Reviews for Love Beyond
Freya chapter 61 . 7/29
Amazing story!
Thank you very much!
TwiTudorPlumAusten Reader chapter 61 . 6/25
I stumbled upon your story this morning and and have been reading it all day. Crying in my office. Crying on my couch. And crying in my hammock.

thank you for writing this beautiful story. I lost my very best friend 5 days after she delivered her 4th baby. That was in January 2020. Her kiddos were 7,6,4, and a newborn. I was lucky enough to be a regular in those children's life so I could be there when they needed me. my best friends husband remarried in September and moved away in December. I have struggled with my grief of losing my best friend, her husband and her kiddos. They were truly my family, but now I don't get to hear from them or see them. Reading your story was bittersweet.

Thank you.
Jessica314 chapter 28 . 4/3
I CANNOT imagine Emmett with no hair lol! I just can't do it! Aw, but the haircut scene is so cute and once again it's so nice to have a pediatrician in the family. Having to go the doctor every time they have a question would just add more stress.

Classroom beardies!

Yeah, I can definitely see why Emmett is uncomfortable having these talks with the kids' teachers, considering his own history. Thankfully everyone is turning out to be great and super understanding and willing to accommodate. Using one of the stress relief apps in thr classroom is a great idea. I like how Mr. Cohen was able to compliment Emmett too... Somehow I think he knew that was needed.
Guest chapter 1 . 3/20
Do you plan to do another story about emmett and rosalie? I would love to read another story written by you I hope you do, regards
Tammygrrrl chapter 61 . 2/28
This was such a great story! So touching and sad, and heartwarming and wonderful. thank you!
BellaTesoro chapter 61 . 2/27
I did love reading about their wedding. It's everything Angela deserved. Loved hearing Daisy voice too.
Well this is the end. I'm going to miss this family so much, all of them. You managed to create such a heartwarming story in the mist of some horrible struggles. And oddly enough, with the world such a crazy place this past year, reading a story with such struggle but see them come out the other side with grace and love, well, it helped me a great deal all around. So thank you for that. I do hope you took my long comments as a way for me to express and share with you just how much your words touched me. Well done! I hope your write more family centered stories. Wishing you peace, and good health to your and yours.
BellaTesoro chapter 60 . 2/27
It was nice to get a few extra details of their past.
BellaTesoro chapter 59 . 2/27
How did Holly know the word mommy and that she connected that word to Angela...but it sure is sweet and a good way for the rest of them to call her what she really was at that point. Not surprising that Daisy waited all those years before calling herm mom but when she did it was brillant because what a gift to name her own child Angela's sons name. It was great hearing Angela's 'voice'.
BellaTesoro chapter 58 . 2/27
Oh Emmett, I can't think of anything more hurtful to a lover than if you shout out the name of another lover while having sex. He explained but darn that was bad. He got her a cat though, that's something special he picked up on. When he took down the picture of he and Rosalie on their wedding and reminisced how in love they were and his memory but took it down to replace a picture of the whole new family with Angela in it, would have been nice to have a picture of just the two of them but it's all about the family now and that's that. I just still feel like Emmett is getting the better deal here but that's just me.
This was a wonderful place to end this family saga. It kept my attention that's for sure and I couldn't put it down and as you can see I just fell in love with all the characters. I'm going to put my own ending that they will eventually marry and their love will grow deeper and they will both live happy ever after. Bravo!
BellaTesoro chapter 57 . 2/27
All this renewed talk about how Rosalie was it reminded me of some detail Emmett mentioned back when he was going through her things, he found nude photos of her she did, I presume that her mother took of her. Why would her mother take nudes of her? It sounds like Emmett was good with it. I found it an odd thing to do. Anyway, Jack questioning Emmett about Angela went fairly well. I mean he could have used his grief to hurt Emmett but he didn't just the opposite, sounded in little like asking forgiveness for how he treated him early on. I wonder if Lily would think the same way. I liked the talk with Bella about her initial intentions about suggesting Angela and loved how happy they all are for Emmett and Angela.
BellaTesoro chapter 56 . 2/27
I think Angela needs some dates Noah, but without anyone else once and awhile. So Daisy is getting older and feeling abandoned by her mothers, it makes sense she'd feeling some emotional feelings around that. It's good she opened up about it and that Emmett could ease her mind and the letter from Alice was a smart move on his part to bring them out now. I think the idea that Alice wrote them and of course the daisy tattoos, I think it helped. Their 'first' seemed like it went well. Would love an Angela's point of view to see just how she was feeling about it, Emmett seemed more than happy.
BellaTesoro chapter 55 . 2/27
Did Daisy ever talk to Angela about what she saw in the bedroom? That situation seemed to have just ended with the locker room talk. I was so glad that they finally talked. I mean they have never really been together alone and how does someone have a relationship if they never share their feelings? So this talk they had at her house was so important. It got to the heart of the matter very bluntly and quickly. First Angela a little self conscious of her own body as compared to Rosalie which has to stop. If she's going to have a relationship with Emmett she's got to start having some confidence in herself to be 'enough' and sure he finally said not to do that that he loved 'her' as she was. Hell she's really having to take that backseat. Now she's told the no kids is a dealbreaker, which I do agree with but she understood and she was honest saying it saddens her but he was honest. And yet, she was the one who had to stop them from going all the way after the no way in hell do I want to father another child talk...He said he'd get condoms and she said she'd go to planned parenthood, I say Emmett ought to do what he sent out to do and that is get a vasectomy and be done with that worry. Of all the conversations, the one with Esme was the best one. He asked her if she regretted not having 'her own' child and the analogy she gave was perfect. Sure we all have regrets that this or that didn't go as dreams would have it but you make the best of what life gives you. And Angela above anyone surely has that personalty and so I'd say she will find the love of those younger children in the family for sure. We'll see about the older ones.
BellaTesoro chapter 54 . 2/27
Well, Emmett and Angela's talk was pretty matter of fact and those things needed to be aired out but gee, it was so unromantic. It's like ok I had the romance of a life time, I know there will never be a replacement for such a love like that but I accept our relationship will be different and I love you in a different way and you don't have to live up to her, I love you differently so let's do this. idk and Angela is like well I've been with other guys you've only been with one woman...that doesn't exactly change anything. I really wish these two would find some alone time and find some kind of attraction, it's not like they are seventy year olds meeting at the end of their lives. Maybe now that they've talked, things will get more intimate. And gosh I do hope they talk about whether having more kids for her is a deal breaker because quite honestly, he really should not have anymore children. He can barely take care of what he's got, he relies financially on his father in law... I'm way ahead of myself but goes to show you how invested I am with your characters. Well done!
BellaTesoro chapter 53 . 2/27
First of all, it was their fault for not locking the door to an adult bedroom, no matter that they were or were not having sex. Either of these adults had plenty of time to focus on the little people in that household and know that they may wander into the bedroom and so, you lock the door so any possibility of them seeing something they don't understand doesn't happen. Ok, it happened, Daisy saw what she thought was a too intimate for her father and she's right, on her level she's right. Emmett sure had the right to say first and foremost he's an adult and doesn't need a kid's permission but really it's not permission it's how it is introduced. This could mix a little one up. You do a good job of getting Emmett's male 'voice' so when he talked to her it was from a man's perspective a mom would have known a more sensitive way to say that. But hey, she got the message but not the full story. He should have been up front and said the truth, he did nothing but comfort a good friend at this point. Now going forward they ought to ease the kids into the relationship.
BellaTesoro chapter 52 . 2/27
It was surprising but good that Angela asked Emmett to bring Holly to the service as she needed some connection of belonging. Her twin brothers have each other and their own lives she has no one has she stated so it was good to have Emmett and Holly sit with her during the service and so good of Esme and Bella to be there for Angela too. Good for Angela not staying home alone when she had someone like Emmett to turn to in her time of need. She's certainly been there for him. He's a typical guy, not reaching out himself until someone else takes the lead and here she is taking the lead of asking for his comfort. Glad he didn't disappoint as he's always been someone to protect those he loves and seems he's decided he loves her. I'd say he ought to start showing her and telling her things to lead up to the I love you.
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