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Hemanty342 chapter 50 . 1h
Nice fist of the North star reference
SIRasdf chapter 51 . 1/24
Great, so now I don't have to see this shit clog up the comment section anymore.
Gokaimaster100 chapter 51 . 1/17
This was awesome! Especially using all the songs from said show!
Magic Detective chapter 1 . 1/13
Shouldn’t this be complete now?
Gaim chapter 51 . 1/13
Hey can you guys make gaim crossover?
Excite22 chapter 49 . 1/8
If your gonna do the Reiwa the First movie, you should have Another Zero One and Another Ark One with Ark Zero serving as the host. At the climax of the fight, Another Ark One is destroyed but Ark is still fuctional. Ark’s liquid form fuses with Another Zero One. Combine Another Zero One, Ark’s malice liquid form and the leftover energy of Another Ark One creates Another Ark Zero One
heroic spiderman chapter 51 . 1/8
so was faiz was takumi or kaido. I curiosity because time wrapping was involved and I lost track. but beside that GAIM DANG that was a amazing finale,an amazing story 10/10. those who work on this are the real MVPs! now hopefully for a v cinema revisions but if not I ok with it. now if you need I gonna work on my own Kamen rider fanfiction on wattpad
link:httpswww. wattpad
httpswww. wattpad
once again thank you for the amazing story and tribute to my favorite series and my favorite era
ChaosSonic1 chapter 51 . 1/7
With that I want to thank you both for this fic seriously you guys helped me get trough this final half of the year with this fic (especially since I got scammed out of 9800 dollars in December), now I wanted to talk to you guys of possibly me and my friends possibly writting a story based off this story in our fanfiction project, also the reason why I didn’t ask you questions trough this story was cause you both didn’t reply to me so I felt like what was the point at the time (which didn’t help cause of the scammer) but I will say that I always enjoyed this story and wanted to see more revised Kamen Rider fics and if we do make a Zi-o revised inspired story we (I will make sure brown phantom will) will give you credit on the Zi-o revised fic inspired story but as I said I can’t wait hell I can’t wait for the ghost revised fic since BP and I got something to cross Ghost with, Shaman King but that is a story for another day
Bastion Lightz chapter 51 . 1/7
... there are so many things I want to comment on in a positive manner that this chapter-no, this story, has provided. So, I'll limit it to four things.

1. Ohma Zi-O being Another Grand Zi-O layered under Tsukuyomi's power was brilliant, and the perfect explanation to everything. Even in the show, he felt like the pinnacle of A-Riders and of what they represent; the opposite of the Riders they're stealing from. Of course, I was off thinking it was A-Ohma Zi-O, but only because you guys made Shin'O.

2. Shin'O Zi-O is amazing! The design is what I would imagine supreme power that surpasses gold to be; platinum is rarer/stronger than gold, and you included diamonds. Shin'O as his extra final form would have been better in canon. Even Ohma couldn't use Zero-One's.

3. I know Super Rising Ultimate is Onodera's extra form from the novel as well as some of the others but was Ryuki's real?

4. After reading this story from start to finish, I realize I want to bounce ideas off you guys more than before. Especially after seeing Shin'O. Because honestly, I still want to revise Wizard. I even have some ideas on how to do it. I also want to know how you did the A-Rider voice thing too.

So many other things I'd love to congratulate on, like the usage of the three songs for Zi-O's evolution battle against Swar-Ryu, the realization that Ohma never existed as his form to become, and Swartz and Hiryu devolving into children, but I'm sure I'm wasting your time. You guys enjoy this break.
Guest chapter 1 . 1/7
It's perfect I think oma zio being a another grand zio is a very interesting theory and may be true!
KinoLangDanzel chapter 51 . 1/7
An amazing ending to an amazing story.
I’m surprised about that new Zi-o form, Shin’o.
I really wish to see the transition of the jingle and to actually have art of this form. It’s to damn cool.
And it appears that Zero One will take place in this new fused timeline.
I will admit I had a few personal problems with the end though. Remember, it doesn’t detract that this was a good end to your story.
1. The appearance of the “Ohtori”. I have no idea what its name means in English but it’s sudden appearance and Sougo’s instant recognition and acceptance to it was kinda jarring to me. It’s like “oh yes here’s this thing that was never hinted nor made mention of before. Time to use this literal Deus Ex Machina to attain a never before hinted at form.”. You should of at least made some hint or sign of it’s existence before. When I first read about it I was hella confused but I was able accept it, albeit reluctantly. Though you might have made that scene in the end of Movie War Generation X where the Base Zi-o ridewatch glowing as a sign of this new power but I don’t know if that’s what you we’re trying to do nor do I see it if it was your intention.
2. While the ending was great and our heroes across time get there happy endings, it would’ve been nice if the ending was split into two chapters. With “Ch. 51” being the fight with Another Grand Zi-o and his defeat/death and “Ch. 52” being the epilogue chapter where our characters have more time to experience the new changes and improvements of Sougos newly formed timeline. The end went kinda too fast for my tastes, with many time skips scattered about and little mention of how the other riders are experiencing this new futuristic-esque timeline.
3. The lack of a “true” Zero-One cameo appearance. While technically Shin’o Zi-o using Metal Cluster Hoppers Metal Rising Impact and the appearance of a Humagear can be classified as cameos or hints of Zero One, I was kinda expecting Aruto to come in either as himself before he took up Hiden Intelligence as President (as a comedian) or in his suit as Zero One.

Again, it’s just personal things that I had on the ending. It’s a good ending and I give props to you for making it.
Now the one thing I’m wondering is if your ever gonna make a “Zero One: Revised” in the future. Maybe not anytime soon but sometime in the future.
Neo-Arsene chapter 51 . 1/7
My God this is too good... THIIIS IS TOOO GOOOOD AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH I FREAKING LOVE THIS ENDING! Thank so much for saving Zi-O ending also... oh my no words to say you guys done a good job im hoping to see Your Revise version of Zero One next and take a good rest you two awesome authors thank very much again for saving Zi-O...
Pikatwig chapter 51 . 1/6
Well... we made it to the end everyone.'s hard to believe it. And I gotta say... this is, in my opinion, one of the BEST Kamen Rider fanfics I've read. And my good buddy honestly says he thinks this is a better Zi-O than what we actually got.

Once more, I'm asking for the A-OK to do a whole story wide review. I promise that credit will be given and stuff. It's just... I want to promote this amazing rewrite to more people and give it more readers. Heck, in a review me and my friends did, we gave this story a few plugs because of how good it is.

Now then, for the finale. Ohma Zi-O being a transformed Kaijin Zi-O... brilliant. Absolutely brilliant! I didn't see it coming and the masterful way it was revealed, that was amazing! And then Shin'Oh Zi-O (which... is that "True King Zi-O"? And what does the melody translate out as?) is amazing. Although, I'll admit, I do think Aruto's appearance was a little abrupt. Not that it was bad, just a bit abrupt.

Also, I do wish we could've gotten to see Sougo propose. Ah well. There's always a Rider Time special. ...can we please get one for Tsukuyomi since one's clearly not happening?

Overall, this story was amazing and you guys have given me more ideas for my own revision of Zi-O.

The only big question I kind of have is how much did the Wild Zi-O stuff revise the long-term plans for the story? Also, what influenced the creation of Rise? Just curious.

Have an amazing time off and I can't wait to see what you guys do next.
WeAreTheWord chapter 51 . 1/6
Been reading since you uploaded the first chapter. Props to you
DanielJensen chapter 51 . 1/6
Guys I truly enjoyed and love the story and everything that you did with it my only problem is does that mean all the main riders of timeline B are dead and they’re going to be remembered as another riders that’s my only problem with it.
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