Reviews for Daphne's Letter from the Future
kiwihipp chapter 25 . 11/28
So the truth is out at last and with the Queen and British prime minister and the Minister for Magic all appearing on the same stage is a great idea. The best way to do it.
A really well written story right until the end.
kiwihipp chapter 24 . 11/28
Well done Harry for finally telling people close to you what kind of upbringing you had! That is probably one of the first steps of healing the memories of a non-childhood.
Again, Harry shows his maturity, when he refused the bodyguard and personal servant offers from Crabbe and Goyle family members. That he forgives the debt is also magnanimous.
Pansy Parkinson shows how bad you can become.
Harry deserves to be knighted and again, helping all the muggleborns being recognised and getting work in the magical world is amazing.
I like that fact that he likes to work in his own restaurant and that no one catches on.
kiwihipp chapter 23 . 11/28
That was an exciting chapter! To the end, Dumbledore tried to take the glory from Harry! Thank goodness for them all wearing the protection against all kinds of spells etc.
Good that the spirit of Hogwarts threw Dumbledore out, it should have been done much earlier! He will still die from the curse, so his sentence was lenient.
The message from Dan Granger to Petunia was very effective.
Harry is good at understanding what the Goblin nation appreciates.
kiwihipp chapter 22 . 11/27
So suddenly Voldemort is all on his own! Poor him!
Very gracious of Harry to honour the lifestyle Narcissa is used to!
kiwihipp chapter 21 . 11/27
Again Dumbledore is thwarted!
Harry really has this thought out very well! I wish him and the team well!
kiwihipp chapter 20 . 11/27
Amazing work by Harry and the team.
I hope they learned enough to win the challenge!
Good that Dumbledore was denied access and that they got out unharmed.
kiwihipp chapter 18 . 11/26
Tell the wizarding world, after clipping Rita Skeeter’s wings, then challenging Voldyshorts!
Finally, asking Magic to judge who should be believed, Dumbledore or Harry! Really great work Harry.
kiwihipp chapter 17 . 11/26
Really shows you how the magicals have no idea how quickly news can be spread by muggle means (computer and internet).
The betrothals are complete, tomorrow, the magical world will know.
It will be interesting to find out what exactly Harry’s plans are!
kiwihipp chapter 16 . 11/26
Well done for getting rid of Fenrir and Bellatrix! Just as well Tonks had kept on practising at the firing range. The twins managed to track the death eaters that went back to Malfoy Manor.
Harry is really brave at finding the precise location of MM, now let’s see what happens,
kiwihipp chapter 15 . 11/26
Well done Harry for not letting Dumbledore sway you in the punishment of the pink toad! What she did was despicable and she deserved being kissed by dementors!
The double warding of the box was interesting.
kiwihipp chapter 14 . 11/24
Oh wow Harry Potter! You are really good at finding out what matters!
kiwihipp chapter 13 . 11/24
Things are progressing really well now!
kiwihipp chapter 12 . 11/24
Trust Molly to tell Dumbledore everything!
So please Arthur rose to the occasion and told Dumbledore to leave!
Let’s hope Kingsley’s suggestion is workable.
kiwihipp chapter 11 . 11/24
Well done Harry, for stepping up, even though you didn’t think you should. Thank goodness for the letter from your older self!
Dumbledore does not accept a NO from anyone it seems! Too bad Harry won’t accept him trying to get in!
kiwihipp chapter 10 . 11/23
The true Ronald comes out in these last paragraphs! So sad that is the case!
As for Dumbledore, he obviously has not quite understood that Harry no longer trusts him and therefore will not be his unwilling pawn.
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