Reviews for Dark Lord Potter
LaraLeo chapter 36 . 11/21
Question: when will you make more?
gaaradamirel90 chapter 36 . 11/21
Yeah this story is so the best c'mon bring the next chapter.
Guest chapter 1 . 11/10
An 11 year old first year runnin' game like that? He's way too young to be that big of a pimp!
ExecutorBoredom chapter 36 . 10/28
Hi Author,

I was wondering if you were going to update this book. As I would like to know what happens and if Dumbledore gets his ass kicked by a dragon and many other adventures with harry potter and hiss inner circle.

A reader.
P.s you are amazing!
Luffy15 chapter 36 . 10/21
You onow, I had forgotten about this story, and found it again yesterday, its really fun, but I just have a question, whatever happened to Luna? Did she ever get her pudding?
Eagleone 55 chapter 1 . 10/8
Hello, I know life gets in the way of hobbies. If you get a chance could you finish this story?
Thank you
daniel2610994 chapter 36 . 10/6
Looool dumbo really fucked up thinking he can get one over Harry the mc the biggest witch slayer the world has ever seen, but unlike church he slays them in bed xD.
Damn this amazing story already ended and I didn't get a single vitamin c from lemonade, something that normally would make me hate a m rated story for false rating but in this one the story was so good and amusing that I can't even try to be mad about it...such despair lol.
Anyway I really loved this story and how harry is so crazy and chaotic as Deadpool but without being insane all the time.
I really hope you learn to love your stories man, otherwise you will only come to hate writing as a whole, I've seen it happen so many times in all the years I've been reading fanfics, because it always starts with one until it spreads to the other stories.
daniel2610994 chapter 35 . 10/6
Well shit I hate it when I am right, you are bored of this story, that just means this story that is so awesome will only go downhill from now on wich is such a damn shame since this is sooo fucking good and the one that interested me the most after going though your profile to check your other stories, I mean I find a few of them interesting enough to read them.
daniel2610994 chapter 34 . 10/6
Daaaamn Dumbo is really fucked up, all his plans are already withing Harry's own plans something that must be driving him bat shit crazy to the point I am wondering when he will year off his freaking beard xD
Btw like I said this is really feeling way too rushed since we didn't even have the quidditch world cup and what harry did with all the death eaters or how he met fleur and krum there most likely? Not to mention the most important part, how many sexy veelas harry seduced when he went after fleur xD
But seriously man this story is so fucking good so it's very sad that you are rushing it so much to just finish it and move on to something else :'v
daniel2610994 chapter 33 . 10/6
Hell yes it was about damn time for Harry to finally start torturing the shit out of him, and to think even madam pomfrey who is an angel wants to go near his ugly dick, eww I bet it's all greasy and stinky and shit, ugh look what you made me think man, thanks for the nightmares.
Anyway I am sure dumbo must be going craycray by the fact that Hermione is falling in love with harry even tho he is not a good person well at least if you are not one of his people because like Pansy said he can be either the sacriest or the nicest depending on who he is dealing with so I imagine Hermione desperately wants to be one of his people too...well one of his girls.
Ohhhhhh and fleur is finally appearing so we all know she will fall hard for Harry as soon as she sees him and/or sense his magic hehehe.
daniel2610994 chapter 32 . 10/6
Hooooly shiiit that was something I never would've thought by myself, Hermione being his niece...and worse for him her becoming one of his girls, his beautiful girls, that will certainly make him go mad, specially since harry clearly told him he enjoys having threesomes with super models, so he knows Hermione is no longer pure.
daniel2610994 chapter 31 . 10/6
Holy shit that was awesome, and certainly poetic justice to have Fenrir Greybacks wolf form eat him and then take the wolf, that was so fucking awesome.
Oh and of course Bella and Nym think the deadly wolf is absolutely adorable hahaha, man that Bella part where she acts like a little kid was so fucking cute, specially since it goes perfectly well with her xD
Oh and Harry finally got to it and claimed Penny too since she is the only woman that he didn't touch for years after meeting her, but too bad she can't go against him hehehe.
daniel2610994 chapter 30 . 10/6
Looooool poor dumbo has been playing in the palm of Harry's hand this whole time, what's more if Harry hadn't got imatien then dumbo would have never found out, so it's cute that he thinks he can stop harry when Amelia has been well...let's just say that more than compromised xD oh and I am sure he also has a way to deal with fudge and umbitch.
daniel2610994 chapter 29 . 10/5
Lol Harry got bored it waiting so now he is gonna go fuck over the world to rebuild it from scratch...maybe?
Anyway he is tired of being patient specially with the likes of snivellus being an asshole to him all day everyday, it gets really annoying after a while I'd say xD
Oh and my boy went and made Amelia bones one of his girls after he boned her very throughly hehehehehe.
daniel2610994 chapter 28 . 10/5
Yeah gonna be honest only the gow/ avengers story catched my attention like I said in my previous review.
I mean the others sound good but the monogamous relationship ruins it for me, after all no harem no life, and like Harry in this story once said 3 is a really pitiful number for a harem and so is just 1 gurl xD
Anyway Sirius really fucked up in his choices and that means he had to spend 13 years in Azkaban since Harry is not a forgiving man, but hey at least thanks to lupin he gets to live...yay.
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