Reviews for Love Beyond
BellaTesoro chapter 51 . 2/27
It's good that Angela and Emmett are telling each other their backstories and filling in the gaps and getting to know where they come from. We see now Angela was brought up to serve and that's why she is so good at her nanny job and able to be understanding of Emmett's difficult year. Now they need to move forward, stop looking back and start making some new memories with each other in it. (I do have to go back to the last chapter when Esme and Alice mentioned that Emmett should take out anything personal from the night tables. And he cheekily said he had and all is good, I wondered just what he took out and what Rosalie and Emmett were up to in their bedrooms. Alice kidding her brother about getting rid of his kinky toys maybe wasn't off the mark, lol.) Ought to be interesting to see a sexual Emmett with this Angela who seems fairly proper. I'm thinking we don't know enough about her yet.
BellaTesoro chapter 50 . 2/27
Poor Angela having to deal with her mother on her own. It seems like, in general, no matter how many siblings, there's always the one who gets the heavy load of caring for an aging parent. This I know to be true first hand. I'm glad Emmett comforted her. Alice is so insightful. It's good that Emmett opened up to her about what's been happening between them, or not happening. She's right of course, this can't be about what's best for the kids although it would be a deal breaker if who he feel in love with wan't nurturing or loving towards his kids. That's just a fact of being a good parent. Now that Rosalie's ghost is gradually being pushed away for the reality of life without her, maybe they can start a realtionship.
BellaTesoro chapter 49 . 2/27
Sorting out all of Rosalie's things seemed so very realistic. I could see the young sister in law wanting the Prada bag and Esme the others and putting away all the meaningful items and getting rid of the rest. Daisy crying over finding all the friendship bracelets she gave her mother and to know she kept them with the expensive jewelry. No mention of her engagement ring. I don't remember one described.
Emmett letting Angela use one of Rosalie's shirts and being ok with it shows that he is ready to turn the page. And then finding Holly's name one the pregnancy test...and Emmett knowing what his next tattoo would I bet when Holly is a grown grown woman, maybe her dad would use the same tattoo for her with her name written by her mother and the significance of that.
BellaTesoro chapter 48 . 2/27
I'm so glad Emmett went to Angela's in person. I thought he'd try and explain the kiss wasn't a mistake but a beginning. But I so understand Angela's reaction. She obviously feels something for Emmett but knows he's still hanging on to Rosalie too much to invest in another woman right now. I guess she felt like he was just 'using' her to help him ease the loneliness and there she was and easy woman. If he were to show her some wooing as it were, the usual initial stirrings of attraction that certainly would help and I'm thinking Emmett knows this and so the first step was getting Rosalie out of that room. I'm thinking a new bed is in order as well.
BellaTesoro chapter 47 . 2/27
Bam, Emmett just went in for their first kiss! I wasn't expecting it but really glad he made a move. I'm sure he'll be all Emmett over thinking it but hey there you go. I thought the twin beds as a gift was perfect and Angela saying she rather 'her twins' get her brother's beds than strangers was very telling since we really don't know what's going on in Angela's mind...Can't wait to see where that first kiss takes them, maybe to what the older twins were discussing...seems like everyone's given this some thought.
BellaTesoro chapter 46 . 2/27
It's good that Emmett insisted Angela stay and help decorate and also join them for Christmas with the whole family. The woman has no one and who lets someone so important to them all be alone for Christmas. Daisy growing up is a sure sign that things are moving on in a normal fashion. And Angela taking care of the bra issue was sweet too. Emmett is seeing Angela as more than a friend. I just don't want her to be an after thought as she was in this chapter. She deserves to be cherished and thought of as valuable in her own right. That's why I liked the detail of Emmett telling her to bring her apple pie because no one makes it better...We are getting there.
BellaTesoro chapter 45 . 2/27
What a lovely way to commemorate the first anniversary of a death. It all fit perfectly. Emmett's idea of a rock near the river where he used to go to get healed, where fun was had by all, in nature, a place where you might sit and be reflective and find some sense of peace. And I really liked Jack's plaque with Rosalie's name and what she was to others. I would have included her Cullen last name as I believe they all have Hale-Cullen right? Not that it's a big thing but it would have included Emmett's name as well as the kids last name and let's not forget the Cullen's who were there and then they'd all be represented. The last line to that poem fit so well, beautiful. Lovely chapter.
BellaTesoro chapter 44 . 2/27
Angela letting Emmett know at what point she decided to take the nanny job with them was when she saw just how loving a father he was...this along with Angela's non judgmental caring allowed Emmett to get out that pent up grief. I thought he would send her away when he was thinking that he wanted Holly in his arms with thoughts of her mother on this anniversary but he wanted her to stay with him. That's a good sign. Emmett truly is all that Angela said, Carlisle and Esme did a great job modeling for him what good parenting is and he's doing it alone which is incredible to six children! Emmet has grown into an amazing person and like Angela pointed out Holly and the others know and will know it later. The morning after Halloween with the little twins getting into the candy was funny and realistic. And then the other sad part, after Emmett's showing Angela the last Rosalie and Holly picture was when Daisy opens up the charm bracelet for Holly and she at first thinks it's a fairy but realizes it's an Angel to represent her mother watching over her. Tears...
BellaTesoro chapter 43 . 2/27
Going to the nursing home to visit with Angela and the residents there was a lovely thing to do for all of them. I think as wonderful as it was for Angela to see her mother to 'think' her own twins were there it was a nice gesture as a whole. Sad for Angela to see that once again her mother didn't recognize her at one point but Angela had Emmett's shoulder to lean on. Loved seeing all the kids out and about finding joy in one of life's childhood events and not dwelling on their mother. Once year over and now Emmett doesn't have to count the times he's doing things without Rosalie for the first time.
BellaTesoro chapter 42 . 2/26
I'm so happy Mac has made so much progress with the added attention to his educational issues.
BellaTesoro chapter 41 . 2/26
I enjoy when Emmett takes time with his brother and sister. When Edward came out to the pool area with baby Rob and sat and chatted with his brother about things in their history and their separate concerns and even the silly teasing about Edward and about Rosalie...and then added to that little sister Alice in the mix, just love the family ties they have. Then there's Angela. Emmett didn't let Angela see his idea for her do over tattoo, just let her decide there and then. It sounds like his reasoning for the unicorn was sweet and she seemed to appreciate it. And hey she was half naked and he noticed. I wonder what he thought of her body. Looks like he appreciates her for all she does for the kids and that she's become his good friend, now maybe there 'more' is about to start. I can't imagine how Emmett is going to fall for her and what is going to spark that for both of them.
BellaTesoro chapter 40 . 2/26
I'm feeling rather bad for Angela. I don't know why exactly but I think it's because she is never going to be able to compete with the pedestal that Emmett and well everyone puts Rosalie on. Her blond beauty, her intellect etc. And Angela is described as 'less than' with her shy ways and glasses. I know there will be no comparison when these two get together but no one deserves to be second to another and yes I know that's how it goes for someone in this position but I still feel badly for her. And that tattoo that Emmett is going to fix up, this should be interesting. The birthday cake Daisy made and everyone speaking of her was a nice way to celebrate her birthday.
BellaTesoro chapter 39 . 2/26
What a clever idea about Rosalie having Jonah design that family tree in hopes of having her husband finally put his artistic skills on her. It sounds lovely. Now going back to Emmett and Lainey...I was thinking the same thing Emmett was after he stopped himself for going all the way with her...I was yelling "no Emmett You don't have any condoms and you just can not have anymore children!" It wasn't that I was apposed to him having casual sex, I figured it was coming at some point as he's been honest about when Alice said, he was never meant to be celibate...but I thought he wouldn't allow himself to have a casual hook up, I guess finally going for it after Lainey made it clear she was just after a single night of adult fun and after all she had always crushed on him...I imagine for her she got her curiosity met but it felt odd as a reader when we know he's going to end up with Angela and well, it would have been nice if she could have been his other 'first'...but having it go this casual I guess works. I sort of envy people who can have casual sex, it's not in my personalty but I don't judge. Glad Emmett was able to share this with someone safe like Lainey.
BellaTesoro chapter 38 . 2/26
It's nice seeing Emmett without the kids, working and then laying back with people who know him and all he's gone through. I thought he would meet up with Alice while he's in her neck of the woods. The Lainey thing is opening up a door he may not be ready for but let's see how that plays out...
BellaTesoro chapter 37 . 2/26
Emmett plowing through his panic as he revisits the day Rosalie died when visiting Bella and baby Rob. He did it, he can at least talk about it and having and appreciating his brother Edward is wonderful. I like how these characters talk openingly to each other while also careful not to hurt each other to as with Edward waiting to tell Emmett what was happening to Bella.
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