Reviews for Paved with Good Intentions
Solstiniun chapter 77 . 5/14
Damn good story, thank you for seeing it through all the way to the end.
ThanosofTitan chapter 77 . 5/9
Well that was certainly an unexpected ending, if a bit abrupt. Almost reminds me of the ending of Madoka Magica in a way. Although there are still a lot of unresolved questions. But overall it was an enjoyable journey, and I'm disappointed that it's over.
ZmbMadragon chapter 77 . 5/9
From the start, I was intrigued but not really expecting much.
As the chapters kept coming however I went on a strange little roller-coaster of emotions that I really did not expect, especially from a franchise I only learned about from reading this story.
Rozen Maiden. I never heard of it until I read this story and I did not think I would enjoy it as much as I had, so thank you, for both introducing me to a new franchise and for such a well written story.
Again, very well done.
Dragonx99 chapter 77 . 5/8
Thank you for the great story, and congratulations on reaching its conclusion. I really enjoyed reading it and I hope that you enjoyed writing it at least as much.
bloodredmoon22 chapter 77 . 5/7
Thanks you for the wonderful story, it was to be one of my top ten on this site. I love the characterization that you did and how you made them interact.
amerdism chapter 77 . 5/7
Was kinda hoping we’d get a return to the past instead of an end, but I’m hardly unsatisfied. It’s been a fun time even if I wish it continued, but I guess that’s just the thing with a good story, you never want it to end. What’s on your agenda now? A break I imagine, you’ve been working on this story so long. Any ideas on what you’ll work on next?

Ah also, PM me if you respond, I can’t access review responses, it’s a dumb glitch.
Noire12 chapter 77 . 5/7
I remember starting to read this story when it was only about twenty chapters old, it's amazing that it has come to an end. Congratulations for having written something so entertaining! Ruby combining the worlds of RM and Remnant took me by surprise, and I loved that open ending about whether or not Kirakishou will remember.

Do you plan to write another Rozen Mainden crossovers? It would be interesting to see what other types of configurations can be made with the Dolls in other worlds.
Argorok chapter 77 . 5/7
Excellent finale, this story has been quite the journey.
Cataquack Warrior chapter 77 . 5/7
Congratulations on reaching the end of your story. I'm so happy that Ruby and Kirakishou got their happy ending together without dooming everyone else. The interactions between Kira and Ruby have always been so heartwarming in the story, so I'm glad they're still together in the end, forever. It's because of this fic that I got curious about Rozen Maiden. Thank you for making such a unique and wonderful tale!
Marise Christmas chapter 77 . 5/7
And so ends what is probably the longest fic that I have ever read to completion. Thank you so much for weaving such a wonderful story!
firagadam chapter 77 . 5/7
Amazing Fic and a great ending, thank you for writting, it had its ups and downs, but seeing it end of this journey brings me joy, glad everyone can enjoy their new AU romcom lives
SunlitOverdrive chapter 77 . 5/7
I kind of fell off of reading this story when the separation thing happened and have only been skimming through this story since. But congrats on finishing your fic.
Argorok chapter 76 . 4/16
Excellent chapter, please update the good work. Now that Ruby and Kirakishou have reunited, what will become of the world?
ThanosofTitan chapter 76 . 4/16
Wait, let me see if I understand this. Salem and the Grimm collected the people who were freed from Kirakishou's N-field and gave them back to her as a peace offering? And sure, Yang was a bit too focused on Kirakishou and not enough on comforting Ruby, but it's not that easy to blame her considering what her emotional state must have been.

And when Ruby attacked Kira, it wasn't a conscious choice, but a result of the instability of her powers?

And now Rozen is going to show up?

Sorry for the questions, this chapter was just kind of confusing.
ThanosofTitan chapter 75 . 3/27
Poor Kanaria. At least you're hinting that she might be able to come back somehow, and I hope she does.

I can't hate Pietro and Winter for sacrificing her, though, as they were dealing with an existential threat to their world, and Kanaria fully consented to the process, knowing full well what would happen to her.

Of course Kira was prepared like I expected, but it does seem that she is somewhat vulnerable now. But as long as she has all of the possible futures worked out, she's probably going to end up winning and getting the relic of creation, which will be bad news.

Salem being free now is also an interesting development. I wonder if she will actually work together with Ozpin and the others against Kirakishou, then they might have a chance.
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