan really only shows a fraction of what he really feels for Rory. A very tiny fraction. Makes me wonder if he is scared to get hurt with Rory with his past experiences with Chelsea and Rory’s bolting.

I hope Rory walks down her mother’s footsteps and be brave enough to go after Logan and be the new self she wants to be. The one taking charge of her life than just floating by.
Guest chapter 44 . 9/28/2021
I'm glad she's done with riddles, I hope she stands her ground. I will continue to bang the drum of Logan not being worth all this hassle. She's been his third priority(at best), he's done nothing to show his love and commitment to her. Keeping the doodles mean nothing in a relationship this toxic. I want her free of him.

Your a great writer, I'm really interested in this fic. Just maybe not the way you intend. Thanks for writing!
52shari chapter 44 . 9/28/2021
Rory still seems to be Logan’s theoretical punching bag. Yes the ex wife seems to unsettle Logan. Mitchum doesn’t do anything without demanding something in return. He and Honor highjacked Rory’s holiday. Not much compassion or kindness for Rory she’s used up her purpose
QuEline chapter 44 . 9/28/2021
Im with Rory why does everything with Logan have to be in riddles and his ways or no way at all, ugggh they are both stubborn, but I am glad that they all agree that the should be together, and that they put aiden first with speech therapy, great chapter I think I shed a tear or two with every chapter lol, I’m too emotional for my own good
Huntzberger chapter 43 . 9/23/2021
This chapter really gave me a lot of insights into how things went down in California. After the reading the first part and Logan’s reaction to everything that went down that day, from putting Chelsea in her place, being so thoughtful and honest to Rory. It doesn’t make sense for Rory to fight or give him the silent treatment as she did after coming back from California which happened a few chapters ago.

As we all know Rory is really really bad to being ready for love especially in this fic as Logan references also to it towards the end of this chapter. I feel a part of her running away from Logan comes from her fear that he doesn’t love her as much. He still somewhat loves his ex wife, he really really loves his son but when it comes to Rory I feel something is missing. I can’t put a finger on it yet but a certain sense of trust and reliability is missing from their relationship with the amount of running away Rory does and Logan’s shut downs.
ShielaE chapter 43 . 9/9/2021
Additional comments on Chap 41 -
Is it just me who is not getting why Logan still needing this relationship with Chelsea that he risks his relationship with Rory. He says he loves Rory the mother of his child but then anything Chelsea related he goes running there.

I agree with Rory that if he needed comfort then he should sought her. his sister, his friends, his father. Why Chelsea? Because her father is a father figure to Logan? I thought Mitchum has stepped up to be a father a while back? That doesnt mean he no longer value the role of Chelsea's father or their history but why does he still keep running to Chelsea? She has been in play since the start of this story and I am still lost to why.

Also, I think Logan's expectation from Rory to have another baby is not justified especially when he doesn't seem to show that level of commitment to Rory and I dont mean marriage. Logan has from the get go committed to have a child but he has not provided an explicit life long commitment to Rory - not at this point and especially that he seemed to be still hung up with his ex-wife.

For this Chap 42 -
This California part here - why did Logan bring Rory there? I still don't understand the reason. Logan knows this party was Chelsea's party and yeah Rory will be a pariah. So why would he do that to Rory? And he said, he is ending it here in this party with Chelsea so he still has not ended something. What exactly is he ending? But then in the funeral, he goes back to Chelsea? I think up to this point, I think this Chelsea thing has been here too long. Is that the intention - Chelsea will continue to be part of this story? If yes, then that explains her continued presence.
ShielaE chapter 42 . 9/9/2021
Will Chelsea not disappear yet? :(
ShielaE chapter 38 . 9/8/2021
This California meeting with the ex-wife is not making sense, What is Logan's purpose on all this - about winning? Why is he still holding on to this woman and bringing Rory with him. I am all for some drama/ angst but this Chelsea character is very unlikeable and I assume that is the point but I hope she disappears sooner rather than later. She has been a in this story far too long IMO.
ShielaE chapter 32 . 9/8/2021
I love this Chapter specifically that photo shoot at the Greenwich meridian line and their moments in London. I am sill wondering what is up with the wedding ring. Why is Logan still holding on to it? as much as this AU is quite different to other Rogan stories where Rory is always the love of Logan's life or his soulmate. I am not liking Chelsea here looks like Logan's soulmate though. She doesn't sound like a likeable person.
Wendy68 chapter 43 . 8/31/2021
Just found your story! Love it!
Kazza65 chapter 43 . 8/23/2021
Wow! What a loaded chapter. Any "I love you" I'd gladly take despite the location or situation lol!
Okay California was very insightful. Geez Chelsea doesn't hold back with the digs does she? God I hope they (C&L) are DONE.
Nothing like naked Finn lol.
It's one or the other L never both which is frustrating. Glad Lorelai loves little L despite his all mini Huntz :D
Awww a pocket full of kisses instead of rainbows - love it.
All this contrast and suing/lawyers are really out of hand and a stretch in my opinion. Didn't they already have an iron clad agreement all set up in the beginning?
Monday night dinners must be very silent not to mention awkward. Poor Aiden, hate separated situations when kids are going from one home to the other.
Oh Amelia is just mini Mitchum love it.
I hope Honor can get through to her stubborn spiteful behaviour of a brother and hopefully both Rory and Logan seek some therapy or intervention to bloody communicate and get back on track. Its obvious they are hurting and hurting each other in the process with all this misguided unapologetic angst.
Like the kite reference;)
Why wouldn't Logan call Lorelai? I found that strange especially when Rory asked.
So Rory is in SH every second weekend not Manhattan? Good birthday reminiscent of the OS.
So no birthday present for Rory from Logan...sad.
You mention 3 birthday candles, shouldn't it be two? And I got mixed up with the dates too.
Lol at the girls ambushing Logan and that Birkin bag rears its head hahaha.
Maybe this camping trip will have Ben knock some sense into his friend and Logan gets some prospective on how Rory could be hurt by his actions and the separation of his worlds. He took advantage of her, she's all his got and now he needs to show he can stick by not giving up his soul so easily by being honest and loyal to Rory. Where is the Quan/kwan
She doesn't get what she can't give" - painful. Ugh! So much to talk about. I should stop talking :/
The dialogue and everything written brilliantly as usual, you're a gem. X
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