Reviews for The Relocation of Elijah Robbins
RemTar85 chapter 24 . 2/6/2021
Okay, so not only is the stone magical and made the girls forget the argument and become very friendly to one another, but it also seems to be affecting Elijah's behavior too, he seems to be downright pleased with himself there at the end. This surely doesn't bode well.

And stuff like what happened in this chapter makes me feel extra glad I was never interested in romantic relationships at that age, I saved myself a lot of possible drama. lol
TureBeliever chapter 24 . 2/6/2021
So the stone’s magic or something? Cool! Can’t wait to read more!
emyy250 chapter 23 . 1/29/2021
Good chapter. The fight scene was cool. Not sure what's going to happen with the eye.
emyy250 chapter 22 . 1/29/2021
Good chapter. I had a lot of emails to go through and I must have missed this one so I just finally got to read this. Proteus is a interesting villain. Nashville and Elijah were good too.
RemTar85 chapter 23 . 1/10/2021
Man, this was a doozy, so much going on, Macbeth there to boot, nice to see him there and investigating the Illuminati at that. I feel that you did a cooler job than the show did at displaying how dangerous Proteus can be in actual battle with his powers, the moment where he evades Brooklyn shooting him in the head by shapeshifting into a smaller size was inspired. And quite a surprise too see Fang not just being the one to finally take Proteus down, but actually kill him, I never saw that coming, you killing off a character. Though I admit I am confused over just how that happened; I get the electrocuting him part but then there's the wooden spoke thing, which I have no clue what it is. Shame everyone's gone back home now, it was quite the interesting arc, and I'm curious as to just what that thing is Eli found.

Must point out, though, there were a few times during the chapter where you referred to Taurus as "Proteus" by accident.
Drago pirate chapter 23 . 1/9/2021
Great chapter you have written.
RemTar85 chapter 22 . 11/23/2020
Hmm. I understand that Brooklyn's been through a lot in 40 years of time travel, seen some horrible stuff, and he's also extremely worried about Elijah, but his getting snappy at Taurus seems a bit of a kneejerk reaction. Taurus just wants to keep his and his people's existence a secret, and the very excitable Nashville is not making that easy. Taurus's "arrest threat" to Nashville was pretty harmless, almost playful in a way. Nevertheless, everyone's stressed out, so overreacting to some things may well be expected.

And I am really liking how you write the Redemption Squad, you really capture their dynamic with their different personalities and it makes for a fun read, especially with Elijah hanging out with them for now. It's a fun thing to have and a break from the norm. And then comes that ending of the chapter, way to ramp up the tension there. Really looking forward to next chapter.
Regin Ash chapter 1 . 11/22/2020
You are doing a great job. Don’t feel you’ve offended people who have this disability. I am hearing impaired and I am loving this story. Keep up the good work.
emyy250 chapter 21 . 11/12/2020
Good chapter. I tried to read this earlier, but that was during the site wide crash. Proteus is a interesting antagonist for everyone to fight.
Amory k chapter 21 . 11/7/2020
Love it so far keep up the amazing work!️️️
RemTar85 chapter 21 . 10/30/2020
Oh, this is all sorts of awesome. I am rather bummed that Wolf went down so fast and easy, even though it's understandable when it's just him against the whole Squad, but hopefully they took him prisoner, since they do need to interrogate him.

I really liked how you wrote the interactions within the Squad itself as well as with Elijah, and his now being their houseguest is sure to lead to all sorts of more interesting interactions that I look forward to. But as if the Squad and Elijah staying with them and the Illuminati making moves wasn't enough, you drop the bombshell and now Proteus is around to cause even more trouble, which also means that in comes Taurus, and yay, Taurus is awesome and I'm so happy to see him here too, he's one of my favorite minor characters in the series, right up there with Jeffrey!

You're going all-out and I'm loving it, really looking forward to next chapter.
emyy250 chapter 20 . 10/12/2020
Good chapter. I hope that Elijah gets out of this situation ok. Also, wasn't one of the mutates mute?
RemTar85 chapter 20 . 10/10/2020
Elijah kidnapped. Wolf is back, now as Sevarius's lackey. Sevarius doing his own evil thing separate from others purely out of scientific curiosity and being just an evil person in general. And the Redemption Squad here to get involved. Absolutely superb set-up for this next multi-chapter part of the story, I loved it and I so look forward to what comes next.
kickykyo chapter 20 . 10/10/2020
Cool Chapter! I hope the gargoyles kick Servarius's ass!
emyy250 chapter 19 . 9/14/2020
Good chapter. It was nice to see them have a good time at the dance.
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