Reviews for In Darkest Light
rysarium chapter 4 . 7/10/2020
I’m pretty sure FF reviews are down again (FF, please fix your site, I’m begging you) but it’s nearly 4am and I’m in the mood to review, so I’m gonna give you a long-overdue review!

First meetings are quite possibly some of the most daunting chapters to write in Selection fics so I’m proud of you for getting it done and dusted! And doing it so well, too! We were introduced to a number of interesting guys and I can’t wait to get to know the others.

As you already know, I LOVE YONA. Like, really really love her. Is she taken…? Asking for, um, a friend…?

Jokes aside, I need me a friend like Yona to do my hair but also give me very comforting advice, like, “You’ve met my mother plenty of times, and you always handle that well” lololol. Oh, Yona. Still, it’s so sweet that she’s there to accompany Zia, and I know she’ll be there to support Zia until Zia feels ready. It was also a great way to set up how Zia’s feeling about the Selected, and aww, my poor child. She’s so hard-working, preparing for these meetings and reading the forms, yet she’s still so hard on herself and has these high expectations.

What’s got me more intrigued though is ZIA CRUSHED ON YONA’S BROTHER? omg I must learn more about this :o

The battle prayer—I’m SO whipped for Yona I can’t—but um anyways. I love that Yona’s slightly-more-military approach to everything is very clear and consistent. “Not every battle is immediately seen.” Yes, Yona, hype up Zia and get her ready to charge into battle, but also UM I HOPE YOU MEAN METAPHORICALLY KAY AND THAT THERE WILL BE NO ACTUAL BATTLES OR DANGEROUS SITUATIONS IN THIS STORY. RIGHT?

Awwwww Zia.

Tbh that’s me for most of this chapter because I just want to hug her and tell her YOU’RE DOING AMAZING SWEETIE. I suppose Yona will have to do that for me.

I feel like other reviewers have probably mentioned this before, though I haven’t stalked the reviews in a while so I can’t be sure, but I love the little world building details that are dispersed throughout. Bear was a great choice to start, as it introduces us to Evoteran greetings—and, if I recall correctly, Evotera is one of those kingdoms that we haven’t learned much about yet. Though their conversation obviously wasn’t very deep or provocative, given that these are first meetings, I have to say I like him from first impressions! He seems super sweet, and I do love a gentle giant (and he’s built by Sev, so I am excited). “She had no idea what that meant, but she smiled anyway.” this is highkey a mood but also noooo Zia, she’s truly overthinking everything she says and that makes me :’’’)

Rip Haze because that was definitely the wrong thing to open with LMAO but he couldn’t have known. Despite the fact that Zia doesn’t seem to share his love of horses, like, at all, I hope they do get the chance to know each other better on a date or something, ideally with no horses involved. Perhaps he will help her overcome her bad luck with horses? Doubtful, judging by Yona’s reaction, but that would be cute.

Jack is… Okay, he’s super entertaining, not gonna lie LMAO. For our only boi from the capital (if I remember correctly), he’s definitely a lot more casual than I was expecting, which is an interesting change! Zia’s reactions were hilarious because she was just like… Um… probably while exchanging ? looks with Yona. At the moment, it seems like the two have very different personalities, so I’m not sure about any potential romance between them, but it would definitely be a fun dynamic if they’re able to work together! 100000 bonus points for that Yo-Yo joke, although, rip Yona. (Also, while Alto has clarified that his nickname is derived from his middle name, I noticed he didn’t actually answer why his nickname is Jack. It’s probably nothing, but I got my eye on you, Jack.)

I don’t trust Llama’s dude at all, and I’ll just say that upfront, but to be fair that’s mostly because his creator is Llama. Curious about this prior connection between Yona and Aster, but also because she seems to know something about Aster’s past. Like, what kind of “mistakes” did he make in his early days? How did he lose control of his magic (is what I’m assuming)? Fascinating stuff, and mega-sus.

okay lololol so I didn’t wanna comment on the other, briefly-mentioned fellas because I’ll reserve judgment for when I meet them but “unlike Enzo Katou, who seemed to be falling asleep” lskhlkdsghlhgg this dumb lad should be GLAD he didn’t get himself eliminated in the first meeting lmao. rip enzo.

Out of all the boyos (I’m really running out of synonyms for “boi”) so far, Rafa might be my fave. First of all, damn, I guess Incegans do be hot? I haven’t actually stalked the FCs in a while so I forgot if he’s actually super hot or not but I’ll take Zia’s word for it. His job is cooollll and I like that he’s a traveler, but also curious about whether he’d give that up to be a ruler u know. Anyways. I’m getting ahead of myself. But regardless of whether he was flirting or just being friendly, he was v smooth and v nice, and I might just ship them after more interaction.

Titus is another sweet one (AGAIN YOUR WORLDBUILDING DETAILS, I LOVE) and I appreciate his energy despite Zia clearly being pretty tired. A bit sad that their convo took a happy turn and then she was reminded of the burdens she has again, but I wanna see more of Titus.

“The night made a good companion for her thoughts.” I love this line, but I also want to say that it’s heartbreaking to imagine Zia alone at night, after the sun’s gone down, finally having the chance to think about every word that came out of her mouth and nitpick herself. Let me give her a hug. Alternatively, you know, someone else who does indeed enjoy the nighttime and feels more alive during it, and has great, super-nice arms to give gentle hugs, could do that for me— you know what I mean?

Okay, back on topic.

Honestly, in my opinion, the conversations went pretty well. So it’s heartbreaking that she’s hung up on these mistakes she made and allowing them to make her unable to see her own successes and strengths. idk if that makes any sense it’s 4am.

sevenzeroseven chapter 4 . 6/16/2020
Honestly, on a reread of this, I appreciate the parallel this chapter creates between the ending and the beginning. The chapter starts in the morning and ends at night, beginning with light and ending with the absence of it. It might be coincidental, but it's quite lovely.

Yona is such a darling. I want her to braid my hair while giving me positive affirmations, smh. I'm glad she accompanied Zia during this. I think while the Selection is still in its early stages, that her friends have a more substantial presence in participation to ease her nerves. Also, just character-wise, I like seeing them, muahaha.

CANNOT BELIEVE THAT ZIA CRUSHED ON YONA'S BROTHER. I've gone the route of liking the best friend's brother, smh, would not recommend. But now I relate to Zia on a spiritual level of regret, so that's something.

The prayer Yona delivers is my favorite part of the chapter hands-down. It's such a lovely little interaction, and it's hard to describe how peaceful the scene is. I'm assuming this is from Noruna, so I'm curious to see what other kingdoms say. We've seen a little bit of Coronnale, what with Zia's morning prayers, but hmmm.

I'm pleasantly surprised to see that Bear is well-liked among other readers, LMAO. I honestly worried while making him that I was making him too... dull? He's a what-you-see is what-you-get type of guy, and he lacks all the alluring mystery that other suitors have going for them, which is somewhat troubling, but I guess it worked out LOL. And also, YES Green. Bear is indeed a "hulking, muscular beefcake that could bench press a house" period. How'd you get ahold of my form?

Anyways, onto the actual portrayal. It was a good first meeting, and I'm pleased! I'm delighted to see the attention you placed on his suit because he is indeed thrilled that he's wearing one LMAO. Zia getting a little nervous about her answer, is ME. I will just automatically say things and then be like, "Wait, is that really me?"

Lions and winged horses alike are very cool animals, either way, so she couldn't have gone wrong. (Also, note, YES incorporating subtle worldbuilding lore like traditional greetings, etc.)

Likewise, I'm neutral on Haze. Though I like his name. Reminds me of Purple Haze. Rock on Mr. Hendrix. People who are vets just seem so... nice. I love them. Well, as long as they're not scamming you, but I have the feeling Haze isn't that type of vet-to-be. Anyway, I'd love to see Zia ride whether she wants to or not. That would be a sight to see, and I think it'd be worth it just to see the others tease her.

I really like how you sprinkle in the other Selected throughout the chapter; it gives us short associations of traits and experiences with each character without overwhelming us with everyone at once.

Thank you, Alto, for clearing up the Jack and Augustus name confusion LOL. I was just going to ask about it like everyone else, but I see, I see. He seems cute. I love bubbly, hype people, even if they can be a little much in the eyes of others. I'm not sure if I like him because I relate to him a little too much from how personal and friendly he is, but it doesn't matter.

Aster really really piques my interest, mainly because Yona seems a little apprehensive of his presence. He's all mysterious and "ooh, my mistakes," and I would like to KNOW all about him, thank you.

Zia is so cute. I love her little ring-fiddling habit and the fact that she gets so shy at the praise. She deserves the world.

RAFAEL, I vibe with him already. Charismatic characters have my heart, and his Incegan traits run true. I think that he was actually just being friendly, and his more flirty comments like "it is a pleasure to be in the presence of such beauties" is probably just common in Incego, but I'd be happy to be proven wrong. Titus also seems really cheerful and fun.

Zia mulling over all her "mistakes" at the end of the chapter even though she did amazing was a true gut wrencher. I hope that she comes to find some silver lining in the Selection, even if she can't see it now.

Beautiful chapter as always, Kay.
Wondy-SW chapter 4 . 6/7/2020
I really should start reading on the computer so I can use notepad and write the review while I'm reading... Then I wouldn't have the possibility of procastinating.

I can honestly understand Zia. To be honest, I get the impression that she's not ready for a Selection and doing things you are not ready for is always going to make uncomfortable feelings rise. I feel just like she does whenever I gave to go to a party.

Yona is such a good friend, I can see she's trying to ease Zia in anyway she can and it's beautiful. I love this type of friendship dynamic. And Zia crushed on her Yona's brother? :eyes: Ooooh juicy information, I do love those and now I can't wait to hear more of this ex-crush of Zia. Also, I wish I knew how to braid my hair or anyone's hair actually, I have no talent in styling and I envy Yona for that... Yona, please take me as your padawan.

I love Yona, truly, what a woman. And what a friend too, she knew exactly what Zia needed and that is amazing.

Now we go to the meetings! I do not envy Zia, truly, such nerve wrecking experience.

I see the world influencing names, it's so cool! I actually think Bear would be a good name for a real baby. Also, he seems really cool keeping to his traditional greeting. And the conversation on favorite animals is a hit, very successful so you really don't need to worry Zia. You are doing amazing.

Oh! My child, my son, the apple of my eye! Haze, I love you. Zia, don't worry, Haze will gladly teach you horseback riding, it would be his pleasure (Haze: But I haven't said... Me: Shush child, do you not see I'm trying to sell you?).

Jason, Rory and Miyaki will probably get more introduced in the nest chapters. I got interested in Miyaki though, I always have a spot for stiff charcters in my heart.

"Yo-yo", oh damn, imagie if that sticks XD Jack I already love you. this guy will probably get on my list of the "meme-y Selected" and I adore him for it.

Aster is the son of a general, interesting. Also, that remark about his early days and the magic control comment? Totally sensing a great story there... And tension, or is it just me seeing things? Since duelling has been brought up, I can't wait for more of it.

Enzo and Arlo are two others that seem interesting and I want to get to know more of them. They seem like opposites, though let's be real, all the boys till now have been very different from each other. And that awkward conversation with Cavon? Someone pass me the details, please.

Yes Zia, just the Incegan trait, yes I shall believe you... I don't. The man is fire, just say it, I can say it for you if need be. Zia is adorable, flirting without knowing it. Rafa is real soomth and his job is amazing. I want his job, can I have his job?

A figure skater eh? I love watching figure skating. Kai is also a name I like very much do I am interested in him... I am a simple woman XD I hope he opens up more though, I don't know if he is shy or just a ittle cold.

I felt Zia's relief from here when she got to Titus. He seems like a sweet boy and I must ask, what is island hopping? I was imagining them jumping from one island to another like rabbits.

Oh Zia, baby, you did good, believe me. It is normal for mistakes to happen when on the first meetings. Also, there's nothing wrong in saying you don't like something another person loves and forgetting things are norma, even for a princess. You did amazing!
Sylea chapter 4 . 5/28/2020
First of all, I stan Yona, she is really amazing, and I'm glad Zia has a good friend like her to help her during the Selection. :)
Bear's name is a bit weird, but at least he's the first one I remember. He was pretty cool too. :)
I don't know how Jack came to Augustus to Jack, but the only thing I can think of, is the mice in Cinderella (Jaq and Gus). Maybe that will be my mnemonic thing.
Anyway, all the guys look great! :D
I hope Zia will feel better after the first meetings. :)
GreenWithAwesome chapter 4 . 5/24/2020
We stan the friendship between Zia and Yona.

Eeee, and we get to meet the Selected! First up: a dude literally named Bear. You know I have an aversion to overtly weird names but Bear is actually really adorable (thanks Liam Payne I guess?). I imagine Bear like his namesake as this hulking, muscular beefcake that could bench press a house. Idk if that’s true but I dig it. He’s kind of cute with Zia, too, and therefore Bear is not on my Suspect List, of which I have decided to curate because I’m doing that with all the stories I read knowing y’all heathens like to ‘accidentally’ dump a box of Angst into the vat of your OCs.

Speaking of weird names: Haze. Does he smoke weed erryday? That’s the only explanation I can think of that fits his name. LOL at Zia just flat out refusing to go horse riding, but too polite to say it aloud. I relate to that. That said, Not Sus for Haze.

The little mention of my angry pancake made me happy. Can’t wait to see him properly introduced! (The next chapter being 'magical' makes me think either he is definitely not there, or he definitely is, lololol.)

Jack. Short introduction but who takes Augustus and makes it Jack? A smidgen of Suspicion.

All right, I know Llama. She’s bound to have made Aster Suspicious, even though it’s not obvious in their chill interaction. No, he’s big Sus. No one will top Arran for Big Suspicious Noodle but Aster is up there. I feel it in my bones.

Rafael. Hmmm… definitely Suspicious but I like him the most so far. I don’t think he was flirting though, hahah. Just being nice. (But we all know niceness comes with Suspicion so alas, onto the list he goes.)

I have zero opinion on Titus except that I need to see him more. Suspicious? Possibly.

I like the way you addressed anxiety in this. It’s the little, subtle things that build over time. Great job. Would love to see it explored deeper later on as the competition heats up.

Great chapter Kay! Can’t wait to slurp this fic up (sorry, I have food on the brain). I have to say Bear has topped my favourites list so far, closely followed by Rafael, but it’s anyone’s game. Looking forward to the next chapter and meeting more of the Selected, and keep writing, buddy! :D
Altomi chapter 4 . 5/20/2020
Whoo! I didn’t expect to see this chapter today, it is great to get a first look at all of the guys and see Zia’s reactions to them!

But before all that Zia and Yona! I really adore the relationship between these two they read like sisters, and Yona’s steady calm compliments Zia nicely. Seeing how much time Zia has spent preparing before meeting the men was really endearing as well. I don’t blame her for being nervous, that battle prayer is appropriate what she is walking into is bound to be just as challenging as any fight.

Bear! He is straightforward, kind and yes I am joining in with everyone else and liking this man a whole lot. He feels like a gentle giant to me, which I am totally down for! Ha between Bear and Haze there seems to be quiet a few animal lovers in this selection. But RIP Zia being horrible on horses. Ah Jack already freaking Zia out, I can’t say I expected anything less. Octavia is right he is a weirdo, please boy learn to be a functioning human being it isn’t that hard. Though I have to say I am now hoping and praying he keeps calling Yona Yo-yo for the rest of the time he is here because that is an excellent nickname made even better because she would hate it ; P (also since there has been some confusion in the reviews ‘Jack’ comes from his middle name! Even for him the mental gymnastics of getting Jack from Augustus is too much lol)

Oh god, I wonder what Aster did to earn that reaction from Yona. I can only infer it was something with his fire magic going out of control. Seeing Zia get so flustered at the praise was adorable. And then there was Rafa! He is another one of my favorites from these first impressions along with Bear. He and Zia had a natural rhythm that I really liked (and yes he was totally flirting) Titus was cool as well, though seeing the way Zia reacted to his love of freedom hurt my heart. You can see that the weight of the crown really has sat heavily on her head. All these anxieties, all this pressure, I wonder if Zia has ever really experienced true freedom in her life.

And then there was that final scene. As someone who has struggled with anxiety herself, I related a little too much to Zia there. Going over everything little thing you may have done ‘wrong’ is torturous, and it hurt to see her in such a state. She deserves to sleep happy at night, but I know it won’t be an easy journey to get there.
OctaviaWithStarsForEyes chapter 4 . 5/20/2020
First off, i'd like to commend you for actually writing this chapter and not spending LITERALLY 3 MONTHS SITTING ON IT like I did. We encountered the same adversity of first impressions, and i came out dragged through the mud, crying and exhausted like an arthritic horse doing yoga, while you leapt like a graceful gazelle over it and landed with a soft plié on the other side. Oh how I envy you, doctor. How do you make it all so effortless?

Yona is really such a great presence. She's so grounded yet playful, solemn yet caring. I love that she helps Zia dismiss her irrational fears but also takes Zia's anxiety very seriously and doesn't invalidate her emotions. I loved the battle prayer she said and then ofc, the line about the battles being not immediately seen. CHILLS, girl, CHILLS. I read that line and reassessed my whole life like oh she a WRITER writer. it was also a really great choice to have her standing by during the interviews. Since Zia is shy, it would be hard to keep the conversations going, so yona's great to lube up the conversation. thats one of the most cursed sentences I've ever typed so i hope you're picking up what I'm putting down.

Lets talk suitors. I would like to first acknowledge that bear is the love of my life. And I said it already on discord but I'll say it again for posterity: bear holds my beating heart in his huge and gentle hands. No cap, he's literally the most colossal softie I'm genuinely going to lose it. Also I can't believe his last name is Harbinger sevenzeroseven answer for ur crimes. why? what will he harbinge? war? famine? No, the correct answer is love. He seems like a simple and straightforward guy, but he doesn't take things too seriously. Ideal mans. I honestly don't feel any type of way about Haze. I think we didn't see too much of his personality since he only got a little time to talk, but I look forward to meeting him. Jack is a weirdo. Not to be rude but I'm befuddled by him. his weird over-personal manner and oneliners threw me off as much as zia. Again, for posterity, the nickname exchange was hilarious and I'm laughing rereading now.

Rafa and Zia had a pretty instant connection which is nice because I've been worried about her thus far lol. I just want my baby safe and happy, is that too much to ask? Kai I already have an affinity for just bc of his name but I heard cold and mysterious figure skater and committed. I love yams, so i have like 70% confidence I'll like kai as well. Although, gonna have a little trouble associating him with ice when in my head he's normally fire. Titus seemed nice. I think I couldn't feel too attached to him because Zia was so done, but I'm sure he's fine. I'll hold off judgment on him until we see some more. It wasn't his fault Zia was so drained when she talked to him. Also {"you would fight them" "for you!"} was such a cute exchange I love best friends. thats on periodt.

And finally, zia's late night questioning. The mood of the chapter was pretty high, so to see it dip low right at the end was a nice little contrast. It reveals Zia's duality—how she tries to hard to keep up this happy princess face but when she's by herself, all her anxieties come seeping in. I really feel bad for her, I wish she had a little more support. I mean it seems like there's tons of ppl who love her, but she still seems to feel so alone which bums me out. Right! I'll end it right there, but I loved this chapter so much and I can't wait for the next! Fair winds!
tyozzie123 chapter 4 . 5/20/2020
Kay. I specifically said in my last review I wanted Zia to not freak out. But the poor girl, I would be so overwhelmed too. It must be so scary to suddenly have 24 guys right outside wanting to win the Selection when you've done everything to avoid social interaction.

Anyway, I love Bear and Titus. I feel like they'll definitely have more centered roles in the Selection, but we'll see if it stays that way. I don't think any of the introductions were too bad, but oh lord, Cavon's was awkward lmaoo. Not surprised, but also ooof. I'm so excited to see what the next chapter has in store!
tyozzie123 chapter 3 . 5/20/2020
Yesssssssss the sibling relationships are so fun! I love Cress, she seems so fun. And omg Tal seems like Marcus (HSC) lmaoo, great minds think alike. Okay, Zia is getting more and more relatable, I wonder how her meetings will go. Guess I'll find out soon. I like Yona, she seems like a good friend, and the formality, haha I love it. Hopefully the sparring will help relax Zia (not stress her out more)
tyozzie123 chapter 2 . 5/20/2020
Ahh yes! Arran is awesome, can't wait to see him teach the boys magic, especially Risonans? Also, I love Zia's anti-socialness loll, such a moood. Anyway, great chapter! I owe you 2 more chapters, lol, so gotta go binge those!
OctaviaWithStarsForEyes chapter 3 . 5/20/2020
First of all, the appropriate apology must be offered up to the patron god of writing, Dr. Kay Strange. Milady, I'm so terribly sorry for how late this review is, you don't deserve this unjust treatment. I'm just a poor beggar who consumes the delicious writing you deign to bestow upon my wretched soul, and yet, I'm unable to return even a grain of your generosity with a written review? Shame on me, shame on the sinners, let me burn in hell!

Right now that that's out of the way: let's do this!

See, I already know Tal is going to be a fave. Despite how often I've seen cheery, flirty best friend creeping on the selection, it never gets old to me. The valuable insight and comic relief no doubt awaiting us is making my mouth water. Seriously I eat this character type up. Tal and Fitz best friends 2k20. [small adition that the greeting fair winds is SO COOL AND CUTE i wish we said that irl]. Also! Yona being in the military is a :hearteyes: moment. Idk why but recently I've been fixating on the military as an occupation. Catch my next oc being a soldier or something lol. Full disclosure, it's probably because I've watched too many videos of military obstacle courses and whatnot. Also I would like to add that the dread that comes when your phone rings is so real. Sometimes I just stare at the screen and contemplate smashing my phone right then and there to avoid having to pick up the call LMAO. Me and Zia really get each other damn. Although I feel like everyone's been saying that in their reviews, so what we've really learned today is that we all just have anxiety lmao.

A brief moment to gush about names. I really love the subtle correlations I'm seeing between nations and names. I don't know if it's intentional, but it feels intentional to me? Like the name Elior for the kingdom of Corronale with the god Zor. The repeated -Or sound makes them all sound related to each other and makes it more real that they all came from the same language. Even Senara and Arran fit in. And then also Genesia and Abriana have the -ia sound in common too. Also with Yona and Noruna have that vowel-na combo and idk! Idk it just works so well for me. Also Tal being Strovos from Odiros...its beauty and it's mfin grace my guy. It kind of blows that people weren't consistent with the naming habits in their submitted oc's but no one can really be faulted for that, it's such a minor detail that truly only a nerd like me would be interested in LMAO. OK BACK TO THE STORY IM DIGRESSING SO MUCH

And moreeeee sister content! bless up bless up bless up. Have I mentioned that I would die for the Eyos siblings? I really would, I *really* would. Sen is so cute. Sometimes I forget how little she is, but this conversation really reminded me. I loved the line about Yona being scary I truly love love her and! the possibility of seeing the Yona-Sen dynamic is the reason I wake up in the morning, no cap. Cress has appeared and stepped up to be outgoing younger sibling which I love and appreciate. No, I'm not favoring her because she already loves Ronin, she's also made cute and I love her banter. Cress best sister so far. Considering the other sisters in this fandom almost always turn out to be subversive bitches trying to topple the main (millie, endra, stelle, etc), Cress and Sen are SUCH welcome additions. [and now im wondering why we always villainize sisters here :thinking:]

and finally, Yona arrives. Sweet, beautiful, could crush me with a single look Yona. We haven't seen much of her in this chapter, but I have the luxury of know the next chapter and BOY OH BOY do i love and look forward to her. But I'll save that for the next one. For now, please accept my undying loyalty to you and this story. Zia is such a lovable protagonist and I'm excited to watch her go through this, as painful and torturous as she might find it. Fair winds, Kay, and thank you for the yummy content, as always~~
GingersnapBeat chapter 4 . 5/20/2020
If I were to write the review most honest to my thoughts during the chapter it would just be "Yona!" followed by thousands upon thousands of hearts. Alas, FF doesn't accept emojis so we're just going to call upon the powers of imagination.

Really, though, I adore Yona. She seems like a great character to balance Zia out, a steadying presence to help her get out of her head and calm her down. I want Yona as my best friend...actually between her and Tal I just want to claim Zia's entire friend group as my own. Don't get me wrong, my own friends are fantastic, but they can't kick butt like I bet Yona can (the day we see a combat scene with her is the day I will combust from happiness).

Yona has a brother? Interesting...I will be conducting deeper research on this in the future for...personal reasons.

"Not every battle is immediately seen." Love. Love love love love love this!

Before I get to the boys I want to state how much I love the attention and respect you have when portraying Zia and her anxiety. You don't romanticize it or turn it into "oh it's cute how nervous she is," but instead show the ways in which it presents a challenge for her. I love the details like her questioning her conversations after hand, and even things as little as her worrying about the tone of her voice. It feels so, so real, and I can really relate and sympathize with her. I've gushed over this before so I'll stop before it gets too out of hand, haha, but just know I love what you're doing and how you're doing it!

I'll just come right out with it and say Bear is my favorite we've seen so far. The fact that this man is named Bear, when his kingdom's animal is the bear, and no doubt he is reminded of this every day, AND YET he still embraces the bear as his favorite animal, I just...we can't let this go unacknowledged. I applaud his entire aesthetic. Also I uh *cough* was combing through the pinterest board and if Zia doesn't want him I will happily take him. Even if Zia DOES want him then I'll still happily take him.

Waiting to see more of Haze's personality before I pass judgement on him but his name is pretty cool, so that's promising.

Jack...I...honestly my first thought was "how the WOW did Jack from FG manage to leap into here? What sort of powers did Green GIVE this dude?!" The fact that his full name is Augustus doesn't really help here, haha XD I'm sure it'll be easier once we see more of who this Jack is, but for now I can only picture FG August in a Jack mask. Ooh, crossover theory time! Maybe Augustus was originally from the IDL universe, but he has the ability to travel between dimensions so he spent some time in the FG universe enjoying that actor life, but once he screwed over Imogen he hopped back over and is now hiding in disguise just in case Imogen's hatred of him is enough to bend space and physics themselves.

...I'm so sorry. I feel like the rebel-bird theory opened a floodgate and now I'm searching for crack theories no matter where I go.

Aster's another one I don't have a strong opinion on right now, but I am curious about this training stuff Yona seems to know about.

Rafael seems sweet so far, and I like seeing a character who is flirty but not in a uncomfortable or overbearing way. And Zia seems fairly comfortable around him already, which earns him bonus points.

"It was the middle of the night. There was no sun, no light. Not for a while." Oof, ouch, and *sob* all rolled up into one. Chapter four and I'm already bringing out the hugs. Let me give Zia a hug, Kay. I demand you break reality to allow me to do it :(

Thanks for the update! Take the time you need with the next one, I'll be here patiently...or at least pretending to be patient because YAY MAGIC!
Abizeau chapter 4 . 5/20/2020
yay, my baby Jaxon rambling about nanotech hahah lmao.

also, from Augustus to jack? ha. and Jax / Jack. that’s gonna be hard :eyes:

I liked the different greeting gestures… nice world-building :eyes:

ooof poor Zia. that was some hard first meetings…..

ooooh :eyes: do we get magic training next chapter?
GreenWithAwesome chapter 3 . 4/3/2020
I am suspicious of tal for entirely different reasons, I suspect her will be, ahem, digging into zia's selected in the future...

wow, I really like the idea of a military princess? that sounds cool. hope we get to see more of yona soon.

GOOD STUFF! looking forward to more. keep writing buddy! :D
rysarium chapter 3 . 3/31/2020
Hi babe, I am reviewing late AGAIN but I promise that I will pick up the pace for you mwah

Atalen (I will call him that because I knew a guy called Tal once and my friend and I may have joked he was a crow with hair that he cut with a lawnmower and he just went around the school on his hoverboard acting all cool when in reality he is a “croh” flapping his arms running around the school… Yeah, we were in seventh grade… Where was I?) is an adorable energetic mess and I love him already. He also presents a stark contrast to both Yona and Zia and I love that. aND HE’S STAYING FOR THE ENTIRE SELECTION? Yay!

A pianist? *already senses Kay’s excitement* I am excited too! Sen’s love of music is adorable lol but damn that’s one way to make sure he doesn’t get eliminated right away lol. Rip Cavon (who I know nothing about) already getting brutally tossed aside by the sisters in favor of Ronin but don’t worry boo I’m sure Zia will love you. As for Rory, travel agent and biology is a somewhat unexpected combination, but then again, my old biology teacher absolutely loved traveling so maybe studying living organisms is correlated with exploring the world? Hmm. Will get back to you on that theory. Wow I am REALLY going on a lot of tangents today. It’s 11pm and I’m meant to be doing my dance reflection, writing for camp nano, or studying for math (which I ended up not doing yesterday) but whatever.

Oooooooh what is UP with Sofia and Arlo I sense some drama there and maybe Zia will invite Sofia to the palace or something as well so 0.0 big excitement

…That’s not quite the most important thing, Cress (though it DOES matter). Also, if you watched the Bachelor, Cress, you would know that the best things in life are always worth fighting for. But Sen’s reaction to that is so cute haha. Conclusion from this chapter: Jaxon Raze is hot and smart.

I really love your characterization of the three sisters and how close they are ugh. Obviously FG only has one chapter up right now but I’ve been trying to figure out how to work Eden into the story more and actually show their relationship which has proven to be really difficult lmao so major kudos to you!

I really love Yona going “how fares the battle” like as soon as she said that I was WHIPPED ugh. This blend of formality and friendliness is so intriguing and I truly love our ice princess already. Also I am always a sucker for anything related to ice magic wow.

Hopefully Enzo will come sliding into your DMs soon! Your writing is truly beautiful wow I stan a queen
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