Reviews for No Need for Titles (Originally by A Simple Cup)
stelsinister21 chapter 5 . 6/28
Does arendelle have the same religion as the vikings? the king just spouted "odin's beared"
HiccupxElsa chapter 21 . 6/22
Love the story keep up the good work just take a break for a bit and then continue we all believe in you I do too and I’m sure you’ll see this to the end update us on the next chapter when your ready till then I really enjoyed it.
DRAGONSLAYER666 chapter 21 . 6/11
Finish the story you are so close and the story is honestly one of the better ones that I have read
gudino chapter 1 . 6/3
please continue i love this
OmniscientReader chapter 13 . 5/12
Woahh! Too fast! That was some rapid plot progression! And if Astrid wrecks this party... i’m gonna be mad
OmniscientReader chapter 13 . 5/12
Oh, so that’s how he found out
OmniscientReader chapter 12 . 5/12
Kinda feel sad for Heather. When’s he gonna find out about the king and queen?
OmniscientReader chapter 6 . 5/12
I thought he was gonna survive the storm? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...
Smoke chapter 21 . 4/13
We will be here and support you through any decisions you make my friend.
warlocktoungue chapter 21 . 4/14
Aw pal...
I'm so sorry you are not feeling like writing right now... hope it's nothing too serious what's blocking out your inspiration...
Please take all the time you need, I'll be right here waiting for a new chap...
Hope to read you soon!
Michell chapter 21 . 4/9
Take your time
Jake chapter 21 . 4/9
No worries. Just take it easy.
Ryner510 chapter 21 . 4/9
No worry about it. Always prioritize yourself when you ready or not to write again. I hope to see you update once again in the future. See you next time!
LolRcl chapter 1 . 3/14
A continuation! Yay!
Atea1793 chapter 17 . 2/22
Why does Hiccup's little sister have the same name as Rapunzel and Eugene's daughter...?
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