Reviews for Altered Reality
Efrm202 chapter 18 . 10/12
Yesss the 2 best Uchiha livese
GamerX568 chapter 18 . 10/12
Baruto? Is that supposed to be Naruto?
Lightningscar chapter 17 . 10/7
That was fun :)

Highlights: Obito and Naruto fluff, Sasuke and Shisui fluff... eh, maybe not so fluffy for Shisui XD Also chuckled at Sasuke-chan meeting Dog pack.
Though, the winner scene in this was definitely the hurt/comfort moment between Shisui and Obito.
Well, guess things in ROOT HQ are going to be tense for a while.
As to who wrote the note... probably Genma or Raidou
PhantomGoat13 chapter 17 . 9/26
I'm betting it was Raidou who wrote the note. I enjoyed reading this chapter so much and am looking forward to what comes next!
Gokuto chapter 6 . 9/26
Is the mystery revenge seeker Rin
MajesticStarX-Overs chapter 16 . 8/10
This is an awesome story and this chapter was amazing! It has details and details are important when writing. I enjoyed that Kakashi told Itachi about the plan.
Kittyhell chapter 15 . 7/16
I love how you gave insight to the Hokages thoughts, as well as seeing how far team rou would go for one of their own. I really hope the Uchiha situation would get solved in a non-bloody way. Or that Itachi, shisui and sasuke remain out of it. I loved the chapter
PinkiePieParty122894 chapter 1 . 7/15
Love this so far :)
Axccel chapter 2 . 7/15
This seems out of character for Obito. He cares too much about his friends and Minato to be late picking up Naruto. The woman ignoring her toddler playing in the freaking street needs a good spanking.
Axccel chapter 1 . 7/15
An wrecking ball raised by a scalpel.
starfiction123 chapter 19 . 7/12
I love the naruhina. Heck yes. Keep it coming.
TigrezzTail chapter 19 . 7/12
Hmmm, so someone stole one of Genma's idea pages. Who could have done so? And will they even all make it back from the mission for it to matter?
Lightningscar chapter 19 . 7/11
Very interesting insight into both Hiruzen and Itachi's state of mind and thoughts... especially liked Itachi's desire to be more of a normal kid.

Ehm... *four of the five members of Team Rou* Raidou, Genma, Hayate, Tenzou/Yamato, Itachi, Kakashi... correct me if I'm wrong, but that makes six... or am I misreading something?

Also, slight correction: Debriefings are after a mission... before a mission, it is called briefing.

Well, personally, I was more of a NaruSaku supporter... but that was many years ago, and mostly because it was what made sense to me... that, and it was fun to rile up some of the NaruHina fanatics... personally, I think that if you want to add some of those moments as you describe, fine... but then you may as well go ahead and introduce the rest of the future Rookie Nine.

Lastly... love chibi Sasuke XD

Curious to see what happens next

Yours sincerely,

Lightningscar chapter 18 . 7/6
Hello. New reader here :)

Personally, one of the things I always ask myself when writing a story/fanfic is: Why are you writing it? For reviews, for the love of the fandom, because someone came with a request/challenge, or for yourself? To me, the latter is the most important. If you have story/fanfic that you would like to share, write it. Not because someone is telling you to, but because you want to and enjoy the story.


Like the story a lot :) Love Kakashi-adopts/become Naruto's guardian... Naruto is such a cute little chibi XD Also love the inclusion of Itachi and Shisui and how much they trust Kakashi.
Kakashi and Obito, face it, you have gotten two younger brothers in those two Uchiha youngsters XD
Speaking of Itachi, love seeing him be somewhat more childlike... Kami knows he deserves it... and now, I have thw picture of him snoggling up among Kakashi's ninken for a little nap (blackmail for Shisui) or someone (again, most likely being Shisui) stealing his dango and being the annoying older brother and keeping it out of Itachi's reach XD

Love the story and very curious to see how things with the coup goes down.

Yours sincerely,

TigrezzTail chapter 18 . 6/27
Best writer doesn't mean much. Fanfiction is about showing your passion for a manga/character in written form. As long as your point gets across, it doesn't have to be perfect. That only counts if you plan on selling something. Fun writing shouldn't have you curled up in dread over whether everything was spelled perfectly or what. Just so long as it makes sense and readers can understand you, then you are a GOOD writer!~ With that said, I'm glad you have more confidence in continuing. It'll feel absolutely amazing when you finish it.

As for the chapter, things are certainly getting exciting. Heh, poor Kakashi, as if his life wasn't eventful enough as it is.
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