Reviews for Altered Reality
TigrezzTail chapter 15 . 4/24
Heh, Naruto's 'special' luck inaction again! kakashi is going to have a cow...
TigrezzTail chapter 14 . 4/17
Wow, that is certainly a lot of information to take in. I'm excited to see what they have planned and whether or not they outwit Danzo.
TipsyKitsune chapter 13 . 4/15
I wish we could see more Obito. I had forgotten he was alive until he was mentioned in this chapter.
Koren chapter 12 . 4/5
Love this story, as it shows the sides of Kakashi that we rarely see. Also i'm loving the dynamic that his ANBU team mates add to it. Looking forward to reading more. Though some times you seem to either skip a word or use the wrong one in your sentences.
TigrezzTail chapter 12 . 4/5
Heh, seems though two can't catch a break. Unfortunately that means bad days for others.
Kittyhell chapter 12 . 4/5
those guys couldn't catch a break. they just had to bother people who were in a bad mood to start with
Guest chapter 11 . 4/2
It's YOU! YES! I FINALLY FOUND YOU! *ahem* Sorry, just excited. I had picked up the first chapter of this story a while ago, but I forgot to note it down and I couldn't find you afterwards. Just wanted to say, I love this story and I hope you don't scrap it! I love this concept and the adorableness of three-year-old Naruto just radiates through the text! Have fun writing the 12th chapter!
Guest chapter 10 . 4/2
Kittyhell chapter 11 . 4/4
This is an amazing story! I really wish Naruto could live a normal childhood even if obito's plan does make sense. What do mean with a team members death?
RustingKnight chapter 11 . 4/3
I didn't get exactly what was Kakashi's plan jeje, maybe later on I'll get it, but I really like where this story is going
TigrezzTail chapter 11 . 4/2
Heh Obito was right. Get one of the most influential clans to agree and alot of others would simply fall in line. And the best way to train children is to make a game out of it, so that even those hyper like Naruto will continue to want to do the activity.
lara5170 chapter 10 . 3/30
I have enjoyed reading this and I am looking forward to reading more
lara5170 chapter 8 . 3/30
I am hoping that Naruto turns out to be smarter and please no orange or very little since he won't be desperate for attention like he was.
TigrezzTail chapter 10 . 3/27
Heh, yes Mikoto is wise. I always loved her character despite how little you see of her in canon.
TipsyKitsune chapter 9 . 3/22
I hope Sasuke and Naruto become best friends.
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