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I'mFeelingAllTheFeels chapter 48 . 6/29/2022
Can’t believe you posted this in April and I’m just reading it now. I hat ’s lack of notifications. I don’t know what’s going on with it. Either way, a great end to a great story.
ReadAndLive chapter 48 . 5/10/2022
I’m so happy for one of my favorite versions of this couple! And I so can’t wait to re-read the whole thing and have it unfold again. This was such a long and twisty journey and it’s bittersweet it’s complete. But happy that it seems like their reboot is going to work much longer than 5 extra years. Thank you for creating this amazing story and sharing it with us!
ReadAndLive chapter 47 . 5/6/2022
Ugh such a good chapter. Glad that Rory is connecting the dots more and Logan is giving her more to go on, the tension on the string now a good thing, drawing them into each other. They both have a bit more spark, despite the obligations ramping up.
ReadAndLive chapter 46 . 5/5/2022
Long hiatus reading this story and I still love it so much! The dance forward and back is so aggravating at times, so I’m glad that things are starting to slip and crack open. Excited to see Rory back in Seattle, looking for answers.
December Jeffries2 chapter 48 . 5/2/2022
I love that you wrote this final interaction of Rogan's, just like Jerry Maguire. I'm assuming, that I will call my lawyers means she will infact be becoming a Huntzberger as his wife. This was a great story. I like how you had time going back and forth and how many metaphors were used. There is great potential, for you to write a sequel. I do hope you do. We the fans, would love to see them get married and possibly have more children.
Dino11.9.93 chapter 48 . 5/1/2022
So now we reached the end... no more updates from 'About a Boy'. It makes me happy but also sad because I got used to it over the last two years.

It was a great ending but I think I need a fanfiction written about this fanfiction :D

So many questions are still in my head. Will they have that seconnd child? Will they really go through with the wedding? How is rory gonna handle the Huntzberger obligations? How is Logan gonna handle the Huntzberger obligations? Are they really commiting this time to their relationship and stay together?

But I gueess this wasn't the topic of this story and that's why you ended it here. I will definetly use your discussion board and ask some more plot related questions there. Great that you opened it afterall!

THANK YOU again for this amazing story. it brought me so much joy and I will definently read it again in the future (mutlitple times).
Chelsea alexandra chapter 48 . 5/1/2022
Oh my gosh I’m so sad this journey is over. I’ve re read these beautiful chapters countless times, discovering something new each time. Nothing compares to reading them for the first time. ! Thank you for this.
The ending was horrifically perfect.
merderluvr chapter 48 . 4/28/2022
Oh what a wild ride this was! I loved how you replicated the opening scenes of this chapter and the first chapter. The images of Logan and Aiden warm my heart even more now. I was so glad he didn’t take his sleeping pills while caring for Aiden thus letting him overhear Lorelei and Rory’s kitchen confessions.

Lorelei is so two faced regarding Logan. She knows he still means the world to Rory and appreciates the beautiful grandson he and Rory share yet she can’t help holding grudges against him for his past actions. She still hasn’t gotten over Rory running into Logan’s arms instead of hers at the airport more than 3 years ago.. She admitted she slapped him. She seems to want to wage a custody battle with Logan for Rory and Aiden She can’t say enough bad things about him because she doesnt want him to win Rory even though she knows Logan is who they really need.

Lorelei did describe the intensity of Logan an Rory’s relationship perfectly. They go from 0-100 so fast your head spins. Their romantic relationships are similar. It’s a shame Lorelei has traumatized Rory throughout her life with insecurities about her mom and dad and provided her with such a warped role model..

Her noisy editing of the photos was cute. It’s great that she clearly captures these cherished memories for herself. I loved the blurring of his image so she could use the photos for Getty stock. She’s always had to blur their boundaries to maintain their relationship. After hearing it all I was glad they decided to talk. Happy the orange tent was Re-used to bring them together. This tent has brought them So many great moments.. You gave us so much lust without having to give details. It looked like the tent and Logan were working their magic again. Too bad Rory is such a mess and refuses to trust him. His London plan sounded ideal to me. His impromptu proposal and improvised gold ring made me so happy for a moment. Gotta love his spontaneity!

Logan’s business trip with Mitchum brought him back to earth, momentarily. Liked Mitchum wearing his usual Yellow tie ((Logan hates yellow). Too bad Logan had to take his Ritalin (tic tacs) to survive the trip. You showed how different they are. I’m glad the Space related Breaking News gave Logan his epiphany and motivated him to pursue his future path. The space shuttle toy that Aiden got from his dad that he clutches onto was a great image.

Chelsea reappeared but this time she clearly was conceding to Rory. Thankfully she cleared things up. Glad She got to actually meet Mini Logan and see the wonder of the stars in his eyes. Aiden’s questioning her and Rory’s Super protective mom response were great. Interesting to see she reverted back to Rosen. Nice to see Chelsea realizes Logans life with Rory and his little Boy were meant to be.

Oh what a way to reboot their mission! The lions den of Stars Hollow knitters with strings everywhere was a great arena for this showdown. It took a lot of courage for Logan to enter that home and say “Hello”. The weaving of his favorite movie, Jerry Maguire, with the space reboot concept was genius. Saying “ I love You” without it being in the heat of the moment was overwhelming. You broke my heart and made me smile.

You magically concentrated so much into this scene. So few words, but so much was accomplished. When she said those infamous words, “ you had me at hello”, I cried. Perfect way to seal their relationship. I’m glad Lorelei had to witness this unforgettable, undeniably happy scene. For once, I was thrilled he was going to contact his lawyers.

I know this is the Last chapter, but I have so many sequels running through my mind with the way you left us. I’d love to see a short story about our little space hero as well as Honor’s and The Current crews‘ handling of the news. You deserve kudos for the masterpiece you’ve created and the way you got us so addicted to going on this mission with them and all the other colorful characters that we fell in love with. I can’t thank you enough. You are AMAZING!

Enjoy your extra time with your Little Boy! Thanks!
starry3y3dangel chapter 48 . 4/27/2022
Thank you for taking us to a journey through your words and story. It has been an amazing ride. I hope that you’ll continue to write and share your talents with the world.
debbycooke chapter 1 . 4/27/2022
awesome just awesome!
so sad to see this finishing I want more ...
mvnlaredo chapter 48 . 4/27/2022
Oh wow. Perfect ending. I am so over the moon about this story. And his whole speach at the ens and the Jerry Maguire reference is just fantastic. I have enjoyed this story and I really Hope to se more from you at some point. Thank you so much for telling this awesome story and give us something to look forward to, it has been a great ride.
lucylulu chapter 48 . 4/27/2022
what as great end of a great story!
thanks for giving it to us
hope you'll keep writing, you are so good
lkrissan chapter 48 . 4/27/2022
You had me at Hello!

Thank you for finally letting this happen. A truly wonderful story. Your writing is impeccable. Loved every line in every chapter.
Guest chapter 48 . 4/27/2022
I am so sorry to see this story end... it really is my all-time favorite story of these two. Each time a new chapter showed up, I was so excited. I hated that one showed up yesterday, as I figured it would be the last. You did a remarkable job throughout of re-writing their scenes and words from the TV show to fit into these somewhat different characters. I love this story.
Huntzberger chapter 48 . 4/27/2022
The ultimate of this story is deserving of so much more than what I can say. I was on the edge of my seat until the very end. My favorite scenes from this particular chapter has to be one where Lorelai can’t let go of Logan outshining her at the airport, lol that’s so her. Two, the tent scene obviously made me experience a range of emotions. And the final where they are both ready and yet not at all ready to start the next phase of their life. I think they were never ready, they were never going to be ready but what changed at the end was they were willingly to not be ready yet jump in for good. Especially Rory. I am kind of glad Chelsea made one last appearance here. My relationship with her is of love and hate. I love reading her but hate putting her in context to Logan’s first love. That was always a hard pill for me to swallow while reading this story. After reading the ending I don’t feel that way about her anymore. I think I finally see her the way you intended all along.

About a boy has managed to lit my inside on fire far more times than I would like, made me want to throw my phone across the room while reading the stubbornness Logan and Rory showed repeatedly. The story made me desperate to read a connection they shared like the one in show. However whatever you wrote next always surpassed my expectations.

You are an phenomenal writer, I think we have already established. Never have I read a fan fiction or a romantic book that has captured the essence of relationships in this raw yet unique way. Obviously Rory and Logan were at the center of this story’s exploration but even the relationship between Logan and Lorelai was intense and funny to read.

I am happy I got to read the epic ending of this story. As a fellow Rogan shipper I think you did them good. Better than just good. I will miss the feeling of my heart racing on receiving the notification of this story’s update.
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