Reviews for Wayfinders (Book 4)
TigrezzTail chapter 20 . 11h
Kinda surprised that they would get involved, but given the possible consequences I can see why they would feel the need to do so.
LadyMidnightBat chapter 20 . 10/19
Love tomoe and her baddie self and kakumau is one of the best parts of the series. Very excited for the kiri arch
I think Oro is gonna be very cool. He was never seen in cannon as being anything like a real kage who cared about his people but more that he built it as a means to have power and tools and test subjects, which granted, is still true but definitely different. It will also be interesting to see how his connection to akatsuki plays out, another thing blurry from cannon. Granted, I didn’t see all of cannon so I could have missed stuff but I do feel as though a lot of stuff about him didn’t make enough sense. I also think that cannons attempts to humanize him failed spectacularly, so I guess we’ll see.
Soooo... any chance of a sharingun coming from Toru? Like, any chance?
Cuz being mixed shouldn’t necessarily disqualify him, like maybe it has different stages or requirements then the normal, like it has to be activated like the mangekyo or that it only has certain stages of the sharingun? Not that he ain’t already badass but I’m wondering about the heritage he might get cuz up it does sometimes feel like he missed out a lot on that. If you were a less brilliant writer you would have given him one immediately, so I will be curious to see if you give him one at all. Whatever you do, I imagine it’s going to be great. Of that I have no doubt.
TigrezzTail chapter 19 . 10/15
Wow, the betrayal I expected from ole Oro, but the acceptance, the vague respect? Never in a million years... And the birthday sentiments were beautiful.
Dragons and Dragons chapter 19 . 10/11
That interaction with Orochimaru was very interesting. There’s certainly character development going on there - Orochimaru is getting more aware of himself, I think. Veeery interesting.
Random Wingithingy chapter 19 . 10/10
Another great chapter! I love the birthday scene so much - hopefully Toru will finally feel some self worth now. Yes, Dai joining the team is so great :D. That Kimimaro and Jugo scene was nice and short, but so fluffy haha. I also found the Orochimaru thing pretty interesting. It went from Toru being ambushed to Orochimaru being betrayed to them fighting together to them fighting each other, and then finally them kinda actually becoming allies.
Also, a typo in the chapter:
During the scene where Toru first gets the bead: "Sora's fingers are gentle, tugging softly, and when she's done, she playfully on the brain." I think you meant "playfully tugged on the braid?"
Welp, I loved it and as always, I hope to read more. :) - Wingi
LadyMidnightBat chapter 19 . 10/10
Snake bastard is in fact less of a bastard then I was expecting, maa I dig it.
On aside note that birthday was so incredibly beautiful that I damn near bawled my eyes out. Some of my favorite scenes that you tend to right r the family/team ones and they just make me so happy. I do wanna see a bit of sora and souma interacting with their clan but this chapter was beautiful. Thx so much.
TigrezzTail chapter 18 . 9/29
So hopefully they can arrange something rather than hoping Konoha never finds out about Sora and Souma. though I'd imagine Tsuande would lean toward leniency, simply because it provides a good way to start off on the right foot. I did love that EVERYONE basically made him uzukage without ACTUALLY telling him!
Random Wingithingy chapter 18 . 9/29
Yay! Toru is finally back together with at least part of his family :). I can't wait for him to meet the others again in Konoha, but I guess that's still 325 days away huh... The chapter was great again, and as always I'm looking forward to reading more. When will the jinchuriki arrive? - Wingi
Dragons and Dragons chapter 18 . 9/29
Sora and Souma! Awesome! Yay!

And Toru’s discovered he’s Uzukage finally, and someone’s finally convinced him to take a break.
LadyMidnightBat chapter 18 . 9/29
Ahahahahahahah omg toru can be real dense sometimes, and fuck yeah, Sora and Souma are back. Thank God Toru was not looking so hot dealing (or more accurately, not dealing) on his own. Yay! We love us some ANBU teams
Dragons and Dragons chapter 17 . 9/25
Okay, the Nanami clan is cool. Nomadic ninja pirates! Woo! Also, Fuu arrived! Awesome! I like her.

And Toru has finally chosen what name to use: Uzumaki. Excellent. He can’t very well be Uzukage if his last name’s Uchiha, can he. Yay! And he is Uzukage already, in fact if not in name, even though I don’t think he’s realized it. He’s leading everything, and everyone turns to him with questions or problems or simple to ask for a go-ahead on what they’re doing. Not to mention he’s the one greeting the newcomers and offering them a place - that means all the newcomers know that he’s the one with the power to offer them a place.

He’s not going to be happy once he realizes he’s Uzukage already, is he.
TigrezzTail chapter 17 . 9/20
heh, i wonder what Orochimaru had thought he would find when Karin told him of the call. you know that he had at least thought that he could finally get ahold of whatever lore and techniques were left hidden on the island. I rather doubt he expected an island FULL of people. And some with the skills of old to handle even someone like him.
LadyMidnightBat chapter 17 . 9/19
Firstly, Fuck that snake bastard. Sorry had to say it. Secondly, doggies? Lol you know I’m in love with this series when this is perhaps the only criticism I’ve ever made. No, hear me out here, ok? We had a pack, and we left them and haruto, (haruko?), with sasuke! And he was basically Toru’s! Tbh even if he isn’t a ninkin I’m expecting his big wolfie ass to track toru down anyway. So, yessss, doggy drefiency. I’m suffering Author-San. Lol

On a more serious note, another amazing chapter, I’ll be waiting for the next to cry my heart out with the feels. Also yay jinchuriki, and fuck that snake bastard. Ok I’m good.
LadyMidnightBat chapter 16 . 9/10
God I can’t wait for people’s reactions on finding out who Toru is and his reaction on being named Uzukage again. I mean, we know he’s going to try to refuse because he thinks he failed his people, but like, it’s got to be him. Also, Toru is about to get his own collection Of jinchuriki!? Hell yeah , give them poor abused puppies some loving homes.
TigrezzTail chapter 16 . 9/9
How nice that some of the worst treated were able to meet up and move to their new home together! And yes, maps are extremely useful, even for fictional lands...
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