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Akari.Wolf.Princess chapter 48 . 5/18
“On Todays News CEO Shigeo was found dead after being mysteriously poisoned by Maids”

I’m PISSED OFFF! Is there still not a way to slap a fictional character? This is the only time I get mad at Kosuke for being so awkward and unsure, like Girl! Say something! Do something! Anything and not just about that “sh!t” that donated her DNA but when not come to Her sister, when if she unsure there comes a time when you have to
Force it out of the child, not letting them leave until they tell you.

Like girl pick up a “how to raise your siblings” books (they exist) something instead of just bobbing with the waves!

*sighs* she a work in progress, I’m sure she’ll get there…hopefully…lol I know it’s not in her character makeup to have a backbone but can she have a spinal disk? Something? Lmao

It’s ok, it’s fine I’ll be her muscles, Kyoya can be the brains and well make him disappear and Tamaki will batt his lashes and smile so brightly people will never remember him lmao!

With murder on the back burner for now I cant wait for next chapter!
Akari.Wolf.Princess chapter 47 . 5/18
It’s so cute too see how well he can read her now, granted Kosuke doesn’t make it hard she’s like an open book but to see how this time it was bugging him, how he wanted her to look at him, and when he leaned to catch her eyes, i giggled and read it twice lol also Tamaki giving the Dad the quick stank eye was the BEST
bored411 chapter 48 . 5/15
Ugh I wanna strangle him myself. I sincerely hope kyoya or tamale or someone finds out about this mess she’s in soon and helps her in anyway they can. This is definitely going to limit what she can do but if he stops her cooking I’ll fight him
emma chapter 48 . 5/15
still the only fic i actively looking for updates for. anxiety through the ROOF. cannot wait for the next one.
i would REALLY like to hear why kosuke’s mom cut off her parents even moreso than before now
argenteusvipera chapter 48 . 5/12
I really do wish that by the end of the story Kosuke gets to have her Own restorant.
I have a feeling that the vecation is gonna be super eventfull, even if Kosuke has no plans of it.
Shigeo... I want to strangle him, he reminds me of real life People that i have meet. The level of dislike i have fir him is the same as for Amaya, and im not sure what that says about them except that they are good at being annoying.
Is Minami being bullyed? Im trying to think of past chapters to see if there is a clue there, but nothing comes to mind.
Confuse the enemy, i like that move, makes the game fun. Thank god fir the limousine!... Is Amaya a pathological liar?
The fact that the Vice principle isnt a fan of the teacher puts me on edge. The principle also seems more calm than the teacher, who blew up. But i do wonder why Minami did that... Did she do the painting with her grandparents in them? And then wanted to hide it? Or dies it have something to do with Kyoya and her dislike of him? Or maybe because she's missing her mom and dad?
I really do feel for Kosuke, shes gonna have premature White hairs if it continues like this.
Im proud of Kosuke fir standing up to Shigeo, but im not surprised that there are reprecusions.
I DIDNT THINK THAT THESE WOULD BE REPRECUSIONS THO! i really do hate him... Is she gonna tell Kyoya? I really do wish she would. On another note, because i can't seem to remember, did Kosuke pay back the loan sharks, or are they still a threat for later?
Also i would like to add, i hate him more than Amaya, she seems like a little brat now compared to the troll that is this man.
Really enjoyed the chapter and cant wait for more! Stay well!
Alnitak8 chapter 47 . 4/23
Ahhh I loved it so much that whole chapter was just beautiful and I love that Kyoya's starting to realise his affection for Kosuke and agh it's just so gorgeous - I can't wait for the next chapter
argenteusvipera chapter 47 . 4/21
Ufff, I don't know where to start. Grate chapter, I very much enjoyed the character development and insight. You really decided to put us into his shoes and said 'have fun'. Which it was, I should mention. I also really liked how you showed us the relationship between Kyoya and his sister and Kyoya and his mom, I really hope we get to see more mom, Kyoya and Kosuke interactions. Also Tamaki giving a once over to Shigeo, I can't remember if Tamaki knows or not about the loan sharks and stuff and the reason behind why Kosuke took up the offer or if he just suspects something. Also brava, I think that was a good way to set that Kyoya is gonna find out at least a bit of something about Kosuke's not so grate time after the death of her parents. I also remember something you mentioned about Kosuke's ex showing up again in the story, so I'm wondering if that's gonna be sooner rather than later. Hope life's treating you well, can't wait for more!
Nina9802 chapter 47 . 4/18
the part of "please dont think youre a problem form me... youre one of the few good things i have going for me rigth now" ok I'm dying what a great chapter, I really congratulate you. I can't wait for the next chapter, I really can't, it will be the reason to continue haha
Mili. San Luis chapter 47 . 4/18
this is like a bom, woo im like woo and the little things that kyoya thinks are like woo
Nana-san14 chapter 47 . 4/18
I can't get over all this, I can't, well at least Kosuke knows what he already imagined. thanks for posting such a great chapter
Gilmore chapter 47 . 4/18
wowowowo this is hotttttt, they already have more confidence, how will the relationship (the love one) progress? discover it in the next chapter of your favorite story ! haha i love it thanks for updating
Ale250496 chapter 47 . 4/18
ohhh I'm dying for the vaccine , just the same after these last few chapters, thanks for the story, it's the highlight of my day/month when you update. !
Wishfulhamadryad chapter 46 . 4/18
I’m not crying your crying! That was one of the sweetest things things I’ve ever read! It was a perfect conclusion to that particular arc! The feeling safe with Kosuke & feeling like home lines in particular were some of the best & sweetest lines I’ve ever heard! Lol, also I don’t know if you have perfect timing or I do because I finally caught up on reading literally yesterday JUST in time for you to update!
bbymojo chapter 47 . 4/18
i am quite satisfied with how you concluded with Kyouya’s feelings and him being at peace. and i can understand the mixture of relief, stress and anxiety after having confession but i’m glad you wrote it the way you did. sometimes falling out of love doesn’t have to be such a big momentous thing that can be specifically defined, it can just happen without us even realising it. i appreciate the focus is on Kyouya and his concern for Kosuke and their relationship and how the realisation of how much he actually values her and their friendship. so i was very pleased with this chapter. thank you so much :)
Wishfulhamadryad chapter 47 . 4/18
lol, I didn’t know I was signed out but the Guest review starting with “nooooo” was me…. but since I’m here I have to add that I love all of Kosuke’s interactions with the other hosts! The lunch with Mori was adorable & her entire friendship with the twins makes me giddy! Also the silliness of “the great snowball war” was such a nice little change of pace & you managed to make it feel like one of the sillier episodes ripped straight out of the show!
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