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ReizoXZ chapter 13 . 7/1
I can't believe i like a Tangled/Doom crossover... Keep it up!
ZILLAFAN chapter 13 . 7/1
Wait, what?

The H.A.R fires .50 BMG rounds, you know, heavy machine gun rounds, the kind of rounds used in anti-materiel rifles that can only be fired prone. Slayer is strong enough to beat Captain America in sheer strength with ease, and even be a match for Hulk, but Rapunzel is literally five feet tall.
L chapter 13 . 6/30
Great chapter, so the pursuing scene of Tangled, was changed with Cassandra in the place of her father the captain of the guard, and with the appearance of a Tyrant demon, the younger brother of the Cyberdemon. Well, was incredible see how Rapunzel, Eugene, Maximus and Cassandra could defeated this demon by themselves, without the help of Doom slayer this time, because they would needs learns to fights the demons by themselves, because Doom slayer wouldn't be always near to saves them, as the demons could be spreading for all this world and our Doom hero couldn't be always near of Rapunzel to protects them.

To be honest, i was imagining in the part of that appears the Tyrant, that the demon would kills or at least injures the Stabbington brothers, because could be interesting that they would gets another fate than in the original story with the appearance of the demons, like be devoured by this spawns.

Also, considering that Eugene is now armed with the pistol, i wonder if this could be useful to him during some points of the events of Tangled, particulary when he would talks with the Stabbington brothers after the festival of the lanterns, to hands them over the stolen crown to hopes that they stops their pursuing against them, only to that the Stabbington brothers reveals their new interest in Rapunzel herself, for her powers. But while in the movie they overpowered easily Eugene and tied him up in a boat, to apparents that he abandoned and betrayed Rapunzel, perhaps in this story, with the pistol, Eugene can defends himself from them in this part, and even he could gives them some warning shots to makes them back off, and with the noise of the gun, Rapunzel could inmediately knows that something bad occurs in this place, making that she also comes to supports Eugene with her rifle and perhaps the stand off ends with the sudden appearance of some Pinky Demons that would ends attacking, killing and devouring the Stabbington brothers, while Rapunzel and Eugene escaped from the scene.

And to finishes, i wonder when Doom Slayer would appears again, because i am starting to miss him, would be cool see him in action again soon, ripping and tearing some demons.

And regarding the final point of Eugene about the Tyrant; "Please tell me this one is the biggest of all them...", i feels pity by him, because exists several worse, and bigger demons than the Tyrant, like its big brother the Cyberdemon, the spiderdemon, the Gladiator, the Hell guards, and of couse, the Icon of Sin. I wonder if some of this demons would appears in the future chapters, i would likes the terror face of Eugene to see that the Tyrant isn't the most biggest nor the most powerful of the demons here XD.

Keep the good job :)
H20 Ferrum Dominus chapter 13 . 6/30
Well at least they survived with no lasting injuries. I do hope that the Doom Slayer will return later, cause the Kingdom of Corona would be fucked if he doesn't help with the demonic threat. Also, thanks for the chapter and keep up the good work!
Redundant Rabbit chapter 13 . 6/30
Well, the story is okay.
There are some mistakes but nothing major, I like it.
I hope to read more.
PotCFan101 chapter 13 . 6/30
This was awesome. Finally bringing in the Cyberdemon and having the three principle Disney characters fight it.

I think it would be hilarious if, the next time Rapunzel and Cassandra meet, it takes the Doom Slayer of all people to break them up and show they're all on the same side against the demons.

Oh, by my count, unless I missed something, Rapunzel has three clips left for the Heavy Assault Rifle. I hope that becomes a plot point later in the story. Like hypothetically, during the final battle, Rapunzel is firing away, but the gun suddenly stops firing, and she realizes she used up all the ammunition.

Lastly, I can't wait to see Flynn and Rapunzel's reactions to seeing the Spider Mastermind, and even the Icon of Sin, should they appear. Oh, and maybe Cassandra getting into a fight with the Marauder would be cool as well.

Anyway, this chapter was a joy to read, and it brought a smile to my face the whole way through. Bravo.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/24
Would be funny thinks that considering that Zhan tiri is a very powerful demon and she is horned, what if Zhan tiri is related in some way to the Icon of Sin itself? As both are very powerful demons that only causes destruction to their path and was needed powerful weapons to defeats them (the device of Demanitus / the Crucible).

But if Zhan tiri is related or aquantice with the Icon of Sin, could exists the possibility that she could contacted the Makyr civilization, and maybe this explains another reason to the demons entered to this new dimension, like that Zhan tiri and the Khan Makyr made a deal that would benefits both sides, in that Zhan tiri asks to the Makyrs opens a hell gate to brings the demons to the Disney world, to that Zhan tiri can destroys everything, exchange, the Makyrs could harvest the demonic energy of the wasted barrens from this new dimension and gets a lot Argend energy to still sustains their civilization. This could be an interesting theory and gives a possible main antagonist to this story, because i doubt that Gothel would has a greater role in this story, especially in regard to the current demon invasion, making more plausible put someone like Zhan tiri is behind of all this, and would depends of Doom Slayer and Rapunzel to rips and tear the demons to stops their invasion once and for all.
Etherious.Nat5u.Dragneel chapter 12 . 6/24
Please update i wanna see some more ripping and tearing possibly against the icon of sin.
Ps “the longer the icon of sin is on earth the stronger it becomes.”
Guest chapter 1 . 6/18
Would be interesting see a musical part for Doom Slayer, considering that he is currently in the Disney universe. But considering that he was rendered mute or at least has huge difficullty to talks after endured centuries of endless battles in the hell, i was thinking in some possibles scenarios to this musical segment to Doom Slayer:

1. That the musical segment takes place within the mind of Doom Slayer, and considering that within his psyche, he can hears his thinkings, he also can sings within his mind, making a possible way to see Doom Slayer "sings", at least in his mind. And maybe the musical segment could be focused in his eternal struggle against the demons and how he has to deals with this permanent torment for the protection of the mankind.

2. Perhaps Doom Slayer could sings together with Rapunzel and the other characters of Tangled, in a Bonus chapter of this fanfiction, and this musical segment could be focused in their triumph against the demon forces in the world of tangled.

I thinks this because as normally Doom Slayer don't talks, would be hard to see him singing easily, as if he was a disney character. Then the only way that he can sings in a musical segment is that this would be inside his mind, or in a bonus chapter, where the canon points of Doom could be irrelevants for the fanfiction.
ThatOneGuyUpstairs chapter 12 . 6/18
Who else want the doom slayer to take part in a musical number? I know we’d just be reading it, but I’m pretty sure I’d be laughing to hard to care.
OJ The Simpson chapter 12 . 6/15
I don't like shipping but know what fuck it I ship the doom slayer and Repunzel!
Guest chapter 12 . 6/11
I cannot wait for Rapunzel and Flint to kick some demonic asses!
Guest chapter 12 . 6/10
Jesus, a Tangled and Doom crossover that's actually really well written and interesting? Holy Hell, I think I'm in love. Nice job. Keep it up.
L chapter 12 . 6/9
Great chapter, so Gothel finally learned that Rapunzel leaves the tower and even she checked some of her new drawings, depicting the demons that she fighted and even Doom Slayer himself. I wonder what would be the reaction of Gothel to meets Doom Slayer, though that if she has some demonic energy to be affilliated with Zhan Tiri, she is a dead woman.

Also, was nice see that Doom Slayer wasn't around when Rapunzel and Eugene visited the Snugly Ducklings, because certainly he would be beats the pub thugs up without mercy for be pestering them, and this would spoils the chance of Rapunzel and Eugene to gets them like friends and allies.

Also, regarding to the final part of this chapter, was interesting to see Cassandra coming here than her father, now she could meets Rapunzel early than in the original story, though that in very different circunstances, as no one knows that Rapunzel is the lost princess yet, making that if Cassandra see her with Eugene, she thinks that Rapunzel is an accomplice of Eugene and both have a very hostile first meeting, in comparison with the original story that Cassandra met Rapunzel when she was assigned as her guardian.

And to finishes, considering the inclusion of the Doom elements in the Tangled story, what if this caused some very different outcomes in the original story, specifically regarding to the fate of the villains; the Stabbinton brothers and Gothel. Maybe this could sounds cruel, but i was thinking that maybe this villains could gets a more gruesome fate than in the original version. In the case of the Stabbington brothers, maybe after that they are knocked out and betrayed by Gothel, instead that the guards finds them alive and arrests them, what if they ends devoured for some demons after this part, and when the royal guard comes here, they only finds the remains of the Stabbington brothers.

And regarding to Gothel, what if she ends killed in three possibles ways in this new version: 1. attacked and devoured for a demon during the climax in that she injured fatally Eugene, 2. killed by Doom Slayer for detected something demonic from her or 3. that Rapunzel herself kills her with the pistol in self-defense and to could saves Eugene. I thinks this because would be interesting that Eugene and Rapunzel shouldn't has to sacrifices her hair to defeats Gothel, by the Doom elements available in this new story.

Keep the good job :)
H20 Ferrum Dominus chapter 12 . 6/9
Well Flynn Rider is not important for the time being because of the looming demonic threat, but is the Kingdom Guards here to recruit more bodies to fight against the demons? Maybe Rapunzel can even command the brigands and bandits to form their own force! I hoped that mother Gothel would redeem herself, but it looks like she is still the villain in this story. Not that its bad or anything, but I thought you would do her a more interesting role that a c-rated Disney villain

Also, how do the Kingdom have a large standing army and maybe some cannons as well? Cause they would seriously need some heavy firepower if they want to fight against the larger demons. One of the best scenes in Tangled was when the brigands all began to sing about their dreams! hahaha!
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